Ohio State Doesn’t Want To Play On West Coast Twice

Ohio State has canceled a home-and-home series with Washington in 2024 and 2025.

This is a direct result of USC and UCLA moving to the Big Ten.

In fact, Ohio State noted in a statement that its schedule could include “a Big Ten Conference game against either the UCLA Bruins or the USC Trojans.”

Ohio State will pay Washington $500,000 to terminate the games.

REACTION: Ohio State does not want to travel to the West Coast twice in one season in 2024. It might hurt its chances to make the College Football Playoff. But it’s OK for USC and UCLA to travel to the Midwest and East Coast multiple times.


68 thoughts on “Ohio State Doesn’t Want To Play On West Coast Twice

    1. Well, considering who’s USC’s President and Athletic Director that questions answers itself….it won’t be USC. [We didn’t hear a peep from them when USC was made to play 3 games in 15 days in 2020]…..

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      1. Be careful what you wish for Clownsters. You’re about to leave a small pond for a new home in a major lake where your influence will be at least 75% less than in Pac-12’s pond.

        Shoulda gone independent when you had the chance.


      1. Time for a west coast version of the Hound of the Baskervilles [wearing a Trojan helmet, a cute little Greek tunic and caring a bronze sword]….

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      2. Grinch staying was a big question mark. He has some better talent coming in and I hope he doesn’t waste it. We will score a lot of points, but the success will come down to how well the defense performs.


      1. No just socialist left coast university agreements that want all schools to get the same amount of money and that want all the schools to be equal even if they are equally bad.
        “Equal” used to mean equal opportunity. But the left has changed the definition. It means equal results. You know…..each kid gets the same trophy even if some were really talented athletically, academically, artistically, musically, scientifically(and whatever) and some and some had no talent and some worked their butts of and others were downright lazy….they still get the same rewards.
        Larry Scott was asked one time whether he preferred a league that had some really strong teams and the rest mediocre and bad teams or a league where all the teams were mediocre but equal. He said that he preferred the league were everyone was equal. I believe the term that they use today is “equity” which means something totally different than “equal”.

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      2. When I discussed fund distribution of a large federal grant with a high ranking government official in Los Angeles he told me he’d rather have the money spread around than channeled into just the areas where it was needed. The exact quote: “It’s better for us politically if it fails to make a dent in all 16 council districts than it is to see it succeed in 2 or 3.”

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      3. These officials are not appointed(as far as I know), they are elected so I guess this is our fault. In California, we have a left wing nut as governor yet every time Julius Ceasar Newsome runs, he not only wins by he wins by a landslide.

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      1. Cal 50, uclol 13

        Second team
        Cal 124, uclol ZERO

        Guess uclol doesn’t have much hope for the 2deep to come to the rescue. Nope.

        What sport? The man’s sport sparky. No pads just a cup. 60 minutes, no substitutions unless player out for the game with injury.


  1. Let me see now, Scott, The Big-10 (or 16) in 2024 will have 2 teams
    on the West Coast (SC & sucla) and the remaining 13 schools are primarily in the Midwest and in the East,
    whereas SC has 1 team in the West (sucla) and 14 teams in the midwest, so guess what, there is no need for Ohio St to go West twice, but there is a necessity for SC to be constantly continuously heading east 4 or 5 times a year.
    Tim has a point, this could be a nightmare.

    Oh, and Raquel, obviously a woman dealt a ‘pretty good hand’ in the looks department, but more than that is that she could stand her ground with pushy Hollywood producers, and could handle a gun and ride a horse in some of her movies. We won’t see the likes of her again


    1. An absolute nightmare LJ, especially if Clown U lands in the B-10 East Div.

      As a self-anointed elite FB program, SUCC deserves a slot in the B-10 East Div. Just think LJ/Clownsters, Ohio St. Michigan, Mich. St. and Penn St every year. Add UCLA and ND, and SUCC has a chance to prove its really, really, really is an elite FB program on the field and not elite by virtue of their usual, whiny, “we are SUCC,” rah-rah, bozo FB BS.

