If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Is this going to feel like a Big Ten weekend? With cold weather ahead, let’s start off with a snow day, or at least a snow picture.

With that mind, how about a photo of some snow.

A Pacific Electric streetcar goes down Old Mill Road through the snow in San Marino in 1949.
  • I sometimes forget how much I live rent-free in the heads of some people at USC.

Last night, though, another reminder, as USC basketball put out this tweet, which included my popular phrase, “Thanks, Enfield.” (They do read my tweets!).


And here I’ve been so nice this season. I didn’t even tweet, “Thanks, Enfield” after the recent loss to Oregon State. See what being kinder and gentler gets you?

  • And now for some history:

A good week is any time I discover new photos. And this week I came across four new photos, including two of a famous USC mascot.

Let’s start with the King. The one and only George Tirebiter, who never seemed to find a moment to not be surly.

Here is George in 1949, upset with Navy mascot Bill the Goat.

  • And later that same season, he’s in a fighting mood with Oski, the Cal mascot.
  • Those 1949 photos were two years after George famously bit Oski at the 1947 USC-Cal game (pictured below).
  • George wasn’t always angry. Just most of the time.
  • I like this game ticket from the 1975 USC-Stanford game (The Emergency TV episode) because on the back you get a history of the Cardinal and Gold booster club.
  • Time for another photo of Raquel Welch that I wanted to post last week. Here she is in March, 1971 on the set of her well-received Western, “Hannie Caulder” wearing a Chelsea uniform along with a six-shooter and holster.

The combination Western/English football theme was the idea of celebrity photographer Terry O’Neill, who was a Chelsea fan. She even attended several of the club’s games in London.

  • The 1953 movie, “All-American” was produced (Aaron Rosenberg) and directed (Jesse Hibbs) by former USC All-American football players.

It also featured USC players Frank Gifford, Jim Sears, Elmer Willhoite, Don Clark, Harry Welch and Al Carmichael among others along with plenty of stock footage from a USC game. There were also scenes filmed on campus, such as when Tony Curtis punches Gifford, who falls into the fountain in front of Doheny Library. You can watch the movie here.

On Thursday, for the first time, I came across these two publicity photos for the movie. The first one below features cast member Mamie Van Doren and Sears (in his USC uniform).

And here’s Van Doren being held aloft by Gifford and Sears.

  • I frequently post Art Brewster illustrations so let’s appreciate his cover for the 1993 USC football media guide.
  • Here’s USC tailback Willie Brown vs. UCLA in the early 1960’s.
  • Who remembers the Yellow Cars that went throughout Los Angeles that operated from 1895-1963? The one pictured is going through Little Tokyo.

The Yellow Cars were part of the Los Angeles Railway. They complemented the Red Cars, which served a larger but sparser area of Los Angeles. The Yellow Cars carried more passengers.

Here is a Red Car. They were officially retired in 1961.

  • Let’s take a moment to appreciate USC graduate and renowned architect Paul Revere Williams.

He designed more than 2,000 homes, including for Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant along with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

He also designed buildings like the Los Angeles Superior Court building, Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, Wilson High School in Long Beach and prepared construction drawings as a young architect for the Shrine Auditorium.

Williams was also part of the team that designed the futuristic Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport.

In the 1940’s, he spearheaded the redesign of the Beverly Hills Hotel. The cursive letters on its landmark sign are based on his own handwriting.

Williams was given USC’s Distinguished Alumni Award. He graduated in 1919 and was the first African-American member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

USC coach Howard Jones enjoys his birthday ice cream cake on August 25, 1933. The cake reads, “Head Man,” which was Jones’ nickname. He is surrounded by players and coaches. Directly behind him is USC track coach Dean Cromwell in the bow tie. To the right of Jones is assistant general manager of the team, Leo Adams.


It’s the group Small Faces performing “Tin Soldier” in 1968. On background vocals is Los Angeles native, P.P. Arnold.


92 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. I’ll comment on the football stuff later —I think maybe I need another 20-40 minutes on the Mamie Van Dorn photo…

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    1. Give me an olive complexioned, dark haired beauty such as Raquel over Mamie any day of the week and three times on Sunday! Ooooh, Baby!!


      1. Or how useless of a male you are. You just make sure you keep your AIDS to yourself! 😂


      2. I think your Aids shtick is played out,…it’s now making you look like a babbling buffoon

        Regroup and show me how sharp your wit is


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      4. “outhouse, Depends, shar pei” (101x)

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      5. Too dumb to realize that falls under “many others”. Not shocked.

        Not to mention, she obviously doesn’t have a problem with senile or she wouldn’t have voted for it.


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        You whine and cry about the childish comments, yet you want to define me as a female. Using your own words- “As hypocritical as always!”

        Joe is laughing his ass off when you use the word “senile” and so have many others on this blog. But you fail to comprehend your own shortcomings.


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        I’ve given you the names before. I can’t help it if your messed up brain doesn’t remember them.

        Just last week, Parcel wrote, “They can call you an idiot, but you know what’s up.”

        The country and the world are going to shit, in large part due to our administration. Even MG has said how clueless you are about this, in as nice a manner as possible. So nice, it obviously goes right over your head!


      10. Take your own advice, Dumbass. You’re in denial. People call you out and leave it there, cuz they don’t want to deal with your tantrums. I don’t “argue” with anyone else, so quit lying. You can’t get through one day without lying.


