Another 5-Star Who Fell Off USC Map

Over the weekend I wrote about all the five-and-four star recruits that visited USC last summer but went elsewhere.

Another five-star who seems to have dropped completely off the USC map is five-star tight end Nyckoles Harbor of Washington, D.C.

He was an intense subject of fanboy media interest and visited USC last spring. He has run the 100 meters in 10.22 seconds despite being 6-foot-5, 220 pounds.

But South Carolina is the current favorite and Oregon is making a late push.


34 thoughts on “Another 5-Star Who Fell Off USC Map

  1. Wolf…..wait!!!! you said USC was a “brand” that recruited itself…..So how you’re doing a 180 to fit your pathetic agenda.

    Please define “fanboy media”….you must be referring to Cowherd, the guy who makes millions while you and slo troll collect recyclables to make ends meet…got it!

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    1. Wolf….I think you’re drinking the kool-aid, fanboy……Name five players in the NFL, who are 6-5, 220, and can run a 10.22 100 meters.


      1. You dumb fuck! What does it matter? The point is that he is not going to your school and he’s not even considering USC. Think before you post you stupid piece of shit.


      2. F*ck USC,

        It is MY school, but she can only dream about it being “her school”.

        As for thinking before she posts? She never does that.


      3. slo troll brags about going to USC yet he has an IQ of a slug. Sounds like the school took him for a ride. You can put perfume on a turd, but it’s still a turd


    2. Bringing me up again, when I haven’t even posted. Talk about being obsessed! Can’t get me out of your head. Probably as a result of me bitch slapping you upside the head so many times.

      Lucky for you, Wolf doesn’t enforce a concussion protocol, prohibiting you from posting more stupidity until you’ve proven your head isn’t damaged. You’d be banned for life.


      1. slo troll: “result of me bitch slapping you”

        So now you’re talking tough regarding violence, yet mocked me for wanting to meet up….. Once again, your brain is deteriorating right before our eyes…….Do you think before you post….try it!


      2. Awwww, poor thing. Doesn’t know the difference between being bitch slapped physically and being bitch slapped figuratively. Based on all of his other posts, it’s not surprising.


      3. If you claim to be “bitch slapping anyone, figuratively or literally…you need to back up your words. Any ball-less pussy can hide behind their keyboard talking tough then run in the opposite direction when confronted, in person, by the person on the receiving end of the tough talk….

        Prove to yourself, you have balls and are not a coward…….Let’s meet up and have a burger, fries, and shake.


      4. You are correct! I have a feeling she never attended USC. Just some loser who wants to ride your coattails. But she is so incompetent it’s frustrating. And the nerve to think she knows about politics! I just don’t suffer fools very well.


      5. Dipshit: Just some loser who wants to ride your coattails.

        Coattail effect: to become successful by attaching yourself to another’s success.

        Slo troll has a football IQ of ZERO. It should be obvious to any half-wit like yourself. He has a SS budget, lives in a single-wide, and has incontinence issues. With that said, what part of success would I be chasing?


      6. “Your coattails” = those of us who have an actual association with USC.

        Man, you’re such a dimwit. Everyone else on this blog knew exactly what he meant.


      7. you senile troll…What does being a supporter and fan of USC football for decades, and conversing with people who share a common interest have to do with riding the coattails of a former student(s)….I doubt you have an answer, so flattery me with another lie.

        You always say “no one” or “everyone”…wake up fool!….they don’t give a shit what we say, it purely shows side entertainment. You catch a woody when some rogue troll pops in. NO ONE EVER REPLIES TO YOUR COMMENT, WHY?


      8. I’m going to make it even easier for the Village Idiot. He was using “your” collectively, not referring to me alone.


      9. How you’re a fucking mindreader, pathetic. If he meant more than one it wasn’t conveyed properly. So you twist the word to fit your lame-ass agenda. Dude, what the fuck is wrong with…you’re a fucking weirdo….no one acts the way you do.


