A Clear View Of Pac-12 Dilemma

If you haven’t followed it closely, here’s a clear explanation of the Pac-12 media rights situation from media writers Andrew Marchand and John Ourand.

Maybe it’s so clear because they don’t have to curry favor with the Pac-12 and note Ourand gives the Big 12 credit for doing its media deal first.

“It’s clear now that (Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark) totally outmaneuvered the Pac-12 in getting his media deal finished early,” Ourand says.

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9 thoughts on “A Clear View Of Pac-12 Dilemma

  1. George loves to talk about the beauties of yesteryear. Some I know, some I have to look up.

    But Raquel Welch was certainly one of them!! May she rest in peace.

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      1. Sight & Sound Film Journal had a piece in the 1990’s listing the 10 most sought after film posters: 1) Raquel in cave outfit from “One Million B.C.”— 2)Carrie Fisher in slave outfit from “The Empire Strikes Back.”
        [If Carrie —one of the wittiest and clever writers of her time but hardly one of the cinema’s great beauties— had been told at age 20 she’d be remembered as the #2 best slice of cheesecake in film history she woulda been a little surprised to say the least]……


    1. Definitely need to have a sip of the good stuff tonight in her honor.

      Gonna also have to pull up “The Summer of George”, Seinfeld episode in which she guest starred.

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      1. I know that Bourbon’s suggestion of Wind River will be much more to my liking. Wife & I watched the trailer and she’s interested in watching it, too.

        But I will put The Magic Christian on my list! Thx!

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  2. It turns out that George K is not a good commissioner. He failed to keep USC. He failed to improve the refs. He has failed to expand the conference and failed to negotiate a good deal and failed to even do a good job of communicating a vision for the Pac-12.

    The only thing getting better in the Pac-12 is that the quality of football has gotten better with better head coaches at some programs. But is this an achievement of George K?

    If I were a Pac-12 team I would be desperately searching for a way out. I hope Oregon is trapped forever. Let Phil try to buy his way to a good team when the Pac-12 is not even a Power 5 league. Wouldnt mind if Washington and Stanford were rescued by the Big 10. Maybe give them a cut that is 2/3rds of the other teams, it is still better than the Pac-12 deal.

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