USC Morning Buzz: There Was Interest In Defensive Coordinator Job

I’ve heard that a defensive coordinator at an SEC school put out informal feelers to a couple USC assistant coaches after the Cotton Bowl to gauge Lincoln Riley’s intentions for next season.

The response came back that no changes would be made with the defensive coordinator’s job.

This was just a few days after the season, so the “deep dive” that Riley talked about apparently did not really ever mean Alex Grinch was in any jeopardy. What might be interesting is if USC coaches visited other teams in the offseason (NFL or college) to see if they could pick up some new schemes). We’ll see if that happens.


20 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: There Was Interest In Defensive Coordinator Job

  1. All this talk about fixing the defense! Does our defense really need fixing?


      1. And when you guys talk about ‘USC’ please clarify that it is not the University of South Carolina


      2. Mr. SoCal,

        I think you’ve gotten the point across that you don’t approve of our current President.
        The question is who would you like to see elected in 2024?
        There are some intriguing possibilities out there and one former President has officially entered the race.
        So who is your choice?


    1. Riley is starting to look like Gomer when it comes to his assistants.

      McKay once told a certain assistant of his to pack his bags because he had gotten lazy, any idea who that was ?


    2. Lincoln Riley is a Mike Leach Disciple, they don’t play defense. Their philosophy is, the last one with the ball wins, which is why he’ll never win a National Championship. Kirby Smart taught all the Leach wannabes a lesson against TCU, you win at the line of scrimmage.


  2. hi john,i all so thinck couch is seackritley tryin to loose so he can get most draff pix and wayst them on tite ends that he aint gunna ewes cuz he aint smart like me and u,

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  3. Scott Wolf had officially become the leader of the peanut gallery. Worst post ever. “Picked up schemes”? Don’t you mean picked up players to go with some new schemes?!?!!

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    1. Worst post ever? Those come from ‘Fuck You’……


    2. Funny but I thought Wolfie’s previous post lambasting some SC castaways was his worst although this is open to some reasonable differences of opinion


  4. Scooter,

    Without researching to the nth degree on the sec’s defense but by going by memory, most dc’s from the sec gave up a truck load of points, just like SC did last year. I think though the difference between thee sec defense and SC’s defense is the physicality on the dline. I think the sec’s dline seem to be better at being physical. Other than that, they gave up a ton of points and the talent that SC has and what the sec has is similar. If Grinch can get the defense to be more physical and stop the run up the gut, then he might be worth keeping. He needs to get better talent than what he has to do that.

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    1. All true….but…there is SOMETHING else, P. T. The defense pretty plainly stopped playing at 100% in the last 2 games. Guys were running by them without being touched. Somehow Grinch lost the team. How or why that happened [maybe it was his justified criticism of their overall effort] isn’t important…. but it’s clear they were mailing it in against Utah and Tulane.

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      1. Michael,

        You think so about mailing it in? I just thought the defense got tired in the pac 12 playoff game. I could be wrong though. and that would be the first time and first time only. LOLOLOLOLOL


  5. By my eyes, having seen every single game for years on back what I deduce is that this past season’s defense made major strides in some areas. The turnover rate improvement was impressive. We still lacked speed on the outside pursuit and were overmatched in the backfield as well. Most notably we had a lot of trouble guarding tight ends and we were not the best tackling team by any means. We were better, but still not good enough. We need more depth and more athleticism.
    One factor is that with the magnificent offensive capabilities that we possess, other teams know that they have to play wide open to stay in the game. With better personnel, we can use that to our advantage. We need a great defensive line that can crush the running game and put the opposing QB on his back. We need a group of linebackers that are a little bit like Chris Clayborn and Ray Malulaga, and we could certainly use new versions of Ronnie Lott and Joey Browner!

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    1. Some good points but footballers like Clayburn and Lott don’t grow on trees so the best Troy can hope for are guys like that skinny Arizona kid

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      1. Speaking of that skinny Arizona kid, Gentry, he played really well until he was hurt in the first Utah game. I think his injury coincides with the demise of the defense. He returned for Utah II and Tulane but did not seem to be the same player. If we can pick up one truly dominate interior defensive lineman in the portal, I think we have a shot at a national championship next year. Think Leonard “Big Cat” Williams. (Admittedly, these guys are hard to find.) Nobody will be able to stop our offense from scoring 40+ per game. Caleb will be even better next year. He will be able to read defenses and go through his progressions much quicker.


  6. I dont think the coaches just go out and pick up new schemes and then come back and problems are solved.

    The defense sucked because it didnt have the right players in certain positions (linebackers were horrible!) and the players are not be coached properly (is this a lack of contact in practices?).

    The strategy for USC this year is to put up an average of 50 points on offense and simply get the defense to being a top 50 defense with better players. Improve the short yardage run game and even more dynamic receivers in the red zone. Better o-line (left tackle improvements, better receivers (Branch, Lane, Singer and improved Rice ) plus Caleb develops further = 50 point average. Defense just needs to get 3-4 stops in each game for a perfect regular season record.

    The offense needs to get so good that even Georgia cant stop it.

    USC fans need to accept that our defense will, at most be middle of the pack.


  7. I don’t comment on here much as it’s a circus I don’t really want to join a lot. Bit I’m tired of Scott’s posts about anonymous coaches saying this and that. How do we know he isn’t just making it all up? Hmmm.


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