Four-Star D-Lineman Puts USC In Top 5

Four-star defensive lineman Brandon Davis-Swain of West Bloomfield, Mich., has listed his top five choices: Auburn, Colorado, Michigan, Purdue and USC.

Davis-Swain was previously committed to Notre Dame but decommitted in December. He has already visited USC and will make an official visit later this year.

  • Has anyone heard any news the past couple weeks on the Pac-12 TV deal?

The conference wants a deal that has most games on cable or commercial TV but streaming services want the best games if they are going to commit to a deal. Quite a dilemma.


22 thoughts on “Four-Star D-Lineman Puts USC In Top 5

  1. Requiem for a Conference

    Built on the pathway of the PCC and alliance of schools across our land, the Pac-12 will no longer exist after MGM George chooses wrong and believed that Tim Cook will save his job and keep the Four Corner schools with the Pacific coast. Alas, the conference win begin a Kafkaesque transformation into the new Mountain West Pacific with the northern snobs, get high Northwest, SMU, SDSU joining Hawaii, Fresno St, Boise St and Utah St. Oh, George, the father of destruction of a glorious inheritance. Being nothing but a mere silhouette of men with wisdom and true vision, you choose the council of fools and now must watch the burning of a 80 year legacy. For shame.

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    1. It is kind of a stretch to lay it all on George. The conference let it get this bad, starting with that worthless Scott, and his accomplices the presidents from each of the conference schools who let him run it into the ground. George needs help for sure, this isn’t what he signed up for, when he came aboard all appeared well. I am surprised he hasn’t quit and walked away.

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      1. Agree the bad seeds were laid years ago with Larry Scott. But as a Vegas marketing guy, George was never qualified to be a Power 5 AD. The Pac-12 presidents/chancellors made another bad pick. Not as bad as Larry Scott, but they needed to hire someone who really knows what they are doing and could turn things around quickly. George just isn’t that guy. He is still figuring out college athletics. So sad to send a conference with such a great history into the dumpster.

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      2. MGM betrayed Carol F when he voted against expansion of the playoffs to make the northern snobs happy and stuck in little money land. She got her revenge big time. Along with putting the conference in jeopardy. Talk about self own.


  2. Donnie Boy continues to whine and moan worse than a rah-rah FB excuses, excuses, excuses loser.

    #Lock the MF’er up.


  3. The PAC 12 had the biggest financial deal, the best head to head football record vs other conferences, and was poised to really be what the SEC is, then it’s like certain schools’ presidents pulled the plug.

    Woke USC admins – gave into sanctions, blocked the recent conference expansion attempts though secretly aware they were taking ‘SC out to the Rust Belt, didn’t want “Christian schools”, didn’t want to let Texas keep the Longhorn Network (though it was obviously destined to fail and be spun off to ESPN and was no skin off our backs anyway)… The other big failure seems to have come from PAC presidents collectively in not taking up the ACC on some type of merger.

    ‘SC was to the PAC as Texas and OU combined were to the Big 12 for decades- they really could call any shot. But the difference is SC has leadership that really would rather athletics just go away. That’s not so uncommon. (Hell, most university leaders would also rather the students go away too from what I’ve seen). But at some places there’s too much money and business involved so the leadership has to find alternate means to an end. The Big 10 move is just that.

    USC and UCLA as brands and the LA market moved the needle for the Big 10, not the other way around- we see that in the reports from the negotiations where the programs were were valued at $200 million extra (from whatever the programs get now, which is probably around $30-35 million per team). That’s not even considering the costs and likely reduced gate revenue). So this wasn’t a financial move. And leaving the other two academically strong California schools and the distance from alum and networking… This wasn’t an academic focused move.

    The Big 10 will always be run for the benefit of tOSU and Michigan. Nebraska and Maryland, had a national championship in a revenue sport within the decade before joining the Big 10, Rutgers had 5 straight Bowl wins and a conference championship shortly before joining… and now those revenue sports programs aren’t even an afterthought or remotely relevant. Penn State had a couple of fb national championships as well in the decade before joining and they haven’t even won an outright conference championship since joining the Big 10, and their high point in recent decades has been a close lost to a Clay Helton USC team in a Rose Bowl where Ped State was their conference’s back up team… And several of those programs have had to cut sports teams due to financial issues. And if you wanna hear complaints about shady and just sh!tty referees, go look on a B10 forum, especially one that’s not tOSU or UMich.

    Going to the B10 is the equivalent of management transferring you to Alaska.

    Anyway, I think the delay and radio silence from the PAC offices concerning the media deal probably is because something big is in the works.

    All of this could blow up at anytime in the next decade from a lawsuit or power rearrangement, and hopefully does, but who knows. There has always been some poop going on, but greed, corruption, agendas, cynicism, dishonesty… it’s just kinda all out of whack right now.


    1. You are living in the past. Going to the Big 10 was necessary. USC had two choices – go independent, which would have been hard or impossible given the recent performance of USC football under Clay Helton, or go to the Big 10.

      The previous administrations didnt want to destroy the football program, they merely wanted to run it with their own boys club, despite being incompetent.

      The scars of the Clay Helton era are still with us. There are so many USC fans that still cant be happy with the last season because they had so many years of Clay Helton destroying the program.

      USC will pull the center of Big 10 football to the West Coast. USC will dominate recruiting west of the mississippi and also pull top talent from across the country. Once USC competes in the CFP, it will be able to generate top 3 recruiting classes every year. USC is currently about the 7th most watched football program. By 2024, it will be in the top 3, if not the #1 program. By 2025, #1 watched program in the nation. USC football is exciting and USC will be the favorite team to hate for every other program.

      Riley is going to take his offense to the next level. Henson is a better o-line coach than Bedenbough and USC will churn out year after year of top o-lines. Dennis Simons will recruit and build the best receiver room in the nation, year after year. Grinch either puts together a decent defense, or is gone next year. Riley wants to win a CFP badly and is not going to stop before he does it.


  4. Scooter,

    The Pac 12 network will be imploding if they put the best PAC 12 games on live stream. There are a lot of old geezers that want to watch the PAC 12 games that don’t know how to stream or they don’t have it. In basic marketing class, they taught to get your product exposed as much as possible. Going with streaming will only limit the viewership. If the PAC 12 was smart, they would chase every tv company and get the product on their station. PAC 12 will be nonexistent within 5 years.


  5. So, stay with the worst conference in the nation who took $50 million extra from Comcast that they have to pay back?

    Or join the B1G and save America from the SEC?


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