If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

USC defeated San Diego State, 12-2, at Dedeaux Field on Thursday night. The Trojans have won 13 of their past 16 games. Austin Overn was 4 for 6 with 2 RBI while Johnny Olmstead was 3 for 3 with 5 RBI. Tyler Stromsborg struck out 7 in 7 innings and is 4-1.

  • Today is the official grand opening of the Colich Throwing Center in Wilmington, which will be used by USC for the shot put, discus and hammer. John Colich is a former thrower at USC who is a big donor to the track and field program. His name is on the track building that opened in 2021. Joe Antunovich is a former thrower at USC and the architect of the track building.
  • And now for some history:

USC fullback Ben Wilson takes a handoff from quarterback Pete Beathard at Bovard Field on Dec. 29, 1962, for a publicity photo a few days before the Rose Bowl. In the upper left is tailback Willie Brown and that looks like John McKay in the background.

  • We often hear about the offensive plays in the 1963 Rose Bowl but here is Damon Bame returning an interception vs. Wisconsin. No. 69 is Pete Lubisich.
  • Is it still too soon to run photos of Lynn Swann as a player?
  • It’s the 1966 USC-UCLA game at the Coliseum. No. 23 is fullback Mike Hull. No. 8-ranked UCLA defeated No. 7-ranked USC, 14-7.
  • After USC’s come-from-behind 20-17 victory over Notre Dame in 1964, the Trojans were honored by the L.A. County Board of Supervisors. Chairman of the Board, Warren M. Dorn, center, is shown with All-American lineman Bill Fisk, left, USC athletic director Jess Hill, quarterback Craig Fertig and coach John McKay.
  • USC track coach Vern Wolfe and star sprinter Lennox Miller in 1969. Miller won the silver medal in the 100 meters at the 1968 Olympics and the bronze medal in the 100 at the 1972 Olympics. He was also part of the famous USC 440-yard relay team that set a world record in 1967 (38.6 seconds).
  • After USC beat Ohio State, 32-0, in 1947, it took the Trojans three days to come back from Columbus by train. Here they are being greeted at Union Station in Los Angeles. All-American tackle John Ferraro (left), student Judie Luckey, center Walt McCormick and halfback Don Doll. Doll ran 42 yards for USC’s first touchdown.
  • Here’s a poster for Linda Ronstadt’s concert at Cromwell Field. What an opportunity for the USC students.

Alas, as I’ve previously written, the concert lost at least $8,000 because only 2,000 students attended. Apparently, one reason was a rumor The Grateful Dead would perform angered students when they found out it was untrue. Actor Albert Brooks and singer Maria Muldaur did attend.

Here’s a picture of the actual concert.

  • The Shell Oil football schedule of 1937 shows the football stadium of tomorrow: An enclosed indoor stadium that would feature air conditioning and “scientific lighting to make every play visibile from every angle.”
  • In Shell’s City of Tomorrow, the stadium would be reached on elevated express highways in cars that could travel 150 mph and immediate in-and-out parking would be provided under the stadium.
  • It doesn’t look too different from this 1956 rendering of the Los Angeles Sports Arena.
  • Here is a color photograph of Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Ave. in 1952.
  • Not even the rain could keep downtown L.A. from being bustling at Broadway and 8th streets in 1940.
  • Wilt Chamberlain playing for the Lakers at Madison Square Garden. Classic.
  • Mickey Rooney and his wife, Elaine Devry, watch the 1952 USC-UCLA game.
  • When Milton H. Greene takes a bad photo of Marilyn Monroe, I’ll stop running pictures of her. This one is from 1953.


We’re going for an all-time classic this week as The Righteous Brothers perform “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’.

And yes, The Righteous Brothers performed at USC in April, 1969.


115 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

      1. This is the girl ‘Ol Mule Shoe and his boyfriend Alex Grinch brought in to help shore up the defense?

        Antonia Lucas…she too small


      2. LOL!

        ‘Ol Mule Shoe and his boyfriend Alex Grinch think they’re going to win with Tiny Trojans playing defense in a system where the defensive coordinator has no clue how to implement schemes

        Look at these shrimps

        These Ladies of Troy can’t hang with the Big Boys of college football, hell they couldn’t even hang with mid major Tulane


        AHA HA HA HA HA HA!



