Sunday Buzz: It’s The Biggest NFL Day Of Year

I’ll take today over Super Sunday when there are two big games to watch that could go either way.

Joe Burrow vs. Patrick Mahomes. Can the Super Bowl top that?

Here’s a very important fact for 49ers-Eagles: If San Francisco wins, Brock Purdy will surpass Pat Haden for most career playoff wins by a quarterback selected in the 7th round. They each have 2 entering today.

Who do you like today?


10 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: It’s The Biggest NFL Day Of Year

  1. Can you imagine USC playing it’s 4th string QB in a PAC 12 championship game?

    For that matter any college team playing it’s 4th string would not bode well .


  2. The winners both get 2 weeks off then why they won’t or don’t play these two games on Saturday and Sunday rather than both the same day is strange. Having full attention for an entire day rather than splitting it and worst for the 1st game the viewers move immediately to the 2nd game.

    PHI 14
    SFO 7

    >1 minute to go 1st half


  3. I always thought Haden was a great QB in high school. In college he was a good QB on a great team that made him look good. In the pros…..maybe a little better than average.


  4. Greetings fans, well this super is simple here we have 2 pin heads reed and machomes for kc these guys have 2 brains one the size of a pin head and the other smaller ! andy boy is a chart coach uses the chart to call his plays and without ref help will lose to phithydelphia ! Regards . E


  5. Hello fans all , here we had 2 southern teams frying to throw , shave points in the same game! tennessee vs auburn this is bball what a stink out that game was today 2/4/23 ??? pearl and barnes two sleazy coaches!!!!! lets get this straight both teams cant be shaving points in the same game !? Regards , E


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