      10. Slo cal will try to claim his behavior is like-kind to the way I treated him. You should hear him when he makes perverted comments about my teenage daughter and wife.

        The worst by far is how he thinks it’s ok to talk about my 74-year-old mother lactating into my mouth. The true act of a creepy pervert. I wouln/


      11. Hey, Dumbass, I’ve told you before, you get what you give. No one acts the way YOU do! Take a look in the mirror, you moron.

        I don’t smack other people around the way I smack you. A couple of months ago, I told you we could start from scratch. But YOU always go back to acting like a child.

        Grow up! If you act like an adult, I’ll treat you like one. But if you act like a little bitch, I’ll treat you accordingly. Quit bringing up things I’ve written and pretending you didn’t ask for it.


      12. slo troll: Hey, Dumbass, I’ve told you before, you get what you give. No one acts the way YOU do! Take a look in the mirror, you moron. I don’t smack other people around the way I smack you. A couple of months ago, I told you we could start from scratch. But YOU always go back to acting like a child.

        (as drool drips from his mouth landing on the keyboard)

        Fucking senile old man claims he slaps me around(another childish comment from him, yet I am a child),,,,toooo funny….he thinks calling someone a “dumbass” is slapping them around. People continue to call him out and mock him. He has zero shame over his childish behavior. The senile troll whines and cries constantly about the cost of everything… This is basically a sports blog and NO ONE ever responds to his BS.

        Just a lonely old man with no life and no coin lives in a dump trailer park and takes his political opinions and claims they are FACTS. He has a massive obsession with Biden, creepy!!! He needs an obituary section, all he posts about is recent deaths.

        He’ll respond back with his favorite stale line “you voted for this” or “people call you an idiot” or “go suck on your mom’s tits”. I ask him for the names of these imaginary people and I get zero response. Wait, he uses cal75 for a comment he made 6 months ago.

        I try to have a civilized political debate with him, but it always quickly turns into name-calling on his part. For example, he presented 4 or 5 opinion-based Biden-related grievances. My rebuttal was a detailed challenge of his talking points, then calls me triggered. Instead of attacking the message, he attacks the messenger. It’s basically an indictment of his intelligence. It’s hard to educate stupidity

        WAIT FOR IT 3-2-1…….any minute the blog dunce will repeat the same shit. The fool has zero tolerance and lives in his own false reality……He needs to get medicated. He’ll claim I am the one who needs meds, but he’s the one who sounds like a broken record when you say something that doesn’t fit his childish ideology…..(enough said)


      13. Everything is true since you fail to post any defense. Dude, you’re still my favorite pinata ….feel special


      14. slo troll: I’m sure actually believe all of those lies. Get help (what? please translate)

        Gabby: WAIT FOR IT 3-2-1…….any minute the blog dunce will repeat the same shit

        (Just like I called it, spoken like the blog duce))


      1. Perhaps when Wolf and slo troll are out making the rounds, slo troll can find out what the ‘fanboy media” is in detail.

        wolf’s explanation may fly over slo troll’s head, typical. It’s worth a try!


  2. Well Wolf, either your listening to the Pac 12 “coach” or you have the reading skills of Junior Seau, Nycoles either headed to Michigan or Maryland because he wants to be a neurosurgeon after playing football. South Carolina and definitely Oregon don’t fit that bill. USC was out because the father can’t stand LA with all the homeless people. Well Oregon ain’t gonna happen with their stuff and it’s too far away for Daddy. Wolf needs spring practice soon.


      1. It’s the elitist attitude that I don’t get. He wants USC defensive backs to play like Georgia? They need to earn that first. Georgia has the most grabbing men on defense in the nation. Makes you wonder if they’ve been told by officials “grab them like you love them!”

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      2. I gave up on wold years ago. I’ll call out some of this more ridiculous stuff, most of it goes in one ear and out the other. The real value associated with wolf is having a place to converse with fellow USC fans.


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