      #No cupcake bozo FB in the B-10.

      Cue: Don’t Worry, Be Happy.


      1. You’re a fucin loser and you’re never happy Owns. That’s why you come and stalk this blog constantly. Take some of your own advice, Bruin Rob. Get a life and just face it. UCLA is an afterthought when it comes to moving to the Big 10 with USC. Don’t worry be happy. UCLA still sucks.

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  2. Assuming Ohio State will play one but not both LA schools in a single season, they will travel to the West Coast only once every two years. Could have played at Washington in the years they played the LA school at home. Sound like this means either: a) Ohio State knows they will be playing both LA schools in a single season, or b) Washington will actually become a Conference game in 2024, or c) they are dumbing down the schedule like the SEC schools do. They only have two non-conference games scheduled now in 24 (Texas & UConn) & 25 (Southern Miss & Western Michigan)

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      1. Some one always has to explain the obvious to your bitch ass. Let’s meet up! So I can cut your fucking head off!


      2. Some one always has to explain the obvious to your bitch ass. Let’s meet up! So I can cut your fucking head off!


  3. Still don’t understand what all the fuss is about. These guys get on a chartered plane with huge seats and in the worst case scenario, have a 5 hour flight. All their “luggage” is handled for them, no TSA or baggage claim hassles, what is supposed to be so terribly draining on them? The flight time is the only difference between BIG10 and PAC12 schools. I know guys who fly LAX to JFK every week and they’re 50+ years old.

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    1. We have debated this before and you are still mistaken because a 3-hour time difference west to east is tough to overcome in the 36-hour period they will give these kids to recover, and getting up for a business meeting is not the same as getting up for a game

      Coaches always talk about how travel wears on everybody including the kids. But SC has sold its ‘soul’ to the Money-Devil so ‘Suck it up Trojans’ and get used to 3-hour time differences 4 or 5 times a year. This is going to be more brutal than anybody imagines but who cares–

      As long as that dough
      that Trojans sow
      comes in millions row-by-row
      Wrapped in a ‘Big-10 bow
      As SC attempts to mow and tow
      what it believes it ‘stole’


      1. I disagree. I did it at the DIII level in two sports and didn’t have 1/10th the pampering these guys have. Getting up for a game is 1000000% easier because the adrenaline kicks in. Some people are soft. Some people are not.

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    2. Outstanding post

      I have privilege to fly on corporate jet out of Van Nuys. Basically just a hop on plane, my only stress is sitting next to CEO for 5 or 6 hours.

      I would think chartered flights for USC would be similar experience.
      Travel is not too bad when you
      excluding long lines, boarding and TSA bs.

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      1. Don’t bother with facts, ’75, as long as someone agrees with one’s
        subjective opinion then that makes it ‘right’



      2. As long as I can remember SC has thought that they are a cut above the rest of the PAC. Even when SC has been handed it’s head on a platter.

        I wonder how that attitude will play out amount the ‘common folk’ Midwestern blue collar teams that IMHO will have some kind of unwritten bounty on SC players. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

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  4. Memo to: Crabs Jeremy

    The majority of FB teams in the B-10 east are public Universities.

    SUCC, the private Methodist Univ., might as well be a chihuahua pile of shit in a vacant lot in the B-10 East. Hold up Crabs, scratch the “might as well be,” and insert “will be.”

    #Call your daddy Crabs. He wants to know if you still love his cucumber?

    #What is the O/U # of years Andyain’twinning survives the move to B-10. I’m thinking 2 years max.


