Wide Receiver Decommits From USC

Four-star wide receiver Jason Robinson of Long Beach Poly has decommitted from USC although he is still considering the Trojans.

Robinson committed to USC in Sept., 2021. Colorado, Notre Dame and Utah are among the schools recruiting Robinson. USC has informed him it might not have a scholarship available if he recommits. But this is why early commitments are often useless and it’s usually better for recruits to wait after they visit schools.


14 thoughts on “Wide Receiver Decommits From USC

  1. I don’t blame him with all the great receivers SC has(and maybe more depending on what Duce Robinson decides to do). They’ll probably be more receivers leaving after spring camp.

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  2. What is the subject again, bring back the Herald Examiner where I do not read shallow SC news and the Trojans seemed more ‘magical’ as a result in the 1960s
    to 1970s, a marvelous ‘generation’ for SC fans

    Anyway, I do not care right now, I am still ‘blinded’ by that Super Bowl, I usually call it the ‘Stupor Bowl’ for boredom but that 2023 game was one for the ages,
    or at least until next year’s game


  3. Today a commitment means nothing, a young persons word is worthless in most cases. They seem to attain great joy in being a splash in the media and when it wears off they have to try something else. Now with NIL and pay for play like many schools are doing, I wouldn’t be surprised if Oregon or TAMU come into the picture as big players.


  4. There is nothing witty about that retard Gabby! Easily the dumbest blogger on this blog! Far left socialist that likes to parade around here as the blog tranny. Little bitch! But I guess paralegal John is in to it. 😂😂😂


  5. Is it true the Hollywood, Fla guys are thinking about coming to USC as a duo now that TOMMY is involved in their recruitment? Can ya least look into that Wolf?


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