      3. How did Gary Patterson’s defensive approach work out vs Washington?


        CROTCH KICK!


      4. My boyfruend and I are a cabaret drag duet and perform under the name, The Rectal Rangers. Come watch us perform. It will be the gayest experience of your life!!!


    1. I know what you mean, Eddie, wasn’t there a time when Bill Clinton was interrogated about whether he had sex with an intern, and Silly-Billy tried to side-track them by asking questions such as, “Could you please define ‘is’ for me, how do you mean that?”

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      1. As much as I can’t stand Bill —he was right to make it hard for his questioners. [I sure do wish we could move on from these bullshit inquiries —and fix the country]…..

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      2. Fix what, MG? One third of the country, including a handful on this blog claim everything is going wonderfully! Recession? What recession? Border crisis?! What you talking about, Willis?! China, Russia, N Korea threat?! Heck, no, not with Dementia Joe’s foreign policy wizardry!

        Liked by 3 people

      3. Please describe what a China Russia and N Korea threat would look like…..I need details to make it sound believable.

        Please get educated on Title 42

        Because your SS check can’t keep up with inflation it does not mean the country is in a recession

        Look in the mirror before you place a dementia label on anyone

        Biden has 40 years of foreign policy experience and your resume lists zero….interesting

        I feel great empathy for your wifey. Just knowing how you fantasize over a 74-year-old woman lactating is beyond creepy and perverted. I am sure she feels the same way.


      4. Mom’s calling! Hurry up, she’s had them hanging out for over 10 minutes waiting for you.

        It’s a holiday weekend. Don’t make your wife turn so many tricks this weekend. Cut her some slack.

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      5. It’s beyond comical how you constantly post political grievances, but yet, lack the intellect to debate them…..poke the bear then hide behind the keyboard……

        The resident troll!


      6. Michael’s the one who said the country needs fixing. All I did was asked what he was talking about.

        Do you go after the source? No, because you’re so desperate for his acceptance and for him to consider you an equal, which you’ll never be. You are the Village Idiot.

        He even told you earlier how full of shit you are and it went right over your head. Everyone on this blog laughed, even if they didn’t post. They don’t want your ridiculous responses. One, who shall go unnamed, said a few months ago that he wouldn’t tolerate your bs, but he plays nice with you now so you don’t have another tantrum. I don’t blame him.

        Still bringing up my family and in so doing, asking me to bring up yours. YOU are the real sicko knowing that it’s coming, but still asking for it. Go ahead and lie about that again.

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      7. Some signs that a person might be a narcissistic sociopath include:

        -Power hungry: People with APD(sociopaths) and NPD(narcissists) enjoy being in positions of power where they can control others.
        -Manipulative: People with this personality disorder will take advantage of others. They disdain people and think it’s okay to exploit and dispose of others in whatever way helps them get ahead. They may use tactics such as triangulation to manipulate others and increase their feelings of supremacy.
        -Non-empathetic: Narcissistic sociopaths lack empathy for other people’s feelings or suffering. Because of this, they have no problem hurting others without remorse or guilt.
        -Attention-seeking: They constantly seek love, attention, and adulation from others. Their narcissism leads to an inflated sense of self-importance. A sociopathic narcissist is cold and callous but will also seek the admiration of others (and will believe that they deserve it).
        -Abusive: In addition to abusing people for their selfish ends, a narcissistic sociopath will respond with hostility and aggression whenever their exaggerated importance is threatened or questioned.

        That pretty much describes you!


      8. PS….with respect to MG and our friendship, you’re very jealous. I have been friends with him long before you came into the picture.


      9. Sure it does. If you write it, everyone can bet it’s bs.

        Have a great Easter, Buddy! I really do feel sorry for you. Seriously.

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      10. Your wife would know. Go ahead and deny what so many on here have tried to tell you. They all feel sorry for you. A few disagree with me, politically. But everyone knows you’re the one with a personality disorder. But you’ll never get the help you so desperately need. Sad.

