USC Morning Buzz: Better Than Jordan Addison?

Lincoln Riley allowed the media to watch a practice for the first time Monday, probably because USC was in shorts and because it was an added (and simple) practice, the first of four workouts this week.

So there wasn’t going to be a lot revealed from this workout.

The highlight was wide receiver Dorian Singer’s one-handed 40-yard reception. Readers of this blog should not be surprised because back in Week 1, I wrote about a USC coach raving over Singer.

I spoke to the same coach Monday night.

“He is the top receiver on the team,” the coach said. “He’s shown it through the spring. I said before I thought he would have a bigger year than Jordan Addison. Now I’m even more certain about it. He wants to be the go-to guy and he will be.”

  • I’m hearing Kliff Kingsbury is getting paid a bare minimum at USC just for insurance purposes for the university to protect itself against liabilities.

Time to dust off these terrible T-shirts that were produced 4.5 years ago.


41 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Better Than Jordan Addison?

  1. I think that he will have a better year than Addison had last year. After all, Singer did catch 66 passes for 1105 yards last year and that was at Arizona. As good as Arizona’s offense was last year, 2023 USC offense will be much better(probably #1 in the nation). So I would expect him to have better stats than he did last year at Arizona.

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  2. I don’t get it, Eddie, you just got me with that neuter dame game report
    and you’ve told it maybe 10-times now but it still feels ‘fresh’

    So score one for Scotty, yea, yea, yea, I beat us all to the ‘Singer-Report’
    now if he would only stop ‘singing’ about it

    Oh yeah,’King’ Kliff Kingsbury (aka kkk) welcome home. We even saved
    some of the ‘Kliff’ shirts we Trojans savored until you abandoned us
    \after mere months. Yes, I know, the Prodigal Child story and all, but
    come on, would you like someone to do that to you
    I mean are you a ‘Do unto others’ guy or an eye-for-eye

    Not to get off this hook is my old friend, vicariously, Wiley, the Carpetbagger
    of the 21st century. Got a better deal Wiles, what, you say it’s not the money
    that’s fine, but it is for more ‘glory,’ it’s the ‘Bigs’ the NFL. I get it, but can we
    be sad over this for a moment or 2 at least

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    1. “You abandoned us after mere months.” The real story, John, is Kliff got ONE good look at Helton in action….and….never returned to his office. We FOUND OUT he was gone a month and a half later —but he was gone after his first hour.

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  3. Glad Kingsbury got hired, now Riley will have more time to spend on the defense, yeah, that’s a joke.

    And now Wolfie can droll about Kliffy’s girlfriend.

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      1. He’s STILL better than Annie….


  4. Good hire with Kliff. How ’bout hiring a DEFENSE whisperer??? Just sayin’…Really don’t need any more 45-46 games (or 77-78 for that matter)!

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    1. they hired Greg Burns for that.

      get better on both sides of the ball. there are plenty of areas where the offense can be better this year than last. the offense was pretty good in the middle of the year, from utah until the pac-12 championship, but it struggled in some games early.

      the plan for the team would include adding another touchdown per game on average. hiring kingsbury might also free up riley to focus on the bigger picture as a head coach. i could see kingsbury taking over as offensive coordinator in the next season, before he gets another head coach job. kingsbury has had two places where he failed, so he needs to earn back trust, like sark did at ‘bama.

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  5. Scott Wolf: Lincoln Riley allowed the media to watch a practice for the first time Monday

    …….while the third-rate blogger sat on the couch working on a 12-pack of donuts. In typical fashion, he’ll piggyback info off sources that actually took the time to be present at the practice. He throws out the “coach” source to give the impression he’s connected!…..pathetic!


  6. Please just jump off a Kliff. USC doesn’t need a terrible NFL has been who will jump at the next NFL gig that comes along.
    Cue the trolls: who will point to Pete Carroll as an example.


    1. …Kliff was a great QB & knows QB’s…. what was our excuse for hiring Helton?


