USC Recruit Annoucement Tonight

USC’s spring football practice today was cancelled. No explanation was given. The practice will be made up at a later date.

  • Tight end Duce Robinson will announce his college choice at 5:30 p.m. today. He is expected to pick USC.

35 thoughts on “USC Recruit Annoucement Tonight

  1. Whoever the recruit is, it won’t be as big as today’s other announcement.

    What a joke! You’d have to be a complete fool to claim this isn’t a political vendetta.

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      1. Hilarious. And ironic. The all purpose dem response to corrupting the justice system: no one is above the law.

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      2. No kidding Michael. Dims & Biden crying about gun control.

        What good are more laws if you don’t enforce the ones on the books?! You know, such as the one that says it’s a felony to lie on a Form 4473!! I thought no one was above the law, Fucktards!


      3. Trump faces more than 30 counts related to business fraud, sources tell CNN. -From CNN’s John Miller

        #Lock the MF’er up.


      4. So Cal–
        All Americans should be appalled at the ethical violations committed by a D.A. making campaign promises about indicting ANYBODY.
        That’s not how prosecutors are supposed to operate. Anyone gleeful over this doesn’t comprehend the weakness of the charges, the explicit malice of the prosecutor…. or what this is gonna do to the American judicial system.

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      5. Yes it should concern all Americans, Michael. I can’t help but be reminded of the famous words by Pastor Martin Niemoller. But they won’t open their eyes until it’s too late.

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      6. You’re right for once…..All Americans should be concerned that criminal justice wasn’t being served


    1. The other day, you were the fool who said paying a hooker was immoral and not criminal. It’s long overdue, with more indictments to follow. I am sure the orange Cheeto needs you to double down on donations….he claims lawyers are expensive…..

      Trump was previously named as an unindicted co-conspirator….get educated, I can’t do it for you!


      1. Gabby says “you were the fool who said paying a hooker was immoral and not criminal.”

        It is clear from the above statement that Gabby has no idea what charges are being brought against Trump by the NY district attorney, the criminal statute that was allegedly violated, or the facts and evidence in support of the charges. Hint: He is not being charge with “paying a hooker.”

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      2. horse plow, you need to stay in your lane, old man. You’re clueless as to what the conversation so cal and I had the other day. The hooker comment had nothing to do with today’s indictment. Here’s some advice STFU!


      3. Wow!….plow really made an ass out of himself. The plow tried to make me look stupid but the whole thing back-fired on him….what a petty little troll!


      4. He really didn’t.

        You claimed because I stated what a great example of government overreach this is, that I was saying it was OK that Trump cheated on his wife. I never said that.

        Everyone else on this board, based on posts I’ve made about my values, would never believe I said it. Just more of your bs.


      5. Were you a fly on the wall watching the interaction between trump and Stormy? Are you trying to tell me a well know porn star showed up at this event and was banging fat old men for free?

        Dude, quit lying to yourself. She was there to make a living….oldest profession in history……KNOCK KNOCK, WAKE UP!


      6. Gabby, you know I have expressed negative views on liberalism, but I also loathe Trump. Despite that, I have a real problem with the charges being brought against him.

        As far as I understand, 1) there is nothing illegal about the payment he made for silence. this happens all the time with non-disclosure agreements 2) the actual offense was simply calling the expenses legal fees instead of something else (not sure what was correct). That is only a misdemeanor offense. 3) the felony offense is created because this is potentially a breech of campaign finance laws. 4) the actual charges against Trump are being kept secret right now (doesnt that sound like BS?)

        Hillary Clinton’s campaign breeched campaign finance laws in the same way and just paid a $113K fine (which is a slap on the wrist compared to actual prosecution) –

        In order to prove that this is a felony offense the prosecution will need to be able to argue that this payment was related to suppressing information related to Trump’s campaign, even though it was not paid out of campaign funds. That alone is a tall stretch (whereas Clinton’s campaign used money from her campaign)

        So are you OK with charges being brought that actually undermine the integrity of the justice system by prosecuting a minor infraction where others have not been prosecuted for more? is it OK to use the justice system for political purposes, simply because the politician is loathsome?

        just curious if liberals even care about justice anymore? it is my opinion that Trump has broken the integrity of nearly every liberal in the country. they seem to want to create a Gestapo where everyone who disagrees with them is thrown in jail. Am I wrong?

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      7. Trump is entitled to his due process and is innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers. After evidence from both sides is presented and a verdict is rendered, that’s how the justice system is designed to work and needs to be executed with integrity regardless of who the plaintiff is.

        Allowing laws to apply differently to different people is where integrity is actually undermined. I respect your opinion but don’t agree.


      8. So you have answered my question. You dont care about the integrity of the justice system.

        You didnt argue that the prosecution of Trump was warranted, you simply argued with a canned response about a trial by jury, etc. Even the New York Times has called this prosecution a “novel legal theory”, which tells you exactly how flimsy this case is.

        The issue is whether the trial should be brought in the first place. If not, then it is prosecutorial over-reach and just a political show-trial. Even democrats should scorn our justice system being used for political purposes. Integrity is tested when principles come up against desires. You want Trump to be prosecuted, so you are fine throwing your integrity out the window to get it.

        So you are another example that liberal principles are broken and they dont really care about the integrity of the justice system anymore, or a free and unbiased press, or really any other foundations that the country was founded upon. There was a time when the ACLU would defend the right to free speech, even speech that was abhorrent to their beliefs (like bigotry). But a few years ago, they abandoned that position. That is too bad. I really respected the old ACLU. The new one, not so much.


  2. So what’s up with ‘Deuce,’ it’s almost 6:00 or has he delayed it

    Someone jokingly said Trump deserves jail for his inciting insurrection but that after he becomes president again in 2024 he can pardon himself


      1. The whole world will be a better place once he’s behind bars for good. The first indictment with more to follow. Alvin had the balls(sorry so cal) to break the ice.


  3. We will now return to our normal progamming….Trump is going to gain tons of momentum from this stupid indictment. Going to blow the dems away in the next election. America wants their nation back.

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    1. steve… trump’s going to win the election from behind bars. He’s going to take back the country from a prison cell….. dude, you make me laugh with some of the political stuff you say…


  4. It’s Leticia James that Trump needs to worry about. As well as Fani Wells, but its weird with the whole thing Trump has made worse with an act defiance (like Mike Garrett) when a simple mea culpa and pay the fine would get him off. I think charging anyone for a federal crime when your the D.A. of a local jurisdiction reeks of desperation. But the inflating value when looking for loans but lowering valuations for tax purposes was dumb and unnecessary. So it’s a host of actions which exhibit a pattern of behavior of fraud and graft. Remember, the CFO is locked up, the former lead counsel has been found guilty and Trump is in the center of it all.


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