We Have A New USC Money-Making Scheme!

If it’s Tuesday, USC must be looking for a scheme to make money.

The latest is having graduation dinner at the Coliseum — not a bad idea — but then you get the price: $200!!!

And that $200 does not include any alcoholic beverages. Those can be purchased separately at a cash bar.

So if you go with your family, you’re looking at $1,000 for dinner for five. Plus more for drinks (water and soda are included in the $200). But you get to hang out at the Coliseum!

Here’s the menu:

Buffet Dinner Menu Offered at the Lou Galen Club:

Braised Short Rib

Airline Chicken Breast 

White Cheddar Mash and Horseradish

Pomegranate Dijon Brussels Sprouts 

Dijon Mushroom Cream

Spinach and Pear Salad 

Endive Caeser Salad 

New York Cheesecake

Chocolate Ganache Cake


24 thoughts on “We Have A New USC Money-Making Scheme!

  1. The USC event sounds like a bargain!

    (2017)….Donald Trump supporters flooding Washington for January’s inauguration will have the rare opportunity to enjoy an elegant, candlelit dinner with the soon-to-be president, and all it will cost them is $1 million.

    Those who can’t spring for the million-dollar package but would still like to use their money to buy influence can pony up $100,000 in exchange for two tickets to “an intimate policy discussion and dinner with select Cabinet appointees.”



    1. Can’t believe you would actually go there Gabby. Trump had amassed a fortunate long before he became a politician. Most estimates put it at 4 billion. Biden, on the other hand, has made somewhere between 10 and 30 million selling his influence to China, Ukraine, and Russia. Senators Johnson and Grassley traced 10 million in deposits to Biden’s bank from China. Recently Cathay showed an additional 3 million with 1 million going to different Biden family members. This is in addition to Hunter getting 1’8 million from Ukraine and 3 million from the wife of the mayor of Moscow.

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      1. Can’t believe he would go there?!

        I know it’s only Tuesday, but that will no doubt be the funniest post of the week.


      2. Trump inherited his money from his felonious daddy; he didn’t earn it.

        And prior to his election, Trump had lost so much $$$$ via bankruptcy and piss-poor bus. mgmt., he couldn’t get a loan from any Western Bank w/o a well-heeled co-signer…like little Vaddy Putain. The stench of the Trump family’s influence peddling beggars the imagination.

        They helped themselves to everything in DC that wasn’t nailed down.

        Trump reminds me of the vile/venal, money scrounger Marcus Licinius Crassus; a D+ Roman General who died after the Parthian’s poured liquid gold down Crassus’ throat.

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      3. Plow….. My whole post blew right over your head, even the sociopath had a brain fart.(dementia). It’s comical how you went on some financial rant comparing Trump and Biden……pathetic!

        My point was, the USC dinner is a bargain compared to a million dollars to gain access to the world’s #1 grifter. But somehow you felt the need to vice your infatuation for Biden.

        Joe is laughing at you again!


      4. Just Owns:

        Forbes placed Trump’s net worth at 4 billion on the day he took office. That’s a fact, not an excuse. Your claim that he got money from Putin is unverified. Are you still claiming that the Russians had film of him with two hookers pissing on Obama’s bed in a Moscow hotel or did that go out when it was disclosed that Hillary paid for the Steele dossier and that no such film ever existed and that the whole thing was a hoax to take attention off of Hillary having a computer server in her home with classified information on it that Comey said was likely hacked by the Russians. She then destroyed the server and he cell phones in defiance of a court order but no obstruction charges were filed.

        The Biden crime family has received an estimated 30 million from political influence over the past 40 years based on a recent book that traces the payments made to bank accounts with about 14 million confirmed by congressional hearings. Again, a fact not an excuse.

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      5. while we are on the subject of money……trump’s inauguration committee took in over 100 million to spend on the entire inauguration event. Trump’s family claims they had nothing to do with the planning or how the money was distributed. Long story short, the 100 million is gone but a paper trail shows where 50 million was spent and not the other 50 in question.

        Where is the other 50 million? Sources have confirmed, trump’s family had control over the money. How convenient, the family claimed amnesia when confronted over the grift. It sure helps when you appoint your own AG.

        Oh wait, Hunter is behind the misplaced money. what was I thinking?


      6. Plow…..please tell us how times Trump filed for bankruptcy to avoid paying contractors and creditors. He bragged about not paying a dime in Federal taxes for over 10 years. You tell me how your wealth keeps doubling yet you have zero tax liability.

        We still have the state AG in NY building a civil case that will bankrupt him if found guilty.


