USC Saturday Buzz: What Did Larry Scott Know?

Why do I get the feeling Larry Scott will eventually become part of the latest Pac-12 scandal, which revolves around a Pac-12 Network distributor claiming it overpaid as much as $50 million.

The overpayments occurred in 2016 according to an audit. The unidentified distributor claims they also happened before 2016.

Scott was interviewed during a recent invenstigation into the matter that resulted in the removal of CFO Brent Willman and Pac-12 Networks president Mark Shuken.

Scott is gone so he couldn’t be fired. But what did he know and when did he know it?

If the $50 million figure is accurate, USC could lose $4.1 million over the past 2 fiscal years. That’s not a significant amount but it’s not nothing.


11 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: What Did Larry Scott Know?

  1. It means UCLA can sue the Pac 12 for the money they want to go towards reimbursement for Cal due to breach of contract. Your welcome, UCLA. I usually charge a retainer but consider this a one-time gift.

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  2. I am not sure which side of the street Scottie is from
    But on my side we view anything over $4-Million as being a
    “significant amount” although Scott got it right when explaining that “it’s not nothing”

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  3. Larry Scott probably didn’t know anything (which pretty much sums up his tenure) I’m willing to bet the PAC 12 channel will probably try to bargain the amount down or better yet just throw in the towel. Does any big service provider carry them? They are the UHF of sports channels, you need a special antenna and it goes dead if a truck passes your house.
    Either way Larry Scott was an average tennis player, not a businessman. He lucked his way into the PAC 12 gig probability being propped up by other conferences to their advantage.

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  4. It’s insane that there’s a huge amount of money involved and what we are told is that it’s “unnamed distributors” and that the PAC-12 doesn’t have a clue as to what it’s actually doing. This is absolutely pathetic. Why were there overpayments? Did the Network falsely claim what their viewership was? Did they falsely claim what the ad revenue was? This is horrible on top of how restricted the availability of the network was. TV broadcasts are by far the most important source of potential revenue for college football and somehow this network has no idea how to operate?


    1. Given their involvement in creating the Longhorn Network to keep Texas from joining the Pac 12, wouldn’t surprise me if ESPN paid to keep it off Direct TV. Varsity Blues 2.


  5. Not sure which picture is Wolf’s most classic. This one with Larry Scott’s palms outstretched or Clay Helton with that Dumb Ass Open Mouth look. Then again, could be Wolf in the Notre Dame End Zone in 2005.


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