Oregon Might Be Better Bet Vs. USC Than Several Other Teams

If USC-Oregon are going to be the two top teams in the Pac-12, do you trust the Ducks, who seem to find ways to lose a game or two each season?

They lost offensive coordinagtor Kenny Dillingham and offensive line coach Adrian Klemm. Those are considerable losses, especially when you see what Dillingham did with Bo Nix.

They do have some big-time Southern California recruits like defensive end Matayo Uiagalelei and cornerback Rodrick Pleasant. But is this influx of talent enough to change the habit of losing games that are winnable.

I’m just talking about Oregon. I’m not thinking of USC here. I trust the Ducks to beat USC in Eugene more than to win at Washington or at Utah. That’s a problem in terms of picking them to win the Pac-12. But even a road trip to Arizona State is the type of game Oregon might lose even if it wins bigger games. It’s about trust.


15 thoughts on “Oregon Might Be Better Bet Vs. USC Than Several Other Teams

  1. Scooter,

    I agree, SC will lose to oregon. oregon ran plays last year with Nix that I have never seen nor did ugly. They got smoked on a few plays. Grinch can’t stop ice moving in 100 degree weather. He cant stop the ducks.


    1. It’s not about Grinch…..it’s about the ability of 11 players to swarm to the ball and make the play at the given situation…..It’s obvious you’re clueless with respect to the transfers.


      1. Hmmm 🤔 I’m thinking you’re the only clueless dumb Fuc who consistently insults people who post comments. That makes me wonder if your wife needs my Junk in her mouth, because you’re obviously not doing your job, Bitch ass Gabby Gab… lmao 🤣 Does her Puss Stank, if so imma pass 😂


  2. I feel for the skill players with speed who pick Oregon for their track program but do not think about the smaller TV market that Oregon has than, say, USC or the Big Ten. What would Caleb Williams be in, say, Slippery Rock or Podunk U? Oregon may be able to pay players on par with USC, but they can’t deliver the TV exposure and market that USC or the Big Ten has. Moreover, Oregon is alleged to have a team culture of permitted marijuana smoking that often makes pro football recruiters wary of drafting them. And is that why Oregon loses big games?

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    1. I don’t know ‘counsel’ OR’s head coach Dan Lanning – the sole current program that, save for the William Bendix Lookalike Winner, because of the disaster of said doppelganger of Bendix, that could and did grab a true top tier head coach is USC. Bohn wanted Luke Fickell but he sensed that wasn’t going to happen. Bohn now moved on to Lincoln Riley at OK and because of his shrewd maneuvering knew when to pounce and ready to secure the hire with alluring baubles.

      Lanning had a great first year save for no prep for the GA game – a program he’d just left prior to moving on to OR.

      You’d think the former DC and OLB coach of GA would have a game plan seeing how he’d just left Athens-GA but he didn’t and yeah I know they marched almost unmolested thru the Pac-12 save for losing almost 3 straight games at the end.

      I wonder just how good a fit Lanning is for the OR fan base long term. I’m not sure he work’s for OR’s gain long-term. He has one strange looking pair of eyes – a bit ‘intense’ comes to mind.


  3. “Its about trust”. Sounds like Grinch last season talking about the players on defense. Not a word about fundamentals or tackling, but now even Wolf is on the “trust” bandwagon.


    1. A turd is a turd, no matter how much perfume you use to disguise` it. Grinch was stuck with a bunch of turds. LB play was the worst in the conference by far. I have no idea why Lee is coming back…. he run around pulling a trailer.

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      1. Got to keep Lee in the middle to stuff the run, get #18 on the outside. Now we have some speed coming up and in from transfer, Lee will be a towel waver.


  4. Wolf is more thirsty than Tom Brady. Oregon? Who’s the starting rb? How many new starters on the line? Who’s the starting new center?

    Wolf being silly again.


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