If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

The XFL’s eight teams have finalized their 51-man rosters for the 2023 season. Tyler Vaughns, Deontay Burnett, Ajene Harris, Damien Mama and Liam Jimmons are the former USC players in the league.

  • A seven-story Mariott Hotel is going to be built across the street from USC. The 168-room structure will be located at 3685 S. Vermont Ave. It was formerly the site of Bethune Library.
  • Here’s a stat of the day: The largest number of students at USC from outside the United States come from China (6,166 students). There are 1,691 students from India.

China remains the largest source of international students in the U.S., accounting for 30.6 percent in 2022. India contributes 21 percent.


It’s a historical artifact. A menu from the famous Julie’s restaurant, where coaches, athletes and athletic dept. employees dined for more than 50 years. The go-to item was the Julie’s Special Sandwich, roast beef and melted cheese on grilled sourdough bread.

  • And now for some history:

There are a lot of pictures of the McKeever twins from their days at USC. But here’s a 1956 photo spread of Marlin (left) and Mike McKeever playing at Mount Carmel High School in Los Angeles that was taken for Life magazine.

Mount Carmel was located at 7011 S. Hoover Street, just four miles from USC. It was closed in 1976 and demolished in 1983, despite being designated a Los Angeles Cultural Historical Monument in 1979.

Here are the twins working on a Sunday at a Culver City market in 1956.

Can you tell the McKeever’s apart? That Mike on the left and Marlin on the right.

  • Last week, I ran some photos appreciating the face masks of 1970. Here’s a beauty worn by All-American safety Tim McDonald in the mid-1980’s.
  • Here’s an explanation of USC’s Shifting-T offense that was employed during the 1960’s.
  • The USC media guide also posted an evaluation of the team position-by-position. I’d like to have seen this during the Helton Era.
  • Look how clear the Harbor Freeway looks during the legendary 1967 USC vs. UCLA game at the Coliseum. And don’t forget the Sports Arena!


In memory of Burt Bacharach, who died at age 94 this week.


73 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Fantastic, Scott. No bullshit, fantastic. Thanks for Burt and Dionne.
    Thanks for showing us what it looks like to have a fullback in the formation. And thanks for that reminder of all the great stuff at great prices at Julie’s…

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      1. So Cal —
        I read the summary on Wikipedia —and checked out the reviews. It sounds incredible. I’ll be seeing it ASAP….

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      2. Hell or High Water, an instant classic.

        I believe it is a Taylor Sheridan movie–same guy doing the Yellowstone series.
        The dude really tells great stories.

        Before I even knew who this Sheridan guy was, I enjoyed Sicario and Wind River.
        Two other great movies of his. The first Sicario was better, IMHO.

        If you like Jeremy Renner (after Hurt Locker, who wouldn’t?), I promise you’ll like Wind River. For those of us to cared for folks on the Reservation, it resonates.

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      3. Thanks for the Wind River recommendation, Bourbon, we’ll have to check it out. We really enjoyed Dark Winds this past fall on AMC.

        The Old Man on FX, also starring Jeff Bridges, was really good, too.

        I enjoyed both Sicario movies equally.

        Sheridan is great at his craft! But I’m inclined to believe he’s as arrogant as the Travis Wheatly character he plays on Yellowstone. 😉

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      4. So Cal,
        My wife and I call Westerns, “the Cowboy Revenge Flick.”
        Always boils down to revenge.
        I still love ’em–simple as they may be.

        Loved the way Sheridan just demoralized skinny Jimmy in Yellowstone.
        Yeah, he might be arrogant. But why not?

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      5. Bourbon —There is an off-shoot to the straightforward western revenge [“nobody gets away with killing MY brother”] plot. It’s the “avenging the weak” plot. First third of film: the villains torment a band of innocents [women, children —combination thereof], middle of movie: the bad guys enjoy themselves lavishly….. & then ….the mysterious stranger from outta town catches up with them and sets the world straight. It’s a sorta once removed revenge thing cuz the vindicator isn’t personally involved. [So what’s the avenger’s motive? As Roberto Rossellini explained —“What’s Zorro’s motive? He’s ZORRO!]……

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      6. I’d be willing to wager a week’s wages that at least 75% of Four Brothers fans don’t realize it’s just a remake of The Sons of Katie Elder.

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    1. Burt was truly amazing and one of the best ever songwriters.

      I laughed on Sunday when Beyonce received a record breaking 30 something Grammy. Seriously, I couldn’t hymn one of her songs but I could hymn over 10 Bacharach songs anytime of the day.

      Excellent column Scott.

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      1. No, Young Dole. Burt only got 6 Grammys. Beyonce is more than 5 times better!