    1. Definitely! I like the way all the mega donors, and all our many “friends” in other countries, and every foreign owned media outlet and the NFL and the NBA are lining up against Trump! That’s proof of how bad he is!


      1. Don’t forget about actually having a southern border. Heck, who needs borders?! Come one, come all, including those who wish to destroy us.

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      2. Ha!


      3. Here’s the kicker….If the election was today, Biden beats Trump in another landslide even with Bidens perceived issues related to his policies….

        Bottom line…..The GOP is fucked!


      4. Under President Obama, the United States and U.S. allies conducted months-long air strikes in Libya and military operations against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria in response to terrorist cells.

        Trump held U.S. military operations attacking Syrian government targets.

        The days of Barack Obama in the White House (2009-2016) were a recovery period from the Great Recession’s damage. Inflation averaged 1.5% — the second-lowest since WWII, falling from 3.8% to 1.3%.

        The economy during the orange cheeto’s term (2017-2020) ended in a disaster due to his incompetence with covid. Inflation averaged 2.2%, and the rate peaked at 6.8% by the end of this presidency. Trump’s 4.6% unemployment average was pushed from 4.9% to 8.1% in four years. That increase was the second-largest since WWII. He was the only president in history to leave the office with fewer jobs than when he started his presidency. As a candidate and president, Trump promised the nation’s economy would grow on an annual basis by 4% to 6%. But it never topped 3%.

        Let’s see here, the War record looks equal, but Obama kicks Trump’s ass when it comes to the economy…

        Nice try…..Bam, crotch kick! (ouch!)


    2. Your MAMa. Obama. Right Now America has the WORST President EVER Joe Anourysms puppet biden… Everything is MoMo Money to live… China is ready to have a War with America. Crime shootings are highest ever… Plus America is in the biggest DEBT Ever…. America is WEAK… Open Border s aww with Fentanyl and opioids pooring in…..EVil Transgender being Teached in school to your Kid. The Doctor s are ready for U… CHOP that Pecker right Off…U love it….Served right in your ff in Mouth


      1. ee421, love the way Macron told Joe how much he appreciates us being there for Europe. But that Taiwan thing? Uh, no thanks! You guys have fun!

        But Dementia Joe? He’s a foreign policy expert!


      2. Dementia?

        Wait!…. Aren’t you the old man who experiences cognitive lapses on a daily basis? Joe said you gave him a good laugh…

        Speaking of Joe. His resume list 45 years of foreign policy experience and yours lists a big zero…….Joe is laughing his ass off again. The joke is on you buddy.


      3. You sound like a great candidate to move to Russian…..don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


      4. No cognitive lapses here. Just because you claim it, doesn’t make it true. As usual, accusing me of what you’re very often guilty of.

        “What?! Who’s ever called me out?! I don’t remember that!!”

        LMAO! Only almost a dozen posters. Half the board according to another poster. But look who forgets! Yeah, thought so.


      5. Listen up, old man…..Let’s get this straight so there is no more confusion on your part. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHAT PEOPLE ON THIS BLOG THINK OF ME. Your constant, “so and so said this about you” is fucking lame. I laugh at you because it has zero impact on my mentality related to the things I post.

        Just like what you have told every member who has called out your stupidity- “If you don’t like it don’t read it and this Scott’s blog, he’ll move stuff he doesn’t like”

        It’s comical that you drown in an ocean of hypocrisy!


  7. Gabby,

    Obuman did nlhing compared to Rodald Regan. Regan knocked Libya and Kudaffi back to the stone ages. You never heard from him again. BTW, I had a friend from my high school on the Lockerbee bombing. Good guy as well.


    1. Sorry to hear about your friend! During Reaganomics, Home mortgages were over 15% and when he left office, inflation stood at 4.4%…. please explain


      1. I’m so stupid I forgot that Jimmy Carter left America with a Misery Index of 20% and after Reaganomics it dropped to 11% by 1984. I really am a manic depressive ignoramus.


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