Kliff Kingsbury Returning To USC

Kliff Kingsbury is returning to USC to help coach the quarterbacks, according to Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network.

Kingsbury was fired by the Arizona Cardinals in January. He was expected to become an offensive coordinator in the NFL or maybe take a year off.

Instead, he is coming to USC where he can work with the nation’s best quarterback and hang out with his friend, Rams coach Sean McVay.

It’s a win-win for Kingsbury and USC. Kingsbury has a $5 million a year contract with the Cardinals through 2027. USC gets to hire a QB guru and probably is barely paying him.


34 thoughts on “Kliff Kingsbury Returning To USC

  1. Oh boy, the Trojans are destined for a national championship now… 😂😂😂. Is Kliff playing on the defensive line or linebacker? 😂

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    1. The only reason KK got the Cardinals job was that he coached Patrick Mahomes. If CW stays healthy, he will win a second Heisman and KK will get some of the credit and coaching opportunities will open up for him.

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    2. ‘Ol Mule Shoe, his boyfriend Alex Grinch and Kingsbury will make it a threesome in Thailand before the season starts.

      Thailand is for freaks, the worst kind of perverts there are.


  2. hi john, I got sum importunt qwestions, like why duz all the breakn newz get furst brokin by posturs insted of you? next, speakun of brokin, is one postur in particulur goin to moov bak to brokn back mountin? I think he wood be a lot happyer their wher he cood roominate about the spac progrum. finully, now that the big newz of the day is brokin, cood you pleez releese yur notur daim report card cuz klifford kingsburrie is lookin for it. thx a lot, I will tayk yur answurs off the air synce you got a commurcial brake comin up, missus Ed G.

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  3. What is wrong with you guys? Why would Dominic Raiola go to Georgia to play for a defensive coach when he can be coached by Kliff Kingsbury and Lincoln Riley? Why would Kliff leave after one year when Arizona is paying for his staying away from the NFL? Grinch needs to do his part. No excuses.

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    1. He’s 44 years old and I’m pretty sure has used up all of his eligibility so idk man. Maybe lay off the hard stuff for a bit.


  4. Wow punk me once shame on you, punk me twice shame on me. Kliff is the last person I think SC needs. My crystal ball says he won’t be in the stadium for the first game. And SC will have set him up for another NFL team.


  5. Interesting how Reilly, Kingsbury, and Sean McVay all know and respect one another and live in Los Angeles. McVay no longer wants the Ram’s job. He wants to spend more time with his family. Kingsbury is out of a job and Reilly hires him as a college assistant after a pro head coaching job. Reilly is in demand as a potential NFL head coach. I would not be surprise if some reshuffling takes places over the next year or so. The Ram job will be open and Reilly may be offered the position.


  6. works for me…wish they would get Gary Patterson,former TCU coach a defensive genius…if given time to actually develop players and design the best use overall, and adapt during games to what will work. Defending todays offenses takes a lot of thinking and doing.

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  7. Good hire with Kliff. How ’bout hiring a DEFENSE whisperer??? Just sayin’…Really don’t need any more 45-46 games (or 77-78 for that matter)!

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  8. The NFL is a grind ‘em up and throw ‘em out machine. That obviously goes for players but it’s also the rule for coaches too. At one point in the arc Phoenix had the best team in the league and inevitably there’s going to be a downhill side to that. While some teams reliably stink, for obvious and not so obvious reasons, no team stays on top for long. The injury rates, the competitive pressure, the equalizer of the draft – it all forces mediocrity. Some teams can catch lightning in a bottle, but nobody ever does it consistently. Pete Carroll called it the No Fun League for a reason. I’m glad Kliff is here and of course he’s a great coach and he will always have opportunities. We are fortunate that he has joined us and I hope he’s here for a long time! Now, linebackers, nose man, edge rusher, and the constant need for physical defensive backs! Onward! Upward! Fight On!

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