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      11. I have yet to hear ANYONE claim I have a personality disorder. Making stuff up to feel better about your shortcoming is a trait of a sociopath. You keep checking all the boxes.

        ONCE AGAIN, I don’t give a fuck about how I am judged within this blog. I have solid interaction with the people who actually know the sport of football, that’s all that matters. Not how I treat you or my political beliefs.


      1. Dear tebow,
        To paraphrase the immortal words of Will Smith, “Keep Keely’s name outta your fucking mouth.”


      2. And when I say “bigger,” I mean bigger in the only place that matters to a boytoy like me. And believe me, I know size.


      3. And I also know all about having a mouth full of jizz. I pledged a sorority because sissies like me have more in common with the girls than anyone resembling a man. So as a hoot one night, my sorority sisters dared me to suck off a homeless man. Well, you know me, so when I went down on him and he shot his load in my mouth I asked him to introduce me to all of his homeless friends. I sucked them off too. Oh what a lark!!! But that’s not even the most dicks I sucked in one night. There was this time when I snuck into prison. Well let me stop there and tell you that story another time.


      4. Someone should strap a saddle to that buck teeth quick hit and quit clown and ride her around the Coliseum…lure her with a bucket of oats


      5. Speaking of saddles, my boyfreund and I are into serious roleplay. I wear assless leather chaps and he mounts me. I’m so gay!!!!


  1. Thanks for the 1966 reminder of the sucla loss; at least ND’s 51-0 is not mentioned

    Damon Bame, 185-pound SC All-American middle linebacker; would he even see the field today at that size?

    1940 Los Angeles and the European war seems far away as the ladies do their downtown shopping in ankle length skirts with many donning (Easter?) hats

    Out-of-towners thought Hollywood Boulevard was a street of gold;
    maybe they were right based on that picture

    Not sure If I am becoming a fan of Marilyn Monroe or her photographer Greene

    There you have it, proof that the Righteous Brothers were not Black (speaking of righteous, imagine Jesus being hammered to a tree or cross, his breathing gravely restricted and birds preying on his wounds and eyes for hours)

    1947 and it takes SC 3-days by train to return to L.A.– no wonder the Trojans didn’t join the Big-10 back then

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      1. WHAT
        ME WORRY


        HOT DAMN !!!

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    1. John — As chronicled in Luke’s Gospel account, Jesus told the Apostles, “Be not afraid of those who have the power to kill the body. The Father protects the souls of those who are righteous.”
      [Note: I like the fact Jesus frowned on lawyers, “Woe to you lawyers! You have taken away the key of knowledge. You yourselves have not gained access yet you have stopped those who wished to enter”].

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      1. Clarence Thomas needs to be impeached for his despicable acts. And his wife is just as crooked.

        The highest court in the land shouldn’t have the lowest ethical standards


      2. Jesus went on to say t ‘but fear Him who can destroy both body and soul in hell’…have a blessed Easter, y’all…My wife Karen and I will…in church, worshipping the God of the Holy Bible.

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      3. God bless you and Karen along with your strong religious convictions.

        Have a Happy Easter if I don’t hear from you sooner!

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      4. Why is nobody here upset over Clarence Thomas accepting these bribes, I mean gifts, from a billionaire GOP donor over the last twenty years?
        If George Soros had been doing the same for a liberal justice would everyone here be so silent?


      5. Joe Biden needs to be impeached for his despicable acts against America.

        Why aren’t my fellow Democrats upset about Biden selling access and accepting bribes through Hunter and the rest of his crooked family?


      6. I called for Joe Biden to be impeached after he spent Thanksgiving for free at the $20 million Nantucket home of a private-equity billionaire.

        Oh wait.. I didn’t.


    1. Ditto Georgie-Porgie, but doggone that Wolf if he isn’t stealing time from me, such as
      that 1966 lead-in picture of Mike Hull being brought down by a good-tackling sucla,
      you remember ‘tackling,’ like back in the “good old days,” actually more like the
      “different days,’ when running the football was king and 20-yard plays were rare,
      versus today in the “Sand-Lot Football’ era, you know, “Go long dude we got no run” where every pass is for nearly 10-20 yards. More exciting sure with 45-40s
      but somehow the product seems a tad diluted– Probably time to take up a new hobby, but I tried chess and never could beat anybody so perhaps checkers (with Ton-o-hel)

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      1. HEYJOHN
        OR E FOUR


        BOY WAS HE MAD

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    2. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate what Scott has gifted us today is, in the words of Popeye from “Yucatan Sailor”, “my ememy!”

