Catherine O’Hara Honored At USC

Actress/comedian Catherine O’Hara was honored this weekend at the USC Comedy Festival by being the recipient of the Jack Oakie and Victoria Horne Oakie Masters of Comedy Award.

It’s good to see there is an award named after the Oakies given their long association with USC.

O’Hara received the award at the Norris Cinema Theatre. She talked about her career, including her hit series’ “SCTV” and “Schitt’s Creek.” She also appeared in the films, “Beetlejuice” (1988), “Home Alone” (1990), “Best in Show” (2000) and “A Mighty Wind” (2003).

“Be conscious of the foot you’re going in on and make sure it’s the foot you want to stay on,” O’Hara said. “Treat yourself with the respect you hope to one day earn if you haven’t already. Last, but not least, any talent you’ve been given in my mind is God-given and I think it’s your job to nurture it, take care of it and work with people who deserve to have your talent in the room.”


7 thoughts on “Catherine O’Hara Honored At USC

  1. Catherine O’Hara’s role as Allie Earp in “Wyatt Earp” wasn’t bad either. Wasn’t a huge role, but she played it well. Feisty was a notable characteristic of Virgil’s wife and that certainly came across in her performance.

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    1. To be fair, the blog is InsideUSC not InsideUSC Athletics. I don’t always read my alumni newsletter and appreciate him mentioning some of the noteworthy things that happen on campus.

      More than maybe Catherine O’Hara, I’m curious about the Comedy Festival and will keep an eye out for it next year! So I think “douche” is a tad harsh, but you’re certainly entitled to your opinion.

      But it is nice seeing the team stepping it up a notch, in the weeks before tourney selection!


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