USC Morning Buzz: Lincoln Riley Might Have Some Cutting To Do

USC has to pare about five scholarships by July 1.

So how does that happen?

Well, some players still might want to transfer. Especially if they don’t see much hope for playing time after spring practice. There’s also the chance someone could take a medical redshirt and no longer have their scholarship count against the limit of 85. And then Lincoln Riley can do what he did last season: Inform players they have no future in the program.

  • I’ve been wondering if cornerback Ceyair Wright would be a candidate to transfer after his playing time decreased at the end of the season? But with his acting career, he can’t really leave Los Angeles. UCLA would be the only move.

14 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Lincoln Riley Might Have Some Cutting To Do

  1. Can you imagine being cut by Wiley–
    ‘Sorry kiddo but I know ‘talent’ and you are not it
    However you are always welcome at Mrs. Wiley’s for pancakes’


  2. if college players want the freedom to move to new colleges, they also need to understand that there is no longer a guaranteed spot on the roster if they dont perform. combined with NIL, this is just moving up the rewards to the best players.

    i wonder if at some point the degree will not even be a part of the whole deal.

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  3. Hello sports fans, well the nfl has many flaws and when the playoffs start lets do this ! when playoff super bowl is tied a td descides the game not a field goal , might improve? the quality of the product !!!!! regards , E


    1. I’ve been saying that for years. Kickers are generally not football players. They don’t know how to block or tackle. It just makes me sick when the game is played in snow and rain and the real players (by means of blood and guts and have uniforms that look like someone just pulled them out of a mud hole) march all the way down the field at the end of the game and then this skinny kicker (who could not lift as much weight as you and me) hippity hops on the field with a uniform that looks like it just came out of the washer and dryer and kick a field goal and then gets carried off of the field as the hero of the game.
      How many times did that happens with Adam Vinateri in the super bowl. He probably is in the NFL hall of fame when he is not even a football player while other great players never made it. Kickers already have a game. It’s called soccer. Let them play that.
      The extra-point is a useless play where somebody can get hurt(and it won’t be the kicker). It’s good 99.5% of the time. Field goals are getting to be the same way. If nothing else, we should at least narrow the goal posts so much that it is very hard to even make an extra point.


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