Time For A Restaurant Price Check

A friend who sent me the Julie’s restaurant menu last week said a reader thought the menu was from 1970 and that the $11.50 steak sandwich would cost roughly $88 today.

Well, the menu is actually from 1996 when the restaurant closed. So the steak sandwich would cost about $22 today. Big difference. Julie’s wasn’t known for being pricey. It catered to a diverse crowd who usually had one thing in common: USC.

As a reminder, OBs Pub and Grill and Manhattan Beach still serves the Julie’s Special Sandwich, which was probably the most probably item on the Julie’s menu.


50 thoughts on “Time For A Restaurant Price Check

      1. Horrible news, Alv. An officer was killed at Temple University at about the same time. If we don’t learn to live as brothers we are going to die as idiots…”useful” and otherwise.

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      2. rusoviet,

        I heard about this yesterday at Mass. The priest did not kow the cause of the death. I found out later last night. May he RIP>

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    1. Scott, with all your Blog money you would think you could afford an editor

      Oh by the way, in non-restaurant news SC killed Stanford a little while ago

      So Bishop O’Connell is gunned down and the L.A.P.D says it looks “suspicious”–
      I feel so much safer knowing that the cops are on top of this. Funny, but as I was leaving my wife’s home tonight walking in a dark street back to my car I thought how easy it would be for a passing car filled with gang members breaking in a newbie with the initiation-obligation to kill a stranger, how I was easy pickins’

      Welcome to the ‘New World’

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    2. I have not gotten political on a Blog in 3-years of doing this, but it may be time–
      But not time tonight I am feeling too good about getting through the day alive

      However, Michael, although your comment is spoken in your customary manner of having your tongue firmly planted in your cheek,
      Fact is come August 1, 2023 “Back rent is due” with thousands of LAers not capable of making up the back-rent and hence ‘hitting the streets’
      These are uncharted ‘times’ and one wonders where we are headed-

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      1. “Unchartered” is a perfect word for describing —not only America’s —but our entire world’s condition.
        So many pots boiling, John.

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      2. “Uncharted” — [I fell back into my days as commodore of the yacht club —with my smart little blue blazer with red, white & blue anchor patch on the breast pocket]…

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      3. No man knows the day nor the hour of the last moment he shall be alive…no man

        LK 12:45 ‘The lord of that servant will come in the day that he hopeth not, and at the hour that he knoweth not, and shall separate him, and shall appoint him his portion with unbelievers.’ no pro-tes-tant KJV for me no it’s ‘Douay Rheims

        If one considers what the RC Church says are the last 4 things daily (death, judgement, heaven and hell) one will change their life…i.e. ‘eternity’ is real and it is where we all shall find ourselves upon our demise. Ponder ‘eternity’ its’ reality and its’ nature and the look at your own soul and your need to expiate your sins

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      1. George — I was at USC when my Dad [who was a developer] died, leaving my mother with an unoccupied 50 unit apartment house he had just completed [and the enormous loan that went with it]. I went to my favorite professor [the great poet and writer, Peter Clothier] and asked him what course I should pursue: take over the building or start law school. He thought for a moment & then surprised me by saying, “I’d go with taking over the apartment building.” I kinda wish I had listened to him. The building woulda been such a great people experience.
        P. S.
        I smile when people attack religious beliefs with the voice of definitive authority.

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  1. To ‘soviet’s pronouncement that no man knows when he is going to die
    –Unless he is facing a firing squad
    Oh, and being ‘scared straight’ does not exist– nonbelievers are no more immoral
    than believers

    Yeah, times have changed but not that much, there have always been murderers and poor people, but who has time to dwell about Hell when it is a glorious Sunday ‘morn

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    1. For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. Matt 24:24

      For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. 2 Timothy 4.


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  2. Why do extreme-religionists create a Hell in their beliefs
    Forget Judgment Day we all will Fail
    It’s your thoughts, man, not your deeds that are the killer…

    We interrupt the Scott Wolf ‘Political-Religious Debate’ blog
    to bring you some actual SC sports news albeit the red-headed
    basketball team, but lo-and-behold–
    YOUR Trojans got a big boost last nite with Utah’s falling now 2-games behind Troy with 4 to go and Troy owns the tie-
    breaker at the moment.

    Top-16 format just came out with sucla and Arizona in, which means
    48-spots are open so in all probability the NCAA will choose a 3rd place SC team

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  3. Bishop O’Connell gunned down inside his residence.
    I hate to think it but the first thing that comes to my sick mind is retaliation by a father or an adult male parishner.

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    1. Better not to think about it at all. Every Saturday night in Los Angeles there averages a killing-or-2 sometimes more, so only because the Bishop was known does it even make the news


    2. A definite possibility, 75 —[among many possibilities]. I have to say that, having gone to a Catholic High School, I’d get the occasional weird suggestion from one of the love starved Catholic Brothers who taught there —and all I had to do was laugh and say “go way” and they’d knock it off. Offhand I’d say the guys who are still crying about giving or getting blow jobs …and not being able to lead productive lives for the last 40-50 years as a result thereof … who feel the necessity of having to kill their abuser to feel “purified” again… kinda have their own problems.


      1. Are you seriously making excuses for pedophiles and blaming the victims?

        First of all, we don’t know if this killer is a former victim and what about all of the other victims who have suffered but not killed their abusers?

        Un fucking believable


      2. I recall a Public Defender who didn’t quite get how to lay the foundation for introducing a blood sample result. The judge let him borrow her copy of the Evidence Code…and invited him to try again. He got it wrong again. She then asked him to reread it more carefully. He got it wrong again.


      3. Cool story.

        But back to what you wrote, you admit experiencing it first hand and were able to avoid it but others who didn’t are still “crying about” it. Shame on them!
        Calling those assholes “love starved Catholic Brothers” sure seems like a rationalization.
        I never thought I’d actually hear someone defend perverts who propositioned young boys but here we are.
        You needn’t worry about your love starved brothers though. We all know that if the church found out about them, no punishment was handed out. They just sent the sex offenders to new locations so they could carry on with their ways.


      4. I totally agree with you on the Brothers who betrayed their vows. Big crime. No question. Don’t see how you could read my reply as saying otherwise. On the other hand, I think maybe you should spend SOME time weighing the credibility of people who use 50 year old crimes as a crutch …[and as an excuse for subsequent…repeated… failure in their own lives].


    1. Ha! [I bet our blog boasts THE most insanely wonderful collection of comments of any blog in the universe]….

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      1. Reminds me of Billy Joel’s song Just The Way You Are. “Don’t go
        changing….” After the divorce he used to sing (instead of “I love you just the way you are”) “she got the house, she got the car.” Love those yearbook gals. Wish they hadn’t changed.

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      2. Noooooo — the talent here is remarkable. Seriously.
        Funny. Profound. Sarcastic. Metaphysical. Profane. Contrarian. We have it ALL!

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  4. Gabby is the worst of the bunch! A brain dead bitch who bites more than his punk ass can chew! He is a piece of shit. His family should be put in front of a firing squad while he watches.


    1. spoken like a true one-tooth uneducated redneck….you sound fucking stupid….wipe the drool and go scoop up the roadkill on route 98


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