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    2. So the NY steak sandwich was $11.50 in lets say 1970, that’s $93.50 in today’s money
      Coffee was $1.50 that’s $11.75 today
      Apple pie $3.50 would be $27.50 today

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  2. So true, I had not thought of Burt for years (decades?) but only last week in the storms I was singing out loud “Raindrops keep falling on my head” but stop already, ok?…

    China and India produce a lot of really smart students, so apparently they feel they can do better at SC than in Beijing or Delhi because you know it ain’t the price…

    Yeah bring me back, back to the days when the QB took the ball off the Center’s ‘butt while 2 maybe 3 hungry backs await the Center’s snap


    1. The Chinese want to perfect their Enquish and appropriate US Tech information, and the Indians want out of India. SUCC could be relabeled Commie U. The Chinese load up their flash drives with proprietary information, graduate, and hike back to MC and sell the stolen information for cash to start a clone US Tech business.

      SUCC’s administration must proud.

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      1. I’m cool with USC recruiting the best and the brightest (and able to pay the tuition) and producing international competition on campus. Number 19 in the WSC rankings, with Cal and UCLA trailing in the mid to high 30’s. Sorry Owns and ’75.

        Back in my day there, I think we had over 160 different countries represented by our student body. USC–diverse before it was cool to be diverse.

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      2. I’m partially with you on this one, Bourbon — diversity is a fine thing…..but I’m not too hot on a third of the nation’s international students being from a country that says it wants to dominate us by 2035.

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      3. WE have problems with three dictators, Michael:
        Putin will rule Russia til he dies.
        Xi was given 10 years and a constitutional change to permit another 5 to 10.
        More worrisome, our NATO ally, Recep Erdogan in Turkey, has set himself up as politically indomitable…and preventing Sweden and Finland from finally joining NATO.

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      4. Long game? Putin and Xi won’t live forever [which is a mighty nice thing —since they are both so much smarter and tougher than anybody we’ve got on the horizon].
        As for Erdogan — I’m not so sure NATO expansion is an unmixed blessing.


      5. And there we are in Turkey this week, probably dedicating more resources than even Turkey themselves, in their recovery effort.

        Not saying it’s not the right thing to do. Just…

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  3. Judging from numbers of foreign students China seems to be ballooning. I always like see those menus with food prices so low you could tip with pocket change, but this one looks like a pee-chee folder. I love the Burt Bacharach tribute he was one of a kind. His movie music made the weekly top 40 often. Get ready for more movie music composers dying off. I saw John Williams conducting at the Hollywood Bowl recently, he’s 91

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      1. Speaking of “sharper”….Tuesday night Joe was hitting Home Runs while at the same time with his other arm slapping the blog duce around like a pinata, to the point where he fell out of his wheelchair, spilling hot chocolate all down the front of his diaper….What a visual!


    1. USC now stands for University of Some Chinese, remember when ucla was the three J school ? How times have changed, nice to see USC educating people who then go back home and try to destroy this country, fuck you Folt, Nikias & Sample

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  4. The picture of McDonald is from the 1985 Rose Bowl, a game won by USC in an upset. Remember who SC’s QB was ? He was famous for running his mouth, Tollner made him off limits to the press before the RB.

    Tim Green was the QB, he was Co MVP of the RB with Del Rio

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    1. Tim McDonald came to Summer camp in 1983 as a lanky kid fresh out of Fresno high.
      He instantly earned a starting job at Safety as a true Freshman with no Spring Ball behind him. We had a bunch of Jr and Sr level DB’s on the team, but Tim earned the spot EARLY ON. His friend and team-mate from Fresno High, Kenny Henry, was big and talented but never quite got the College WR game and struggled. Nice kid, though. I think Kenny had some decent receptions his final year at USC.

      The Lefty, Tim Green, also came to camp in 83 as a highly touted Juco QB from El Camino–which was known for having a great passing game back then. I can’t recall if Tim came in for Spring Ball in 83 or not, but he threw darts and earned a few snaps in 83 as Salisbury had a lackluster year. Tim was a firebrand and a good leader. He’d scramble and go helmet first into linebackers and DB’s.

      Remember the key first down he gained along the West sideline scrambling and head-butting the MSU defender in that Rose Bowl victory?

      Tim’s team-mate and favorite receiver from El Camino–Francis Rodriguez–joined USC in 1982 but struggled to get reps ahead of Jeffrey Simmons and Malcolm Moore (Manfred and Ken’s younger brother). Francis got into the games a bit in 83. Tollner had LOFTY impressions of Joey Cormier becoming the next Kellen Winslow (Sr), so it was hard for the other WR to get reps. Cormier had a lot of drops.

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    1. Great commercial!