    1. You know, J.O., allow me to let you in on a little ‘secret’ of mine–
      Once you use the S-word or F-word you have lost your audience,
      or at least you have lost my ‘audience’

      Keep your argument clean of “loaded” words or your point-of-view loses its luster,
      and worse, is left UNREAD


      1. Allow me to illustrate, J.O., only today I had 2 peculiar exchanges with lawyers–

        (I was attempting to find out how to ‘serve’ a Complaint to a particular corp defendant, so I call up the guy in charge–
        “I don’t want to waste your time or my time,” says he
        Lawyer ‘talk’ for ‘get to the point I charge $500 an hour)
        And so somewhat angered I retort, “I am not wasting your time!”
        (Lesson: The bounds of the ego know no-bounds)

        The second scenario occurs later when my wife Dr Carol King’s case is commented on–You see I had complained previously about Carol’s lawyer saying she was “threatening” when she left a message that ended in a plaintive voice, “This is unacceptible.” Dr Carol, unlike me, is known and loved by thousands in West Los Angeles for 50-years as having administered to literally thousands of children and their parents as a licensed Psychologist.
        So besides being the prettiest girl with the best body I have ever seen, she is a person to stand up for, and so I did, as I write back angrily,
        “Use the word “threatening” these days and you are opening a ‘can of worms…My impression of you is, well never mind it is irrelevant, just have your firm get this case filed so we can go home”

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      2. Am I to assume LJ s**t isn’t in your vocabulary? I mean chihuahua pile of s**t is rather innocuous and doesn’t refer humans or Clown U in any specific pejorative sense.

        Is crap, dookie, feces a better synonym for “chit” in your opinion?

        To some people believe curse-word English vernacular is a sign of limited education/vocabulary. However, 21st Century stand-up comedians aren’t some of those people.

        Do you LJ, walk out of movies that use an excessive amount of vulgarity. Hell, any film with Eddie Murphy in it is bound to exhibit vulgarity, in particular, the word Mf’er.

        Sorry to offend you; it wasn’t my intention. I’ll probably do again w/o a thought to your narrow POV.

        #Don’t take it personally LJ. Hell, I didn’t graduate from a mediocre, LA, private, Methodist University.


  5. Waiting for you to check codes to see if they are real

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  6. 11 games. The L A schools will have one game far east (Rutgers or Maryland) one at Michigan or Ohio State and two at either Iowa, Nebraska or Illinois/Northwestern. With those teams being the road games, those same teams will come to LA. Since UCLA vs USC makes nine games that leaves two slots for non conference in an eleven game season. You swap out Wisconsin/Michigan St/Penn St and Minnesota/Purdue/Indiana in the same pod format. That’s four road but only two east coast games, one early then one late in season. Having two L A schools gives the B1G games in great weather at the end of the year. The key will be if nine games are scheduled which would be funny since that’s how the SEC keeps getting over on everyone by only playing eight conference games.

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    1. I note SC is not ridding itself of clunker games such as with Arizona,
      Washington St and Oregon St (the old Beavers) who are being replaced by Midwest clunkers Minnesota, Purdue and Indiana

      And instead of Troy getting beat down by Oregon and Utah they now inherit Ohio St and Michigan.

      “The more things change the more they remain the same”


  7. Until my family put up the investment capital to dine at Lawry’s restaurant I never could figure out the edge USC had over the Big 10 teams who showed up for the Rose bowl game. Imagine trying to keep up with smaller, faster players with six pounds of prime rib in your intestines.
    However, the beef bowl event, the annual food fight where college kids are encouraged to cram a cow into their digestive tract, was an advantage for USC. McKay knew how to manipulate the event. He’d tell everyone his boys ate two whole cows, and whether it was true or not didn’t matter. The Midwest boys would try to eat four whole cows. It only backfired when Helton was there (he went to enjoy himself)
    Lawry’s, for the record, is good eats and only requires one co-signed note to feed five family members. My point is without being able to feed their opponents for at least half the games, USC is going to need another advantage. ( not sure Ucla knew this trick, they’re joining the league for basketball)


  8. So UCLA didn’t jump ship from the PAC 10 because the conference is run by morons? Or the $150 million they will now earn from athletic endorsements? Or the blood money/exit ransom to pay Cal/Berkeley?


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