USC Morning Buzz: It Always Helps To Have Pete Carroll In Corner

There hasn’t been much said about wide receiver Gary Bryant, who appears to be waiting to get his degree before transferring. Bryant’s top choices are Arizona and UCLA.

  • You can make a list of people who have benefitted by staying close to Pete Carroll. The obvious ones are people like Steve Sarkisian, who always has Carroll backing him for jobs. There are others who have gone into media (Yogi Roth).

Here’s another one: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have hired Dave Canales as offensive coordinator. Canales, who went to Carson High School, was an assistant at El Camino College when he started working summer camps at USC. Carroll hired him in 2009 as an assistant strength coach and video assistant.

Canales went with Carroll to Seattle in 2010, where he has been offensive quality control, assistant quarterbacks coach, receivers coach and quarterbacks coach. He finally left the nest after 13 seasons to became Tampa Bay’s offensive coordinator.

You can bet he left with Carroll’s blessing. None of these guys tend to make a move without Caesar’s approval.


30 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: It Always Helps To Have Pete Carroll In Corner

  1. Carroll acknowledged at SC that not only players must players move on (“… Every year it’s like I have 25 first round picks…”) but that coaches have to progress too.

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    1. Tell me about it, Ed, 1972 and during an otherwise normal traffic cop stop he runs me and finds a warrant out for a $5 parking ticket that I never saw and presume somebody took off of my car to place on theirs to avoid paying for parking

      So off to jail I go rooming with 10 others while one guy kept me up all night discussing how he was going to run Nixon out of office.
      Interesting night but I never went back…

      Oh, and Scottie writes, “You can make a list of people who have benefitted by staying close to Pete Carroll”– why were you not on that list, Scott, you’coulda if you woulda done what you shoulda’– be nicer, you do not have to be a glad-hander but you are a funny guy who does not put that talent to use often enough

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      1. Tell me about it Ed, I love talking to myself. Every time you post, my ass licking self is right there to answer 😂😂😂


  2. why dont you post about the new TOMMY collective?

    that collective will be very strong. it isnt just one guy with money, like Oregon or Miami. the people involved will make it a top collective in the country.

    this is the reboot on recruiting that USC needs.

    if the NIL is equalized, then we wont lose recruits to Oregon. what recruit is going to gamble by going to a program in the Pac-12, which might have a TV deal that is limited to one streaming player and only gets viewers regionally? and the per school $ is a third of what USC gets from the Big10?

    the BLVD program was run by a bunch of ex-Heritage Hall guys who were not real players in the game. now we have some real professionals who can stand up to any NIL.

    i see a total reboot on recruiting coming. we will be going after the top players in the region and outside the region.

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  3. Carson High School. Three cheers for the Colts. I was raised in Carson California although I attended Banning High School(the Pilots)….Carsons chief rival. Both of those schools used to be powerhouses in California high school football. Those days are gone. Today they are mediocre at best. Players like J.R. Redmond, Tydus Winans, Arnold Ale, Wesley Walker, Mike Wilson and many more came out of CHS. Players like Vince Ferragamo, Jamelle Holieway, Leroy Holt, Freeman McNeil, Stanley Wilson, Travis Davis and many more came out of BHS.


    1. I’ll never hear Carson and not think of that city council meeting about 15 years ago, where one woman lightly smacked another woman on the back of the head with a file folder as she exited. The seated woman carefully flopped onto the ground while screaming.

      Mayor Jim Dear yelled out to “arrest that woman for hitting her in the eye” and asked if she needed to go to the hospital. It was worse than any flop ever committed by Vlade and Jim Dear played it out like a complete fool. I guess he truly believes some have eyes in the back of their heads.

      Not condoning the actions of the woman with the folder, but talk about overreacting!


      1. That’s how the far left takes over a country. They start right at the bottom with the city councils, the schools and all the ground level institutions and work their way up.


      2. I’m not arguing that starting at the grass roots isn’t the way to go about it. It is! That’s how the libs took California and most of the rest of the liberal states. Abbott and Desantis are just trying to take it back. I say go for it because if you are talking about Texas and Florida versus California, I’ve lived in California for a long time. I’ve seen it go from the Golden State to the Garbage State. I’d love to die in California but I not sure I’ll be able to afford to stay here much longer.


      3. Failed to make it through the day without whining and crying…..You had to make it about yourself…..pathetic!

        Joe is laughing at you!


      4. You know what you are talking about. Anyone who thinks that you’re an idiot I suggest that they go to a school board meeting and start complaining about how the schools are brainwashing the kids with their LBGTQ+ doctrine and within a few days you’ll have a Swatt team showing up at your door threatening to knock your door down and you’ll get arrested while they are releasing murderers so they can go out and commit some more murders.


      5. There are no classes that are going to solve the black problem. The black problem stems from their culture. I’ve been involved in athletics all of my life and have had a lot of black friends. One thing that I noticed was that the black friends that I had, all(or most) had siblings with different last names. That’s because in the black culture, the men get a woman pregnant and then say “hope you have fun raising that kid because I’m out of here…Adios amiga” and the kid grows up without a father. Until that changes, there are no classes that will help the black problem. Also, remember what Obama said to his own people….he said we need to stop sticking thoughts into our kids head so that they think that if they read too many books they are starting act like white people.


      6. These are history classes, not behavior-altering therapy. It’s comical how you want to stereotype blacks. Dude, your agreement is weak….just saying.


      7. Gabby….I don’t steriotype blacks. Blacks can do anything that whites can do. It’s not a matter of history. It is a matter of culture. The Japanese were unbelieveably hated in america during and after WWII. Yet they thrived and still do. They had a very family friendly culture. The Vietnamese were also hated during and after the Viernam war. Yet they prospered. They also had a very family friendly culture.
        I believe in the black race. The ones who don’t believe in the black race are guys like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They think that the blacks are inferior and need help. You could also throw in there Charles Darwin and Karl Marx. They were flat out racists.
        I, personally, wouldn’t call Darwin a racist because my definition of racism is the same as it has been for a thousand years. A person is a racist if he/she doesn’t like another person just because of his race. Darwin didn’t hate blacks. But he did think that blacks were genetically inferior. According to todays definition of racism, Darwin was a racist.
        As for Marx, he was a hard core racist. In his personal letters to Engles and others(which we still have today) he uses the “N”-word on a regular basis. He not only hated blacks but he also hated jews(even though he was a jew). Yet the leaders of BLM all call themselves Marxists.
        Instead of trying to destroy the reputations of Jefferson and Washington, you would think that the schools would be trying to destroy the reputations of Darwin and Marx. I respectfully must disagree with you. I don’t think that the problem is a historical problem…’s a cultural problem.

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      8. It’s only a couple on here, Parcel, and I worry not about them.

        That’s not to say all others agree with me, by any stretch. It’s just that a few who do disagree express their sentiments like an adult and receive the same from me. We agree to disagree.



        you’re a 85-year-old slug with a 10-year-old mentality…tooooo funnnny!


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