USC/UCLA Players Fizzle Out In Wyoming

Wyoming has dismissed transfers Ethan Anderson (USC), Max Agbonkpolo (USC) and Jake Kyman (UCLA) from the basketball team.

“We thank Max, Ethan and Jake for their contributions to the program,” Coach Jeff Linder said in a statement. “We wish them well in their futures, both on and off the court.”

Talk about an embarrassing exit.

Anderson was Wyoming’s third-leading scorer this season averaging 7.9 points. He also had 60 assists and 41 turnovers in 17 starts.

Agbonkpolo averaged 5.4 points and 2.8 rebounds in 16 games (six starts) while Kyman added 4.5 points and 1.6 rebounds in 18 games (one start).

“I know what right looks like and I know what wrong looks like,” Linder said Tuesday. “As we move forward, we just want to make sure we have the guys who want to be every day dudes and who want to show up and work and put the time in and do the little things.”


34 thoughts on “USC/UCLA Players Fizzle Out In Wyoming

  1. They were 7-15, 2-8 in the conference, with only one win on the road. It starts at the top. I question the coaching. Perhaps the coach is the one who should be embarrassed. The three players mentioned recognized his incompetence

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    1. Shut the fuck up! You have no idea what is going on with that situation. You are just talking out of your ass again. You’re a real Shithead!


  2. ugh,i aint now enny thing abowt wut hapinned but i got sum opinyuns on whose to blaim and i gotta maik sum genrulisayshuns abowt all poeples thare aidje,than imma gonna moov onta the necksed topick end firget abowt this wun,

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  3. Well, Ed, I would not linger too long on this topic and move on to another one because this Wyoming coach, who took the Cowboys to the NCAAs last year for the first time in 8-years but is having difficulties this year, apparently thought the 3 transfers were not bringing their best stuff to his program, and since he was having a losing season anyway, got rid of the guys

    Next topic, Scott

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      1. You don’t know what you’re saying. Shut the fuck up you stupid piece of shit. Nobody cares about your lame opinions.


    1. Well, SC’s 2 “Hit the road, Jack” guys were not exactly stellar examples of proper basketball decorum along with the bruin castoff, but I can see these 3 L.A. dudes acting as if Wyoming basketball was beneath them and thought they were above Wyoming players, but lo-and-behold they discovered Wyoming energy beats out L.A. egotism on most days


    1. I don’t think Bryon Leftwich left the TB job – he was fired. And I have not heard that he was offered the ND job yet. ND is interviewing multiple candidates. But can you image going from reviewing film and game time adjustments and audibles with Tom Brady to some college kid. Tough adjustment.

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      1. Oh, I don’t know about that, Plow Horse, if you have ever been to Notre Dame Stadium I would say there is nothing quite like it– the Citadel of College Football especially after the Irish added SC to its schedule ‘back in the day,’ and my experience is that its fans are not only among the most rabid but the most genteel as well


  4. Trying to figure this one out. It’s not adding up. Starting to sound a little like scapegoating perhaps. I usually seem to side with coaches since i know how much players can turn it on and off these days if they don’t get exactly what they want. The Cowboys lost their best player before the season even started and now lost their top scorer the other night for the rest of the season. Now they dismiss 3? They are down to 7 scholarship players and 2 walk ons. The 3 LA kids had their minutes massively reduced over the last 3 games. The coach seems to be talking in circles in his releases. Talks about effort, consistency etc. Welcome to D1 basketball these days. The 3 kids all have ties with each other that go back to middle school. The words defensive effort was thrown around a bit. As I recall, at least Anderson and Agbonkpolo were better than average defenders at USC, and Kyman was just a snipper at ucla and has been fighting through a back injury. To cut them loose seems like a defense or exit strategy from the staff. I don’t want to assume but it seems fishy unless these kids got in trouble and they were trying to keep it quiet. Or else the whole team has issues and these kids are the sacrificial lambs. If one kid got the axe you probably loose all 3 since they were each others lifeline in a far off place.

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    1. I recall in about 1986, USC had three very talented freshman basketball players – Hank Gathers, Bo Kimble, and Tom Lewis. SC fired their coach and hired George Raveling. Apparently, the players wanted to be consulted on the new hire and protested to the administration. When Raveling took over, he immediately dismissed all of them. Gathers and Kimble transferred to Loyola and had great success. Gathers had a heart problem and died but Kimble led Loyola to a final 8 appearance and was drafted 7th overall. And Raveling had some great teams including one with Harold Minor. So, this idea that you dismiss kids that are talented but don’t fit into the culture that you are building in not unprecedented.

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      1. Plow House it was actually four freshman, the other being Rich Grande. I don’t remember them being dismissed as much as they decided to leave. I was hoping that Tom Lewis would stay (he was on the fence as I remember?) but moved on to Pepperdine and Gathers & Kimble were basically a package deal from Philly and were pretty much out the door.
        Grande, the worst of the four stayed 😕

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      2. They were freshmen in 85 I thought – my freshman year along with OC recruit Bob Erbst. Firing Morrison was stupid. Anyone remember the Raveling ‘Excitement Guaranteed!” schedule poster? So lame.


  5. I don’t think Scott has seen a need to post anything about a basketball win or loss all season but a couple of ex-Trojans are dismissed from Wyoming and he springs into action.
    That’s our boy!

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      1. Where have you been, Owns? Pulling a few doubles at the Cerritos Mickey D’s.
        Heard the shitters have been getting torn up….stinky!!!!


  6. I wanted to take this time on a slow news day to remind everyone that UCLA still sucks.

    Please carry on.



    1. Yeah bozoGrad, as opposed to being SUCC, the cheeky Methodist University on the Figueroa Blvd “Blade.” Or as I call it cheap Hookers and Huggee Boy Pimp row.

      #Is it true that you can purchase a BJ subscription underneath that stupid SUCC Toejam statue?

      Cue: “The Skin Flute Boogie”


  7. I see that JuJu’s new teammates are gushing about his up-beat positive personality. Well if it only took personality to play in the NFL then teams should be looking at George Tirebiter and Ed.G


  8. I’ve never been to your Cerritos shack Crabs. I’ve been informed you have a lean-to hard up on city dump property.

    Apparently the stench is so bad seagulls don’t/won’t go near the dump.

    # Crabs, call your daddy Ron Jeremy.


    1. Owns….quit deflecting from the truth. I spied the 40-year Golden Arches pin on your company-issued uniform.

      It’s really creepy how you continue to fantasize about Ron. I assume he rode you hard and left you wet.



      1. Somewhere on earth Crabs, it’s 13 – 9…..Ha, ha.

        What fantasy Crabs, Big Ron is your daddy, your DNA match and he needs your help. . Don’t be a bigger stinking AH that you already are.

        Just be sure to take a bath in the LA river to minimize your lice population and shitty stench, before you see your daddy.


  9. Wasn’t “Love my Cucumber” your daddy’s motto Crabs?

    To paraphrase Lennon Crabs, I bet you got large scabs on your junk. You should know better then to do strange, fat male, swine. But they’re so easy uh? You can’t get busted for soliciting prostitution…..LOL

    Cue: Crabs funky rap; “Why don’t we do in a pig sty”


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