USC Notes: Pac-12 Media Deal By Mid-March?!?!?

Washington State president Kirk Schulz told the San Jose Mercury News that he expects a media-rights deal by mid-March.

Here’s what he said about last week’s joint statement of unity issued by the Pac-12 presidents.

“I thought people would see it as the same thing a head coach does when he says publicly that he loves his staff, then he fires them all,” Schulz said.

“But we were getting battered constantly with all the rhetoric out of the Big 12 (region), with talk that schools were leaving … At the least, we had to let people know the 10 Pac-12 schools were committed to staying together.”

  • Big Ten athletic directors and league officials finished their winter meetings Tuesday and “no action was taken on football schedules.” There’s been an expectation divisions will be eliminated for 2024, when USC and UCLA join the conference.
  • I spoke to an NBA official today with Cal ties, who couldn’t resist bringing up the lowly Bears upset of USC in women’s basketball on Sunday.

“It was good beating Lindsay (Gottlieb) after she left for a fourth NBA assistant job,” he said.


15 thoughts on “USC Notes: Pac-12 Media Deal By Mid-March?!?!?

  1. hi john,witch of the ladeys on the vyoo iz ur favrit,thay iz all so inteluhjint and prety so it hard to pic wun,we defnittly luckey thay iz wiling to enform us of wut to thinck abowt on the pahliticks,thanx alot

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    1. I guess the smartest & prettiest is Barbara Walters, Ed….


  2. I would have loved to have SC and UCLA stay in the pac-12……a strong pac-12. That way they can play closer to home and play in relatively good weather in a strong conference. But the Pac-12 would never be a strong conference under Larry Scott becuse he didn’t want a strong conference. He wanted a conference where all the schools were pretty equal and pretty mediocre. And money-wise, it was a much better decision to just move on. Thanks for nothing Larry

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  3. Apple TV. . .I can’t imagine anyone deciding to ditch their Disney+ subscription to watch Oregon VS Cal or Washington St VS SMU for $45 a month. Just beg the B1G to take you in and pay whatever they ask. The Big 12 looks more attractive than what’s left of the Conference of Champions.


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