USC Morning Buzz: Top Cornerback Nears Decision

Four-star cornerback Rodrick Pleasant of Serra High School in Gardena will make his college choice at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

There was a time when a Serra player just about automatically went to USC.

One has to wonder if Pleasant would have any reservations about Donte Williams and the development of cornerbacks at USC? Five-star Domani Jackson didn’t exactly make an impact his freshman season.

The flip side is whether any recruit (including Pleasant) falls for the Williams hype?

If Pleasant does choose USC, I suspect it will be more because he believes in his own ability than any coaching he will receive.


49 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Top Cornerback Nears Decision

      1. Talk about Wolf farts, this thread is a big one. What an utter load of simple bullshit. Domani was hurt, but played when he wasn’t. The DB’s didn’t look that bad in coverage, it was tackling that sucked. If anyone has reservations, it is me with Wolf.

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      2. Wolf is the “poor man’s” journalist. He takes the stories of others, adds his negative spin, and passes it on looking to generate clickbait. The results always lean toward a biased opinion

        Coward laughs at the guy


  1. Scottie Boy is going to die a lonely bitter old man. If I ever get as negative and snarky about EVERYTHING like Scott, please shoot me in the head.

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    1. Actually this particular blog piece is very insightful: players who join our offense come cuz they wanna be coached by the proven best mind in the collegiate business. No player joining our defense is coming to be coached by the staff that ranked 113th in the country last year.

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      1. Very true MG, there is zero defensive legacy so far with this team- while this topic has been beat to death, its a clear reminder to LR that he better get this fixed this year or else the the Alumni will be carrying torches to his home demanding action

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      2. So why are they coming to USC? We got alot of really good players (mostly transfers) that are joining the team, so why are they coming? Did Mason Cobb have no other options?

        Just curious why any good players would join this defense if they think the coordinator is the 113th best coach for defense.

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    1. Great article, So Cal. Thanks for posting.
      Hope everybody reads the last paragraph —some very wise words from the man who wrote “Money.”

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      1. Inner Gabby: speaking about dying a lonely bitter old man, I hope no one has that idea about me. For one, I am already brain dead, like my hero Biden-we are buddies! Two, using “man” for me is a bit of stretch–I mean just look at how I write–more akin to a teenage girl; three, I will never be bitter since I can always fall back on my Richard Simmons exercise videos for inspiration (speaking of Richard Simmons, he is a vastly underrated intellectual–I draw much of inspiration from him), and, four, I can never be lonely since I can always talk with my outer self.

        Honk if you don’t have classified documents in your garage.


      2. More more more…..every time you post like that my little buddy slo troll sports a woody….After slapping him around for like ever, he deserves a little joy.

        I have great compassion for others. Just like trump, you’re the gift that keeps on giving….so Blessed!


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      1. Marvin was the man- some of those tracks are so cool- they just dont get old- even his more famous ones- What’s goin on etc…

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  2. Wolf had a have a wet-dream and he still found faults in it. I am still trying to figure out a good excuse from Slo troll, any ideas?


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  4. Domani was injured during the early part of the season and that is the primary reason he was not a starter.

    Pleasant will come to USC to play with his buddies like the Branch brothers.

    I dont know if Donte is a decent coach, maybe he is mediocre, but Scott likes to paint a picture of a coach who will ruin good players, which just isnt true. Mekhi Blackmon did just fine last year.

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  5. Ceyair Wright played well at times. Wolf hates Donte Williams and wants him to suffer. The man isn’t God and is of second level importance at best. Wolf never acknowledged the youth of the secondary in his criticisms or Blackmon’s play. It’s more important that bad players were removed from the defense (i.e. Julien Simon, Kobe Pepe, Chris Steele) and players are forced to earn playing time. Covington had to earn time! Now the fundamentals of small linemen can be argued but with more experience plus talent next year we will find out if this staff can win. Bottom line.

    Pleasant will join USC because he’ll play immediately. Only UCLA comes close to giving him everything he wants other than USC. Oregon just ran 25 players out of their program. Who the hell wants to play in that kind of drama?

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