Look Who’s Back At USC

Rick Caruso was at the USC-UCLA basketball game sitting courtside and signing autographs.

And now he’s being honored by Carol Folt.

How long before he returns to the Board of Trustees? Maybe he can make another donation to USC after spending $100 million on his mayoral campaign.


28 thoughts on “Look Who’s Back At USC

    1. Yeah, with that tan and great smile the guy coulda been a politician
      Maybe another $100-million jacked-into the campaign and presto-


  1. LA politics are controlled by government employee unions. Bass was their socialist candidate. The chances of Caruso winning were slim. This is particularly true given the newly enacted automatic voter registration laws that encourage non citizens to vote and the ballot harvesting laws. Nonetheless, Caruso ran a tenacious campaign and put 100 million of his own money into it and almost pulled it off. I commend him for his efforts. It says something about how bad he wanted the job and generally speaking people who want a job badly work hard and perform well. Instead, we got Karen Bass, a seasoned left wing politician who will follow the lead of San Francisco, Seattle, and other Dem run big cities and do nothing to mitigate crime, drug addiction, and mental illness among the homelessness population. She will give them clean needles and free hotel rooms. DA Gascon already decriminalized petty theft, public intoxication and urination, trespass, lewdness, ect. You get what you vote for.

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    1. And yet she hasn’t done anything like what you lie about. It must suck to be wrong all the time. Caruso lost because he has no vision for small business, the true engine of wealth in this region. Don’t believe me? How many truckers work in southern California? Contractors? Restaurant owners? You really think ballot harvesting works? Such a small mind.


      1. So you believe that Karen Bass won because she has a vision for small business and Caruso does not? You may be the only person who believes that garbage. Has she ever owned and operated a small business? Paid for employees, medical insurance, work comp. ect. Had her business property vandalized? What is Karen’s vision? Enlighten us with the small minds. You are the self proclaimed “This World” and know everything. Are these small businesses that you refer to such as restaurants not the same businesses that were shut down in Southern Cal. based on the policies of Newsom and LA county public health while other states opened up. They even denied outdoor dining for months. Did they all re-open or did many of them go bankrupt while Newsom feasted at the French Laundry and sent his kid to a private school that remained open during the pandemic. And I know quite a few truckers and small trucking companies in California and also contractors and most of them think California under democratic rule is headed for ruin. They are concerned about things such as the price of gasoline, taxes, housing costs, poor public education, excessive regulations, illegal immigration, and crime.

        Yes I think ballot harvesting works and so does the democratic legislature that enacted it. And I did not lie about Karen Bass since I used the future tense and she has only been in office for a month. Such a small mind. No. You have such a big head.

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      2. Not a voter as a not a resident of the city but maybe people thought it was kinda weird that the dude has been a Democrat since way back in 2022 and has changed affiliations 4 times since 2011.

        Political party
        Democratic (2022–present)[1]
        Other political
        Republican (before 2011; 2016–2019)
        Independent (2011–2016; 2019–2022)[2]

        Maybe it’s a real estate dude thing as Trump did the same thing.
        Political party
        Republican (1987–1999, 2009–2011, 2012–present)
        Other political
        Reform (1999–2001)
        Democratic (2001–2009)
        Independent (2011–2012)

        Make of that what you will


      3. This World,

        With all due respect to you, knwing that you are very intellegent, however, you can consider Caruso a small business man and he knows what it takes to get things done. He knows how the system works to get a job of consttuction done in LA. and that is no small feat haiving to go through the beaucuarcy of LA. In my opinion, I think he does have visions for small business because he has lived it and still does. Thank you. ,


  2. One wonders how much it cost Caruso. Judging by the amt. of $$$$ he spent on his failed LA Mayoral bid, money isn’t a problem.


    1. If things get tight, maybe a little side hustle,

      Make up to 10,000 dollars a month from the comfort of your own home. We are currently looking for motivated individuals to influence and shape western audiences to such disastrous concepts as “critical race theory” “men really can get pregnant” “orange man bad” and many more.

      Or Maybe Mr Let’s Meet Up could take advantage. Equal opportunity employment.

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      1. Mr. SoCal,

        I asked earlier but you didn’t answer so you must not have seen the question.
        Who would you like to see elected President in 2024?


  3. I will answer that for myself, Inquisitive, I would like to see Me elected Prez in ’24
    I would form a cabinet starring Biden and Trump as we reunite the country

    Seriously, I bet there are a million non-politician folks in the U.S. who could have done a better job in the past 6-years than what we got, and we might find a half-dozen or so on this very blog starting with Ed. G, and no, Fuke-U is not among them

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  4. Does it strike anyone at all that Folt sends that tweet? I would be willing to put my life savings on the fact that she voted for Bass in the election. That career politician has done actually nothing productive in her life, but she checks all the right boxes. Personally, I don’t care what your ethnic make up is or where you were born or what you were born as. If you have shown somewhere in your life you have the skills to right the ship (built and run a successful business, fixed a problem like homelessness in another region, developed a successful drug rehab program) then you can get my vote. This is what i say to the people of the state, county and any city not just LA. If you keep electing the same people and ideologies into office, then you have no right to complain about what you get. If the ideology that was just put into the mayors office will work so well, why didnt it work last time, and the time before that? It’s the exact same philosophy as before. And the same as before that. Fools at the ballot box just can’t seem of remember the person before saying “No, but this time it will be different”.


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