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  2. I LOVED BOTH MARILYN AND LINDA !!👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

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      1. …And Milton H. Greene is a genius. [He musta loved Marilyn —you don’t get images like that unless you’re a little in love with the subject]…

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    1. Aaah, the church of the Christian people, the synagogue of the Jewish people,
      the mosque of the Muslim people, atheists too–here ‘lay’ God pleased with us all;
      Yes atheists, since God is ‘All’ then this invisible Spirit or Vapor or Whatever-Thing,
      lives inside you too

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      1. “There are many roads to God.”
        —Priest to Atheist in Roberto Rossellini’s “Open City”


      1. GT and Michael,

        I am doing one of the reading for the 7 last words of Christ at muy church today. I have Stations, 7 last words, and the Passion. I’m gonna pack a lunch for this. loll.

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    1. Good question, GT. Made me look it up.

      The word “Maundy” is originated from the Latin word called “mandatum,” which means “commandment.” This day is named after Jesus’ commandment to his disciples to love one another. Maundy Thursday demonstrates the importance of humility and service by remembering Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.

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    1. …So hilarious, George [and strangely on point — I swear: my ex-wife JUST emailed me about all the good times we had at Farmers Market back in the day]……

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  3. Wow!…. 270k new jobs for March and unemployment still holding at 3.5%. The blog sociopath claims we are in a recession. Can one of his buddies explain to the guy what a recession looks like? Thanks!


      1. LOL! He’ll still try to deny how much most on this blog are laughing at him, even when you point it out. Zip! Right over his head.

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      2. Careful how you talk to me, MG, the sociopath gets extremely jealous and starts acting out with juvenile rants.

        Yesterday, the reverted to one of his favorites- “Your mom is still breastfeeding you” and “Your mom is a ho bag.”

        And he wonders why no one responds to his comments….. Yet I am the dumbass, according to the guy.


      3. A) I don’t give a shit if no one responds. As GameTV said the other day, I’m not worried about being popular.

        B) But even so, a half dozen people have replied to me in the past 5-7 days. Just like Dementia Joe, you can’t go one day without making shit up. Mom never taught you not to lie, that’s for sure.

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      4. Once again, you spoke like a sociopath.

        If you’re talking like this on a blog daily, I am sure it’s consistent with others who don’t line up with your grievances. Start with a dementia screening.

        Such a lonely old man who cries out for attention and looks for admiration to a fault!

        It must suck to be you(understated)


      1. …..or when you live month to a month off of SS with no discretionary income and bitch 24/7 about the price of EVERYTHING, claiming it’s due to the magic inflation dial under Biden’s desk.

        He we a blog member who fits that exact description


      2. LJ….What you are referring to is a “self-inflicted” recession. People live beyond their means. Back in the day, it was called – “trying to keep up with the Jones when the Cadillac is out of gas!”

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      3. Gabby –Tell that to my two [now deceased] friends Simone and Alicia — both of whom lost their homes when Obama gave the big banks 1 trillion without any strings attached [like requiring a temporary forgiveness of mortgage payments during the crash]. I can promise you they weren’t living beyond their means — they both were watching every penny.
        btw, I know that crash was set up by corrupt rebup practices. It wasn’t Obama’s fault. But the out of control federal spending then & now—- endorsed by BOTH parties —is what’s hurting average Americans. The “social program” money is not getting to the streets where it’s needed…AND…it’s destroying the value of the dollar [cuz we’ve gone from taxing to printing in order to come up with what’s needed to keep the scam going].


      1. Not gonna work ee421. He’s in complete denial.

        Told him not to mention my family if he doesn’t want his mentioned. But he continues, then complains when he gets it back. He’s not all there and almost a dozen have pointed it out. But he lives in an alternate reality where he’s never to blame.

