USC Morning Buzz: Recruiting Remains Mixed Bag

USC is currently ranked No. 11 by Rivals in its recruiting rankings.

Again, if you were asked a year ago if Lincoln Riley would compile the No. 11 class, you would be disappointed. He’s a much better transfer portal recruiter.

  • USC president Carol Folt did some arm-twisting at the Pac-12 meetings this week.

She got the conference to officially schedule the USC-Arizona game on Oct. 7 instead of Friday night, Oct. 6.


Because that is Trojan Family Weekend and Folt didn’t want to host parents with a Friday night game, where tailgating is prohibited on campus. That’s not a good look for parents coming to campus who are paying $80,000 a year for their kid to go to USC.

You can’t drink champagne and eat a prawn sandwich on Friday night at USC on game day but you can on Saturday afternoon.


30 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Recruiting Remains Mixed Bag

    1. West coast version of Lobster Roll. Although I’m not sure why they didn’t just spring for real lobster rolls. But you understand your school better than I do. 😂

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    2. I thought I knew Scott pretty well, 67. The Scott I though I knew wouldn’t drag prawns into an attack on President Folt.
      —– Travolta in Pulp Fiction

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      1. Hey Michael, what do u think about Tarantino saying his next film will be his last?
        I hope not. What other director can put Kurt Russell, Samuel L Jackson, Michael Madsen, Walton Goggins and so many others together and make great films like they do with Quinton Tarantino? Uma Thurman in Kill Bill? Awesome!


  1. so u iz sayin john that couch recroots them poeples who got sum eckspeerense end nahlidge of collidge and the futbal but dont do so good with the poeples who aint now a thing and aint provin nuthin,smdh

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  2. Scott’s criteria for success / failure is the sum total of recruits obtained from high schools via the old method. Riley knows he can pilfer another coach’s team and get a proven product.It’s a new world now – the guesswork has been removed.In addition, the only factor these high school kids are listening to is money – so all the sales pitch skill in the world ain’t gonna matter.

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    1. You’re correct!….Turnkey(portal) vs. Project(new recruit)

      Look at Korey Foreman, #1 ranked recruit, two years into the program and still floundering

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    2. pilfering alot of players through the transfer portal will make recruiting high school players more difficult, because who wants to come in from high school if the coach keeps recruiting transfers and then giving them playing time? it also tends to not give you the depth you want because you dont have the two and three deep who are quality younger players.

      the best programs, like Bama know that the transfer portal should only be used to fill in a limited number of holes in the roster.

      i would say that recruiting has been very underwhelming. seems to me that we have two problems – top players have concerns about Grinch and the whole defensive staff and we have a relatively weak NIL program compared to the top schools. i’m pretty sure that roderick waited until the end to get the best Nike deal possible and that is the only reason he is at Oregon.

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  3. Ouch, but accurate point. Foreman had to produce or a transfer will take his snaps. TCU made the championship with that specific approach. No gripes about ex-Cal coach Dykes from the blogger? Having a #1 high school class didn’t benefit Texas A&M either. Or Utah.

    Folt is getting caught up with being able to get the attention of people who wouldn’t speak to her before she became president of the school.

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    1. “Yes” to last sentence.

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    1. “Nearly”?
      I saw a photo of hamburger meat with an “equals sign” followed by the phrase “Pac 12 Conference” on another blog site. It took me a few seconds to figure out what it meant….

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    2. PAC 12 is D E A D, they just don’t know it yet. Once SC and their little sister leave for the BIG 10 the PAC 12 ( 10 ? ) will be Oregon and the 9 dwarfs or however many teams they can sucker into the conference, it won’t be worth a shit. Their games will be on at 10:30pm on the east coast or at some ungodly hour in the morning ( remember SC’s 11:30am game ? ).

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  4. With rare exceptions, recruiting has NEVER been a problem at SC. A Top 13 recruiting class plus a Top 5 Portal class gives us all the horses needed to win big on a national scale. The issue at SC (since Pete left) has NOT been the recruiting of talent but the DEVELOPMENT of talent. We must get these quality kids to the next level. Over the years, I look at what teams like Cinci, Clemson, even Boise St. accomplished with inferior talent. Cupboard is FULL…let’s coach these kids up now! Fight On

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  5. I do know the 12 portal transfers will ALL be upgrades,and probably starters or share the positions. Rivals is just 1 of the rating services, how about the others,and include the overall signees.

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    1. Any way you look at it USC is looking good on all the services that combine ALL the NEW players coming to school….

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  6. Wolfie
    You said “Again, if you were asked a year ago if Lincoln Riley would compile the No. 11 class, you would be disappointed. He’s a much better transfer portal recruiter”. What you are forgetting is that if there was no NIL and the NCAA’s Committee On Infractions were actually doing their job instead of taking big salaries for doing nothing, teams like Texas, Oklahoma, Miami and Oregon and maybe some others would not be that high. That would make SC 7th in one poll and 4th in another.


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