It’s Been A Long Week For Alabama

Alabama coach Nate Oats, who can’t stay out of the news, made this statement after the Crimson Tide’s game today. It’s hard to believe how tone deaf Alabama has been this week.

  • Auburn defeated USC, 12-6, and has won two straight over the Trojans in Alabama.
  • USC defeated Washington State, 68-65, in double OT at the Galen Center. Here’s the bracket for the Pac-12 women’s basketball tournament.

54 thoughts on “It’s Been A Long Week For Alabama

  1. Just read the account and apparently this Alabama hot-shot brought a gun in his car to his friend who later shot up another vehicle that he had an argument with, killing a girl he was interested in but was not reciprocated. There is a question as to whether the driver hot-shot blocked the opposing vehicle which could land him an accessory charge but the DAs don’t think they have a case at this point.


  2. If a USC football player brought a gun to a friend who used it to kill a girl and drove the car to the scene he would undoubtedly be suspended from the university by the student judicial counsel. He would also likely be charged with a crime. Keenan Christian put someone in a headlock who was making advances toward his girlfriend and never played again. Budda Bolton threatened to kick someone’s ass at a fraternity party and never played again. And Bru McCoy and Matt Boermeister were kicked off the team based on disputed allegations of physical abuse toward a girlfriend.

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      1. No, So Cal. Gascon would never file on someone just for pulling the trigger….


      1. I don’t think Saban would put up with Mr. “I’ve got a gun you can use. Do you need a ride.” Certainly, the Bama football players know you don’t pull the frisk move in front of Saban. All of this shows a “lack of institutional control” on the part of Bama. How about taking away 30 football scholarships over a three year period and no bowl games and see if this affects their program.

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      2. You nailed it, buddy….Had this woman been white and from an influential family the course of action would look very different.


    1. Nate sez he’s never noticed any of the introductions going on right in front of him….and…. that no player or fan or family member or school official has ever brought it to his attention….

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    1. BTW you are a complete asshole. The game was a 1 point difference
      in the 2nd half. Nice win, but keep yourself far away from the
      basketball program which you know nothing about.


      1. T’ain so S. Andyain’twinning has been the bozo HBBC for 10 years. Andyain’twinning net results are:

        Zero regular season Pac-12 Conf. Championships
        Zero Pac-12 conf. Tournament Championships
        Zero Final Fours
        One (1) Elite Eight = 19 point loss/unmitigated disaster
        One (1) two and done NCAA Tournaments
        Two (2) one and done NCAA Tournaments
        Four(4) no invitations to the NCAA Tournament.

        ****On the other hand S, Mick Cronin in 4 years @ UCLA has:

        One Final Four
        One regular season Pac-12 conf. regular Championship (This season.).
        Four (4) NCAA Tournament invitations (Includes this year.).

        S, I’m not the guy that should piss you off.

        #Thanks Enfield


      2. UCLA football under Chip Kelly 27-29 in 5 years, no south division championships, no conference championships, 1 bowl game which was an unmitigated disaster.

        Just sayin

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  3. Meanwhile, SC wins another on the road, 62-49 over the football-dominating Utes–
    But this is basketball and a probable NCAA berth.

    Should Scott now proclaim “Nice job, Enfield,” but what do I hear but only crickets

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      1. oneway….remember when Bohn went to the lockers to tell the team “it’s all about the seed!” ….and they didn’t win another game?

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    1. Well, the NCAAs ‘seedings will work itself-out by itself, whatever formula(s) they use-
      But YOUR SC Trojan basketball fans, all 1000 of you, oughta be feeling mighty proud
      Why just the other night all ‘SC Starting-5′ had more than 10-points & 5-Rebounds
      You don’t see that every day

      Problem with basketball interest, one man’s opinion, is too many points are scored,
      the opposite of soccer’s problems of practically “Zero to zero’ points.

      ‘Widen the net,’ ‘extend the 3-point shot-line out another foot,’ and presto, problem solved


      1. Speaking of Miami…..The Women’s basketball program received the first NIL-related penalty. The details are a little vague on what the actual infraction was. They use the blanket “lack of institutional control” which covers it all. That means we get little to no details.

        The penalty amounted to a parking ticket and a slap on the wrist. We can both agree it’s a start headed in the right direction. But does State law supersede the authority of the NCAA? Might we see it tested in the courts down the road?

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      2. Gabby,
        The first university to challenge the degree of procedural [and substantive] due process afforded by the NCAA’s Appeals Board will end the NCAA FOREVER….
        # [wtf?!]

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  4. Surprised no one is calling out the fact that there is no mention of USC men’s BB wins but a feature on the women’s team. I know this is probably done just to get everyone annoyed but it does get old. Not sure it really helps the blog as it is the same old s**t every day with the same posters going back and forth about the same subjects. Sorry… but just getting tired of seeing that there are dozens of posts only to read 2-3 interesting comments after wading through all the nonsense.

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    1. “How dare you!”
      —-[More S**t From “One of the The Same Posters”]
      [Seriously: If it’s any consolation, I regret saying Paul Dee is burning in Hell]…

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  5. Memo to: Talk to me Chicken

    Leave to a bozo, Rah-Rah horse’s Ass moron to compare apples and oranges.

    Andyain’twinning:10 yrs of utter, stark raving, BB failure; Chip: just 5 yrs of restructuring UCLA’s FB team and definitely improving. the team.

    UCLA didn’t fold like a cheap tent in a hummingbird wing breeze like SUCC did in Vegas. Ah, choka, choka, choka, choka CHOKE!

    “F**k You Riley, I’m not leaving the game.” ~ Caleb the Monumental

    #Utah 44 – SUCC 7 in the second half. Sooooooo stinking bozo impressive.

    ###And still, bozo BB is OOOOOOOOOOO ferever & proud of it…just saying.

    Cue and Loop: The Tulane, Green Wave Fight Song.


    1. Didn’t choke? Blowing a lead in the last minute isn’t choking? Rebuilding for the past 5 years, that’s funny. Rebuilding to what? Bringing the gutties back to the glory years of…? Enjoy your 6-6 ceiling next year.


      1. bozo FB didn’t blow the Utah game in the last minute Chicken. They choka, choka, choka choked the game away during the entire 2nd half.

        Utah 44 – bozo FB 7

        #LR say: “Caleb the Monumental is da boss. So excuse me folks, I need to hand wash Caleb’s nasty jockstraps.”

        Cue: Rub-a-Dub, Dub


  6. For the 1000th time, I did not attend UCLA, nor have intentionally hinted I did. UCLA is just my favorite team and I’m proud of it.

    BTW ’86, UCLA just cinched the regular season Pac-12 conf., CS by defeating Colo 60 – 56.

    On the other hand ’86, Kal cinches last place in the Pac-12 conf. Currently Kal is 2- 16 in conf. and 3 – 26 overall…Mother Hubbard!

    #Thank God for Kal intramural Rugby.

    BTW ’86, I did attend Kal’s People’s Park march back in the day.


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