      11. Who calls me out?…… the aliases trolls…..the same list of two….toooo funnnny!

        Why is it you can’t post anything relevant to USC athletics…instead trolling is your only purpose….which is another form of arguing when someone triggers you….such a sad senile little old man, whining and crying because he gets called out for his constant bullshit


      12. You dipshit, there are two groups of people on this blog. Your group never posts anything related to USC and feels it’s OK to troll the blog with vulgar insults under various aliases, which you voice your support for. The other group can carry on conversations related to the pulse of USC athletics.

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      14. No, we are all pretty sure you have a drinking problem. Calling others mental midgets yet you literally respond to EVERYTHING! 😂
        Gabby is truly the blog pariah!

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      15. No, I am pretty sure you have a drinking problem. you literally respond to EVERYTHING!
        Fuck Gabby is truly the blog pariah


  2. hi john, since you r bein kynder and gentler this year, could u pretty pleez post yur notur daim game report card? If u cant find it, u mighta stuck it on yur fridge with one of thoze fridge magnets.

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      1. If you look closely you’ll see Scott sitting to the left of Leonardo Di Caprio and Al Pacino in the opening scene from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood —– Brad Pitt is begging him for his autograph…

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  3. Scott, what are you doing?! You created this reputation of never ever responding or acknowledging your critics–of which there are legions. You have been abused, ridiculed, mocked on your own website, but you always came across as someone strolling down the street, whistling, with not a care in the world. Now you have broken the mystique–you are showing the slightest hint of caring or being annoyed…we want the old Scott back!

    Thanks for the picture of Raquel Welch!

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      1. Steve, it’s only then that we start to realize what’s gonna happen if He truly forgives our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Even those who don’t necessarily believe start thinking, “Well, just in case…”

        As they say, there are no atheists in a fox hole.

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      2. The great Philosopher, Hannah Arendt, said the only way we, collectively, can control our past is to forgive…and the only way we, collectively, can control our future is to keep our promises & pledges….


      3. My faith tells me otherwise, Bukowski. I’ve had far too many things happen in my lifetime, not to know Someone up there is looking out for me. Things that could not be chalked up to luck or coincidence.

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    1. I’m glad you remember them like yesterday —- cuz I’m pretty sure Mamie Van Dorn doesn’t look like yesterday…


      1. Michael, I think the “interception swag” Miami used to have when a guy picked off a pass (maybe still do?) gave them the extra push to the top spot.

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  4. hi john,i now wut u meen abowt livin rent free in poeples hed,seams like sum poeples hear aint aybul to thinck and rite fir them selfs and maik up faik uhcounts and naims cuz thay iz jellus that me and uthurs iz so grait and smarter,itz like wut missus ed awl waze say to me,dont git up set at them childrin ed,sum of them aint as smart as u,

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      1. …it’s the bears’ team that’s interfering with their hatred ranking, 67…

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  5. I always love seeing the PE red cars. They were a reasonable form of mass transit. If history repeats itself, they’ll make a comeback after California rids itself of automobiles in a few years. My dad took me out to LA to ride the PE car on its last day in service. Then as if sentenced to death the cars were dumped in the ocean. Roger Rabbit makes fun of the events leading to the demise of LA’s light rail.
    Pictures of George Tirebiter always pique my interest mom claims to have been in the sorority that took care of the mutt. She used to tell stories of driving him around the coliseum in grandpa’s car. We had a sweater supposedly worn by one of the dogs and a pennant like the one worn by this dog. Unfortunately I’ll have to wait to see if she is in these pictures.

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      1. The LSU game is at Allegiant stadium which should have somewhat of a home-game feel especially crowd-wise. The negative, if Nelson wins the job he would make his first collegiate start on the road against a formidable SEC opponent.

        It’s high risk with high reward. I am hoping LSU comes in highly ranked

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      1. “The negative, if Nelson wins the job he would make his first collegiate start on the road against a formidable SEC opponent.”

        Gabby, see Matt Leinart @ Auburn.

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      2. That was Matt’s coming out party. He had ice water in his veins in a hostile environment. The final score was 23-0. After the game, we knew he was special.

        From that game forward started an unprecedented run that may never be duplicated again by any team. He won 37 out of 38 games, 34 straight. The only loss was a triple OT defeat at the hands of Aaron Rodgers/ Cal. The streak ended with arguably the best game in the history of college football, 2006 NC against Texas. Which we let slip away in the final seconds.

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      1. Let’s meet up in Vegas. I am more than ready to twist your ass into a pretzel…. Please don’t run when you see me….Open fist combat….you game?


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      5. Wow!….that was an impactful rebuttal. I should just castrate myself and give up my dart board. I guess it’s no worse than your limp-dick.


  6. When Wolfie begins to give Enfield some credit that will be news!
    That Mamie Van Doren was a handful let alone an armful
    Willie Brown, one of the greatest ‘forgotten’ SC running backs
    I thought our George Tirebiter had a bite but comparatively– not true

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  7. Enfield has done a good job once again, and may finish in top 1/3 of Pac12…#21 in the Pic with Mamie is not Jim Sears it is Al Carmichael his teammate…lot of good memories in the post…having them refreshed is quite pleasing to me.

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  8. Tim got it right with endorsement from MG which solidifies it–
    ‘Scott Wolf, thanks for your routine walk down ‘historical’ lane–

    We get it that you ‘get it’ that this takes hours-and-hours of preparation,
    Much as like the poor poor lawyer taking 20-hours to do a task that would
    normally take ’40-hours,’ but charging for 20-hours anyway,’
    is there an analogy hidden there somewhere?


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