USC Notes: Low Expectations For Baseball And Folt Starts Promoting!

Remember last week I wrote about Carol Folt wanting the USC-Arizona game played on Saturday because of “Trojan Family Weekend?”

Well, it didn’t take long for Folt to promote the weekend now that she has a Saturday football game as the centerpiece as this graphic was sent out this week.

What time will the prawn sandwiches be served in Alumni Park?

  • USC baseball was picked to finish 10th in the 11-team Pac-12 coaches’ preseason poll.

It’s not exactly surprising given the way the program imploded under Jason Gill and the player transfers last summer.

New coach Andy Stankiewicz is going to need some time to rebuild the program. If USC’s pitching is able to perform this season, USC might exceed expectations.


46 thoughts on “USC Notes: Low Expectations For Baseball And Folt Starts Promoting!

    1. Well at least ‘Without-a-Folt’ did not piggy-back her ‘Family Weekend’ onto the November SC-sucla football game or was that only because she was outvoted by Bon-Bon and Wiley?

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    2. I wonder Michael if SC will fare better in the Big-10 where they cannot play ball the year around like at SC although it does not seem to have done the Trojans much good

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  1. john, prezzinent folt put me n churge of employie schedling, so you and owns need to showe up at six am to shukk those prons. you kin ask owns to tak out the pron vayns, thats a nastee job, betur him than u.

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      1. LJ, my interpretation of the Missus EdG post is that Missus Ed is trying to schedule the prawn preparers for the prawn sandwiches, and that owns should be the guy who deveins the prawns rather than john (Scottie).

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      1. What a sorry piece of crap you are in these times of world struggles.
        You act like a moron with little education. Must be the only four
        letter word in your vocabulary..


    1. Well, at least he’s doing something other than showing the entire blog how butt hurt he still is. That’s more than I can say for “some”.


    2. Too bad he can hardly go a day without crying. But then again, the fool doesn’t know the difference between laughing & crying.

      Laughing = What many of us here do in response to Dementia Joe’s failures & gaffes.

      Crying = Someone who feels the need to mention me without me having even posted.

      Denial about these simple FACTS coming in 3, 2, 1…


      1. Too bad he can hardly go a day without crying about Biden. But then again, the fool doesn’t know the difference between laughing & crying.

        Laughing = What many of us here do in response to Slo troll’s failures & gaffes.

        Crying = Someone who feels the need to mention me without me having posted, and his profound admiration for Joe

        Denial about these simple FACTS coming in 3, 2, 1…


    1. Slo troll said, watching a baseball game takes the same patience as staring at the side of his outhouse as the wet paint goes.


  2. Don’t find baseball boring at all. It seems to have the perfect pace to snack on a bag of peanuts, sip on a beer, and talk with a good friend without interfering with ones concentration on the game. And the magical part is that the smallest development, a missed third strike call, can change the whole complexion of the game.

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  3. –Got to put a plug in for music composer Burt Bacharach, dead at 94
    Now don’t you go and get any ideas George Tirebiter, you hear–

    Cherry-picking some of the best lines from his songs–
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    1. Thanks for that LJ. BB was a talented writer, composer, and musician. Being married to Angie Dickinson adds to the aura. He also had some truly wonderful singers for his songs – Dionne Warwick and Karen Carpenter. I think that the idea that a truly beautiful women respects you, loves you, thinks about you, and prays for you is what keeps men and western civilization afloat and BB captures that sentiment in his lyrics.

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    2. Footnote Regarding “I Say A Little Prayer.”
      Dionne Warwick explained the song this way: “It was written during the period of the Vietnam War. I believe Hal David was singing very, very seriously about our babies over there. And I must say this: it was a senseless war. And children—that’s exactly what they were, 18, 19, 20 years old babies—were over there fighting the silly war. And it was a way of saying how much we missed them, how much we loved them, how much we prayed for them and wanted them to come on home.”
      Burt and Hal David were a wonderfully creative songwriting team and Dionne was the perfect voice for their creations. RIP Burt.

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