Should We Believe Lincoln Riley On USC Defense?

Was anyone convinced by the comments of Lincoln Riley this morning regarding the USC defense?

“We expect to be an extremely high-level defense here at USC,” he said. “No reason in the world why we can’t and why we won’t be. And we expect that that will happen and happen soon.”

That’s all well-and-good. But what changes are being implemented to assure this? What is Alex Grinch doing differently, if anything?

Will the defense have some better players? Yes. Enough to be “extremely high-level” next season? Well, that his highly debateable.

It’s always great that Riley wants a better defense. But what, other than the transfer portal, can make it happen? Is there an X’s and O’s solution? We never hear much on that.

As usual, we’re in a wait-and-see mode.


37 thoughts on “Should We Believe Lincoln Riley On USC Defense?

  1. Riley went public on what everybody wants and expects- that this is a make or break year for Grinch. It is now out there in the public domain.

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    1. I listened to the entire 27 minutes ….and it seemed like Riley was devoting WAY more time to the potential he sees in his new D-Line and Linebackers than he paid to his D-Backs….

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    2. “I listened to the entire 27 minutes…”

      You live on Maui!! That’s the best thing you could come up with for 27 minutes of your time? 😛

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      1. Ha! Promise not to do it again!
        [But check out the interview the next time it’s raining]…


      1. The day I look anything like that guy with the pipe will be the day I wanna pack it in…..


    3. ‘Ol Mule Shoe is a bigger clown than I initially had him pegged for. The hugely embarrassing loss to Tulane and then the idiot decides to keep the other two idiots around, Grinch and Donte Williams.



  2. Riley not attempting to manage expectations. He’s sending a public message to Grinch, the staff, and the players. Start with some tackling drills.

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  3. hi john,i thinck we shud starrt wit birnin enny bokks rittin by womyn sense thay iz probaly boreing and probaly jussed awl complanen abowt how gyes dont taik the garbidge owt and hellp arownd the howse or chainje thare undur ware offen enuff,lemme now wut u thinck,thanx alot

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      1. “The Light We Carry”
        [Michelle sez Bush is a punk for only having “A Thousand Points of Light” —She’s promising, “at least 2000!”]…..

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      2. MG, this is an excerpt from the book “the light we carry”, below. I think you made the right call:

        “I spoke candidly about the pain I felt when leaving the White House—a home we’d come to love—and the legacy of my husband’s hard work as president in the hands of a reckless and uncaring successor. Giving voice to all this felt a bit risky, but it was also relieving. For eight years as First Lady, I’d been vigilant and cautious, deeply aware that Barack and I and our two daughters had the eyes of the nation upon us.”

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      3. I’m weeping…..
        [Actually, I’ve always liked Michelle better than her hubby —she’s for real]……


  4. every year ,every one is in wait and see on every team,in every league…is Bama gonna’ take back the lead in SEC,or is Georgia going to dominate again? Is Texas, or OK, or TCU going to dominate ?? Is it Ohio St or Mich or ?? we wait and see…will offenses or defenses win out???

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  5. Scooter,

    You are right, it is a wait and see process. However, my wait and see will be at the end of the season unless there is drastic improvement or a disaster. We will see

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    1. Well Rushy, your fat garibaldi mouth and hummingbird brain qualifies you for a 20% discount rate on all stern bilge suites.

      I hope I haven’t upset you Rushy, but it would be huge bonus though.


  6. Speaking of outstanding defense, UCLA’s Jalen Clark is the P-12 Defensive Player of the Year.

    In addition, Adem Bona is the Freshman of the Year; and, for the second time in 4 years, Mick Cronin is the Coach of the Year.

    Can you hear Andyain’twinning grinding his teeth. He should have hightailed to Maryland when he had the chance.

    #Oh well


      1. And the gutties cheated their asses off on their natties from the 60s and 70s. Then there was Jim Harrick…and the disabled parking placards…and the Louis Vuitton store in China.

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      2. The difference So. Cal, is bozo men’s BB is OOOOOOOO ferever, and proud of it.

        I mean 69 years ago (Or 25,185 days ago), the bozo’s finished 4th in their last visit to a NCAA Tournament Final Four. The thing the bozo BB does well, is watch UCLA in the NCAA tournament on TV.

        #bozo BB, the joke that chokes.


    1. owns, you trivial moron. You compare Osa Messina to 10 ucla natties that should have been stripped from them? GTFO, toadie.


      1. You foul, stinking cretin ’67, I doubt you’d make this comparison if Osa had shoved his Pepsi bottle up the vagina of your daughter and filmed for You Tube posterity. I’m persuaded you would buy a clip to add to your animal porn collection. How does your wife look at you with anything but utter revulsion.

        The only difference betwixt you and the vile Geo. Tyndall is he’s an M.D.




  7. -Something of SC substance, now let us see if there is ‘substance to that Troy defense
    Our boy Wiley assures us that ‘the other side of the Trojan offense,’ the defenders
    Will be, in Wiles’ words, “high-level,’ meaning Top-10 maybe but nowhere near 1-5
    However, on the plus side, this proves the naysayers wrong– Coach knows defense, sorta


  8. Without a stout defensive effort between the guards and center, it will all be for naught. If linebackers can’t fill the gaps and maintain their run fits, then the double teams will dislodge the smaller defenders and be able to complete the blocking assignments while creating multiple running lanes which freeze the safeties from filling holes or keep the corners from maintaining outside containment.

    The flaw in Grinch scheme is his preference for small defensive tackles because that’s all he could get at Washington St. Then at Oklahoma, he only would have one lineman at 300 lbs. or more. No wonder Pili said “I’m gone” rather than stay a sixth year.

    Owns, find the rest of the last, ten hardcore UCLA football fans and get some more damn grass on your practice field instead of following the real footballers. I’m going to die, laughing when UCLA plays Oral Roberts and loses!!!

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  9. I keep hearing how important defense is, but if that is true, then why wasnt Wisconsin a national title contender? Why was Iowa not a top 10 team?

    Bottom line is that offense is what wins games and Riley and USC are going to be very good this year on offense. So yes, we want a better defense, but really, it doesnt need to be the best defense to get us into the CFP. 7 more points per game from the offense is the real key.

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