      7. What about the $400 million collected by Jared Kushner from the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince? You so called conservatives and your Biden conspiracies are sad. If Grassley and that idiot Johnson who sent fake electors to undermine democracy in America are credible then Vladimir Putin should run for the Republican nomination. I can’t believe you think Stupid Johnson has any credibility.


    2. Look Gabby I like you as a person but wake up this republic is lurching towards a civil war and to continue to insert Trump in every post is both predictable and boring but this last one was akin to a 10th grader his former principal has been charged with a charge no one, not even his enemies, believe is credible Did you happen to witness the BLM and their acolytes of Antifa surrounding the attendees? I never see the counter by the right but all I see is a police state descending upon all of us – this is what our law enforcement under this president has focused the FBI on.


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    3. I was even more appalled when I discovered that Joe Biden met with Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakhstani business associates of his son’s at a dinner in Washington, DC, while he was vice president, records on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop show.

      The dinner, on April 16, 2015, was held in the private “Garden Room” at Café Milano, a Georgetown institution whose catchphrase is: “Where the world’s most powerful people go.”

      The payoff was hundreds of millions of dollars for Hunter and 10% for The Big Guy.

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  2. So Cal: Believe me Gabby is not the only one that seems to have an alternate reality when it comes to politics. Biden will outright say that he is responsible for the best economy in 40 years and that the Afghanistan withdrawal was the most successful rescue since the Berlin Airlift. Newsom calls Florida and other red states oppressive and authoritarian while he locks down businesses, schools, churches, ect. and tells us your teenager who is not at risk for Covid must take an experimental vaccine to attend school and the vaccine has a side affect of myocarditis. It is absolutely nuts. If you try to protect young kids from genital mutilation the other side will accuse you of child abuse.

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    1. Believe me, plow and So Cal are not the only ones that seem to have an alternate reality when it comes to politics. Trump will outright say that he is responsible for the best economy in 40 years and that the Afghanistan withdrawal was the best deal he had ever negotiated since the War of 1812. DeSantis calls California and other blue states oppressive and authoritarian while failing to lock down businesses, schools, churches, etc, which led to the highest per capita death rate in the country. And tells us your teenager who is at risk for Covid shouldn’t take a vaccine to attend school and the vaccine has proven no side effects on teenagers. It is absolutely nuts. If we try to protect young kids through cancel culture the other side will accuse us of being woke.


      1. Plow….I really don’t care what your opinion is of me. You can agree to disagree and in your opinion be perceived as an “adult”…..Dude, I am out of piss, you win!


      2. I have an alternative reality when it comes to politics. I think Open Borders and Trans are great, the humiliating evacuation of Afghanistan was a victory, the recession is self inflicted and the discredited covid vaccine has no side effects on teenagers!

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  3. You fake conservatives and your open borders argument that both parties created for cheap labor. But as soon as some latinos show up in white neghborhoods it’s call the Marines? God Almighty, none of your children or grandchildren will work in fields, fix our roads or work in fast food restaurants! Get over your stupid Fox commentary parroting. The chicken little “sky is falling” shtick is beyond silly.


  4. Memo to: Plow Horse, Trump horse’s ass.

    It’s a fact Trump inflated or deflated his net worth more times than a hummingbird can beat it’s wings in 10 minutes.

    Remind me Horsey, why a reputed, bottom line billionaire couldn’t get a construction loan w/o a co-signer anywhere in the west.

    I mean just ’cause Forbes claimed Trump was worth 4 billion in 2016 doesn’t mean it’s a fact, unless Forbes sent Trump a personal wealth questionnaire. You and I both know Trump would never fudge his net worth for false recog.

    Remember Horsey, prior to Trump’s election victory when Oscar De La Hoya said out loud, that Trump cheated at golf.


  5. Just Owns: I believe that Trump owns about 7 large residential or office buildings in NYC including Trump Tower and Trump Plaza. It is a matter of public record that can be verified. These properties alone are worth over 2 billion. He owns Maralago in Florida that is worth over 250 million and a few homes in Virginia including a winery. He owns Doral country club and multiple country clubs in Europe worth hundreds of millions . He owns office buildings in Chicago and a number of other cities. The man has his own plane. But what the hell, go on saying that Trump has no assets and needs a co-signer for a construction loan. Don’t let facts get in the way of your narrative. Is the Hunter Biden laptop with e-mails showing 10% to the “big guy” just Russian disinformation? Is the border secure? Did Biden and the dems kill the domestic energy industry to combat the “existential threat” of climate change thereby weakening the country and causing horrendous inflation?

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