      When we bought our home, the seller played for the other team and enjoyed Campari on the rocks, which is apparently a popular drink among them. He said it tasted like liquid dirt and it kept him from indulging too much.

      I had never tried it, so I was curious. He wasn’t lying!

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  5. The obsession over politicians on this blog is perplexing. The president of China once went to school in America and we’re surprised they want to be better than US? For an idiot, Joe Biden made the Republicans look like troglodytes at the State of the Union, which shouldn’t have happened. Just calling balls and strikes, ladies.

    USC is an amazing school with faults. The so called decline that people keep inferring to (Scott Wolf) must be a realization that change is a more powerful weapon to the comfort of familiarity. Well, Americans don’t respect tradition anyways-unless the benefits happen to be beneficial.

    The greatest compliment Burt Bacharach once made was the joy he expressed when hearing Luther Vandross sing his favorite song live. If only y’all knew.


      1. You sound like a typical troglodyte So Cal. Try to act more like Biden and the
        Democrats, you know the non troglodytes. Are you impressed with my use of the word troglodytes.


  6. “Chinks” PT; that’s undeniably racist.

    What an AH you are PT. But typical of Clown U grads. I bet PT, there’s no shade(s) in your Neanderthal family tree.

    I object to communism, not Chinese-Americans or ML Chinese or Taiwanese.

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      1. With PT it’s both….. the guy is clueless when it comes to politics. Another mental midget like slo troll….. Little lost MAGats


    1. My sentiments too, Owns. The Chinese are a great people —most of them hate the Chinese Communist Party more than we do [with good reason]…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well said, MG! PT has made numerous racial comments. When you say”not like him”,I disagree based on what he has written about people.


  7. What a momentous occasion for USC. Al Ludwig will think about leaving Utah for Notre Dame. If that happens then college football might see a fundamental shift of power from the SEC to the west coast. With skill talent diminishing in states like Georgia, Florida and Texas, the best skill players will find it more tempting to play in weaker defensive conferences.


  8. PT: Just Rent,

    How about them Chinks at ugly, the mecca of communis9o? They have more chinks at ugly than SC

    You fucking racist sack of shit. you have popped off numerous times with racial slurs….feel proud, little man

    Chink is an English-language ethnic slur usually referring to a person of Chinese descent.[2] The word is also sometimes indiscriminately used against people of East Asian, North Asian and Southeast Asian appearance. The use of the term describing eyes with epicanthic fold (“Asiatic eyes”) is considered extremely offensive and highly racist,[with some sources equating the word chink as offensive as the word nigger


    1. Gabby,
      Maybe we should just consider this “a teachable moment” [as Pete Carroll used to say when players screwed up]….


      1. He’s made more than a few racial slurs with respect to minority members of congress. He’s been called out before over his racial bigotry but laughs about it.


    2. Get over it and stop crying about you little bitch! It’s called free speech and if you don’t like it then get the fuck off the blog. Pussy!


      1. Get over it and stop crying about you little bitch! It’s called free speech and if you don’t like it then get the fuck off the blog. Pussy

        Practice what you preach….


    3. I’m not the one crying over a post that had nothing to do with me. Owns can handle himself and has been doing so for years. You still referred to him as rents you stupid piece of shit. But good to know your sore spot though 😂😂😂


      1. You and slo troll both have reading comprehension issues. FOCUS!!!!….. You senile limp-dick troll.

        But good to know your sore spot though 😂😂😂


  9. I just read the whole extent of pasadenatrojan’s post. Far be it from me to act as the morality police officer on a barely recognizable medium that this “blog” purports to be. The fact that pasadonut condum wants to belittle people that he will never meet or try to respect lets me know that his kind of bravery only exists in the movement of his yellow-like scardey-cat fingers as he sports the chicken trophy feather of bravery he’s probably earned over the dull, unexciting life within the Kafka-cockroach existence that he cannot evolve past. Being too poor for the implied bias men that he worships to get validation from and clearly dumber than the Ku Klux Klan (hint: move to Iowa and cheer for Kirk and Bob Frenetz) he wanted to shock and awe. . .but he is the passing of a dying breed. That of The replaced.

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  10. There’s actually figures that USC publishes concerning the numbers of foreign students. The proportion of students from China is about half of all foreign students. I personally don’t like this policy of taking money from China and limiting the opportunities for local students. Imagine how much opportunity there would be for students from LAUSD if China had not been given 6500 slots. This is why my family stopped giving money to USC after almost 80 years – the university that we helped build has been sold out:
    China 6,513
    India 2,590
    South Korea 518
    Taiwan 471
    Canada 335
    Saudi Arabia 164
    Indonesia 133
    Mexico 127
    Hong Kong 124
    Iran 122
    Other places of origin 1,959
    Total 13,056


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