USC Offensive Line Offers Preview Of Fall Lineup

This was the first-team USC offensive line during Monday’s practice:

  • LT: Michael Tarquin
  • LG: Gino Quinones
  • C: Justin Dedich
  • RG: Jarrett Kingston
  • RT: Jonah Monheim

That’s two transfers (Tarquin, Kingston) and don’t forget there’s another one on the way: Ethan White of Florida. White should start at left guard, so the line will have three transfers.

How much better will the line be?

A lot depends on Tarquin. He played nine games at right tackle for Florida last season. Left tackle is a more difficult position. It’s no sure thing he will be better than last year’s starter, Bobby Haskins, no matter what the fanboy media tell you. Also, has Monheim improved? Dedich has to prove himself at center after playing guard last season. It’s no sure thing he is better than last year’s starter, Brett Neilon.

The best thing the line has going for it is Caleb Williams, who doesn’t take many sacks.

  • Lincoln Riley singled out Kingston, the transfer from Washington State, on Monday.

“Jarrett Kingston has been really good this spring. I think he’s our strongest and maybe most physical offensive lineman. He’s really been impressive inside.”


16 thoughts on “USC Offensive Line Offers Preview Of Fall Lineup

    1. The Fanboys on this site are Hilarious!! I log on every now and the to to read their delusional comments, and I’m never disappointed 😂 Lincoln Riley can do no wrong!! And the Trojans are primed for a national championship with a roster of portal players, and a typical Riley defense 😂😂.


  1. Speaking of offensive lines: “Hey! Where did you get those clothes? At the toilet store?” (Steve Carell as Brick Tamland in “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”)

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    1. Ha! [Better than any line in Ben-Hur]!
      “How did you stay alive so many years as a galley slave, Ben Hur?”
      “My hate keeps me alive”


  2. Looks like three transfers may start -Kingston, Tarquin, and White. That has to be demoralizing for people who have been in the program for a three years and thought they would play this year – Mason Murphy, Cortland Ford and Quinones. I am surprised that bringing in transfers doesn’t seem to negatively affect team unity. I know that USC wants to build up their depth in the trenches but why would a second team lineman stay if he can transfer and play. Most of these players have NFL aspirations. A college degree is not enough.


  3. Good O-Lines are more than just talented. They have to learn to work together and that takes time. The good thing is that they should be playing as a team by the second half of the season when the brutal part of the schedule hits us.
    I’m beginning to think that LR and his staff are pretty good recruiters. After all, we finished first in the Pac-12 in recruiting, even ahead of Oregon despite the fact that we recruit players the old fashion way and they buy players. What we need to do is to beat the hell out of OU at OU…..that will make a lot of recruits wonder if they want to play for the Calvin Klien pretenders just because they get to wear a lot of different pretty uniforms each week.


  4. Talking about blocking, I’m still trying to block the collapse in the bowl game last season. Maybe the line can go both ways for the Trojans. After all they get called for holding frequently, they could use that skill to stop the other team.

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  5. Clemson has won with mediocre linemen, as well as LSU. Georgia won last season with a trash line…USC could win with this group. Caleb is that good. Will the others match his level of play on the rest of the team though?


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