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      2. I keep asking you to name the dozen yet you respond with crickets. I have no problem with you making perverted juvenile comments about a 74-year-old woman. . .It truly reflects the type of person you are and reaffirms why I feel empathy for your friends and family who are subjected to your bad behavior. And don’t fool yourself into not thinking members of this blog perceive you as a total idiot regarding the perverted comments and persistent name-calling.

        Your own words hurt your credibility. ….example- “He’s not all there and almost a dozen have pointed it out. But he lives in an alternate reality where he’s never to blame. ……Buddy, that’s called denial. NICE TRY!


      3. Told you not to mention my family, but you persist. Which means you WANT to see in black & white, me mentioning your mom whipping out her titties to feed you. Now THAT’S what is really perverted. Hope you got off on it the way you wanted.

        Don’t want it? Don’t mention my family, you freak.

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      4. ONCE AGAIN!!!!! another classic example of a perverted and childish rant from a lonely old man who lives a miserable life. Listening to yourself arguing on a blog is anti-productive. People quietly laugh at you. A sociopath will continue to deny reality

        Your outburst is just another reason why I feel sorry for the people who cross your path.

        Continuing to degrade my family only reflects poorly on you. I wouldn’t expect you to comprehend the image you convey.


      5. “A sociopath will continue to deny reality.”

        Yes. Yes you do. It’s hilarious. As PH stated a month or so ago, half the blog wants to kick your ass, but you’ll deny it over & over again. Sad.

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      6. so cal: As PH stated a month or so ago, half the blog wants to kick your ass, but you’ll deny it over & over again. Sad.

        How can I possibly “deny it over & over again” when NO ONE has ever said to me “I want to kick your ass”..you needed to get screened for dementia.

        Here is the comical part, you were extremely outspoken that violence isn’t the way to solve a dispute…..you needed to get screened for dementia.

        dude, go do something productive you sound like a pathetic idiot. Such a sad old man with nothing better to do than listen to himself argue.

        PS….wouldn’t you consider someone a “freak” who takes pleasure in talking about a 74-year-old woman lactating into a grown man’s mouth….look in the mirror before you label me a freak.


      7. You are the freak, cuz you knew it was coming when you insisted on mentioning my family. So you WANTED to read about sucking on mommy.

        Just because I mentioned his comment about half the blog wanting to kick your ass doesn’t mean I condone it. Your reading comprehension is atrocious.

        I’m going to end here cuz I know you will go on & on forever, thinking you’ve won something. Cuz you are a sicko.

        Have a nice Easter.

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      8. so cal: Just because I mentioned his comment about half the blog wanting to kick your ass doesn’t mean I

        You sound fucking lost old man…. after I made a fool of you with your “kick your ass” comment you try to backtrack with the words “doesn’t mean I condone it.” Any half-wit could read between the lines and know you meant every word you said. You needed to get screened for dementia


      9. I am a psycho who gets away with threatening posters with violence. Talk about well connected!


    1. Wow!…Jobs grew slightly under Biden only because so many were fired during the COVID pandemic and many took second jobs because costs have risen so badly. Yet I pretend we aren’t in a recession.


      1. Self-inflicted recession and unemployment at 3.5%…..lowest level in 50 years……Nice try!…..Thanks for the shout-out



  4. Gabby,
    I am no saint because I hang out here. LOLOL. My mother beat the faith into me. Thank you mom. I enjoy helping at Church. From the Jesuit’s motto, “Man for others”‘ I enjoy helping others. Happy Good Friday and Easter Gabby. Thank you.,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome!….. Looks like we both had mothers who were tough on us regarding religion while growing up. To this day, my 74-year-old mom is still a devout Catholic, and never misses Sunday mass.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gabby and his Mom — Augustine [the wayward but eventual Saint] and Saint Monica [the ever supportive Mother]….

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  5. Good stuff,
    that ’52 USC/ ucla game is still my all time favorite game,favorite SC team and favorite player, Al Carmichael.
    Love the memories…

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  6. Good Friday –
    Romans 5
    For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. For one will scarcely die for a righteous person—though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die— Since, therefore, we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God. For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, now that we are reconciled, shall we be saved by his life. More than that, we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation. but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

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