USC More Difficult Than Ever To Gain Admittance

It will be harder than ever to get into USC this year.

The university will admit 7,900 students out of 81,000 applicants. That is an all-time low admission rate of 9.75 percent.

Safe to say the scandals have not taken any toll on USC. Neither has the tuition cost of $61,503 (before room and board).

But USC desirability is what allowed Rick Singer to pull off his scheme to begin with.Carol Folt will be happier at these numbers than when she renamed Cromwell Field.


11 thoughts on “USC More Difficult Than Ever To Gain Admittance

  1. Eddie, I would except Wolfie just did
    Especially the part about ‘Without-a-Folt’ liking the number 9.75% of applicants getting into SC versus the percent of supporters for her decision to tear down the “Cromwell Field” sign while dumping on the ‘Cromwell’ name and legacy

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    1. Well, if Heels Up Kamala feels she can rewrite the Declaration of Independence, it’s no wonder Carol feels she can dump on the legacy of our former track coach.

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  2. 7900 admits? That’s insane. When I was at SC the entire undergraduate population was only around 8000. Out of that, around a third were affiliated with Greek letter organizations. IOW, you actually knew who your classmates and neighbors up and down 28th St. were.

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    1. Yeah all those legacy admits whose daddie’s pledged ‘Fly Crappa Zappa’.

      “I can’t wait to be admitted as a ‘squire’ to run around in my white tideies and long sleeve sweater on the Coliseum floor… block 200+ seats for my fellow ‘bros’ and their ‘sweet sixteen’s and shoo any interlopers away … ‘ bro hellenic dorks forever!’

      ‘blank’ em’ all!


  3. It’s something that was very disappointing for our family. The school is just not feasible for families like ours, regardless of how gifted our son is


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