USC Ties Auburn, 12-12, In Wild Finish

USC and Auburn tied, 12-12, in nine innings today.

The Trojans apparently scored the go-ahead run in the ninth to take a 13-12 lead, but the Auburn dugout and fans started protesting that the USC runner didn’t touch home plate. The cutoff then threw the ball to the catcher, who stepped on home. The home plate umpire called the runner out.

Auburn then had runners at first and third with one out in the bottom of the ninth, but was unable to score.

The game ended a tie because of a curfew so USC could make its flight back to Los Angeles.


30 thoughts on “USC Ties Auburn, 12-12, In Wild Finish

      1. Oh, JOwns! are so mean, you really hurt USC fan feelings with your cutting and witty remarks.

        Just a thought: Grow up and start acting like a man. You sound like a high school student. How embarrassing for an adult to be commenting like that. Arrested development.

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  1. Memo to: Talk to me Chicken and John Stark

    UCLA cinches the Pac-12 regular season CS by defeating Colo., today, 60 – 56. UCLA wins 25 games in back to back seasons.

    #Has bozo BB ever won 25 games in a season in the 21st century?

    #Just trying to be adult, and asking for a friend.

    Cue: Dear Pissley’s new, sensational, Hip-Hop hit, “SUCC’ing Hind Titty and Loving It”


      1. Stark, you and Rushmore are sooooooo jejune.

        Stark, how long have you been itching to use “Puerile” in a coherent sentence? I bet you found the word “Puerile” in a Delbert comics panel.


      2. JO, a/k/a JustOdious, is the proverbial turd in the punch bowl, a lonely turd afflicted with a peculiar case of extremely off putting narcissistic personality disorder. Poor lonely thing has to haunt this blog in search of what he perceives as companionship. A sad, sick man is he. Perhaps he inhaled too much tear gas at the People’s Park riots in ‘69. That was my junior year spring at USC. I drove up to visit a friend who was attending Berkeley. It was quite a sight. We drove over to Sausalito for some hops when the gas began to permeate the campus.


      3. JO’s response is pure puerility. Instead of denying that he’s puerile, he deflects. In essence “Na na na na na na. I may be puerile, but you’re jejune.” Which indicates he had to look up puerile (project much?) and found a synonym. Quite the logician JustOdious.


    1. Cerritos
      You say you were at the people’s park dust up. That would be April of 72. Funny, I was there. You must have been a bussed in demonstration hell raiser To be at that event. The fbi was taking your pic from the roof top.
      Tell me why you are 70 years old and rah rah for uclol.

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      1. No ’86, the big PPM in May, 1969. I spent the day with a Yashica D photographing the National Guard/Berkeley population doing their thing. Unhappily, I lost all those negatives in a divorce.

        No bus for me, I drove from my home in San Mateo to Berkeley, and parked about a half-a-mile from where the march began.

        Simple ’86, I was born in Michigan, and in the ’66 RB game, big bad, undefeated Michigan St. played the gutty little Bruins. Terry Donohue was 186 lb., Bruin O/G. UCLA won 14 – 12, I lost a $100 (Took me 6 months to pay off.), but from then on I was a solid UCLA fan.

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  2. If only the peckerwood had played the man…..if only he hadn’t had to hide behind Nellie’s hoop skirt and JD Boredom’s tennis racket….if only the LA press hadn’t treated him the same way the WH press corp had treated ‘Jack our Jack’ “What’s that peckerwood….you say Jerry Tarkanian is corrupt? We’ll get right on it”,,,,hey ‘hoi polloi’ there’s nothing to see here now about that Bobby Knight why ….”

    Best was the peckerwood’s comment “….I never knew a thing about any Sam Gilbert I did nothing wrong …. leave me alone… Nellie help me!”

    “You leave my jonniekins alone!”

    Don’t worry re-incarnation of Olive Oyl – the Chandlers and Roy Firestone have told us to never ever say a thing about ‘the peckerwood’

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    1. Oh NOOOOOO, Commie Lush has climbed on his high horse after falling off his dipsomaniac, wagon in favor of a late Sunday afternoon vino/vodka bender. He must have just watched UCLA defeat Colo. today…Doo, Dah, Doo, Dah!

      UCLA 11 BB NC’s
      bozo BB OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ferever and proud of it.

      No amount of Commie Lush’s drunken BS rants can change the UCLA/bozo U NCAA BB NC disparity. In mean bozo BB SUCC’s; it’s what it is. Some things never change, especially Commie Lush’s alcohol fueled, whiny, two-bit vituperations.

      Commie Lush will sleep it off, in a MLK Blvd gutter tonight, and dream about the monolithic Johnnikins “Yellow Feather” Wayne single handedly protecting Balboa Island from a WWII, Japanese invasion.

      #Cue: “Chug-A-Lug” by Roger Miller.


  3. one postur yesturday askid for diffrent topix to be discusd, so me ‘n ed wur discusin whethur owns is a mayle or femayle.

    Ed thinx owns is mayle cuz owns sez so much that sounds like thoze stoopid things teenagur boyz say that ed hangs around with. I say owns is femayle cuz owns gits all histerical ovur all sorts of littul stuf for no good reeson. Or maybee owns is one of them he/she peeples? john what do u think?

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    1. “I say owns is femayle cuz owns gits all histerical ovur all sorts of littul stuf for no good reeson.”

      Exactly why I refer to my buddy as “her/she”. She and Owns are very much alike.


  4. I think that the baseball team will be good. This guy is a good coach. They had a chance to get him last time and they passed him up. Hopefully, Duce Robinson will like what he sees in this USC baseball program.

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  5. So sucla wins the Pac-12 after Arizona is shocked with a last-second heave by ASU.
    Actually, it would have been better for SC if Arizona won thus keeping SC in 3rd
    Although Troy may still get 3rd (and a likely NCAA spot) but may have to beat ASU

    So, it has been another good basketball year for the Trojans and Coach is improving
    Now if only he could catch 3 studs in 1-Season he might have a shot at that Final-4

    Still, nice to see the Trojan basketball faithful come out of the woodwork
    Time to jump on that roundball bandwagon, come one come all
    You’re all welcome although it would have meant more if you loved them at the start


  6. –And I am not done on this Saturday, February 26, 2023 lovely L.A. evening–
    What is wrong with you people!?– And I am talking to you ma’am and to you sir
    “Well, its Saturday night, Saturday night, we all get together on Saturday night,
    ….on a Sunday or a Monday you can’t do it right, ain’t you glad we got Saturday night

    Oh no, I just remembered it is Sunday night, oh well, Sunday, Saturday, Monday?
    What’s the difference- our 10,000-Years ago ancestors did not get ‘Sundays off’
    They (We) lived off the land every day, ‘every day same’


  7. Just Owns thirsty posts remind me of UCLA basketball-news relevant to Skid Row residents who use medication for their hallucinations.

    “We won 11 basketball championships” look who’s being myopic! Tyus Edney still using that line with the co-eds at the bookstore?

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