The Left Guard Has Arrived

Wyoming offensive lineman Emmanuel Pregnon has committed USC, which means the Trojans have their left guard. This was the spot reserved for Florida-transfer Ethan White, before he decided to no longer play football.

There are other linemen you can hear about being improved in the media like Gino Quinones and Mason Murphy but the coaches have penciled in Pregnon as the starting left guard.


36 thoughts on “The Left Guard Has Arrived

    1. Hello again Ed.G. I see you still haven’t fixed the spellcheck on your phone and computer. I’ll come over and take a look at it, so you don’t sound like a dumb Fuc-Tard anymore.. ok ? Btw, how’s that delicious peenus you’re always talking about? 😉


  1. Hey everyone, I’m the expert on USC football! I log on to every Trojans site in the world. I wish Lincoln Riley would hire me, because I know more than he does . 😀😀


  2. I happened to stumble on some commentary from 3-years ago on this blog where the imitators were out in force, so this is nothing new around here.

    And since we’re not nationally published, heck, there are probably no more than regular posters on this Wolf blog, I guess there is no worry of carry-over.

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  3. Woof. I’m pleasantly shocked. We’re bagging every top transfer. And the OL and DL have talent out the ass. Two years of top transfer classes in country in a row. I don’t think there’s a more talented team in the country right now.

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  4. He’ll be part of the rotation. The most important thing is that USC has improved its talent and size without compromising it’s scheme. Whomever struggles with their assignment can speak to coach El Bencho and figure things out by the next practice.

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    1. Nine Thousand, the Bruins won’t be another 41 pt. ‘dog that couldn’t possibly defeat the mighty, mighty bozos at the crumbling mausoleum.

      #Did Little Petey Pom-Pom ever find out what Harbaugh’s deal was? Just asking for Bruin Fans.


      1. Maybe the deal was Neuheisel calling a time out and then Pete Carroll having Matt Barkley throw the bomb to make it 50 – 0 over the gutties.


      2. I hope I’m not too late in quoting the Pontious Pilate character in the movie “Ben Hur” -he said, “When achievement is great, error is also great.” USC has had many great achievements. Subsequently, any error is magnified. But don’t worry – as a bruin fan, that’s something you’ll never have to worry about. Good talk.


  5. Memo to: the Sparrow

    1) Utah mugs bozo FB 44-7 in the 2nd half at the 2022 P-12 C/S game.

    2) The 2012 Sun Bowl: Georgia Tech, a sub .500 team, pounds the bozo 21-7.

    3) The Boston Massacre: Boston College wipes the floor with the bozo FB team in a come from behind victory. Seems the bozos couldn’t tackle the BC QB…sound familiar Sparrow.

    4) It was either an Az or Az St game.: The bozos, at the crumbling mausoleum, lose on the last play of the game as bozo CB’ and Safety’s in the EZ stood screaming “I got it, I got it, I got it”; but it was the opponent split end that smoothly caught the hail mary pass to seal, once again, the come from behind, last second win vs the mighty, mighty bozos.

    5) Ad infinitum Sparrow.

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    1. I give it to you, you’re a memory bank, creative and sometimes very funny. UCLA, the little brother that we didn’t want (and still don’t) but have learned to live with.


  6. Memo to: Hal9000

    Or maybe Harbaugh’s deal was laughing at the “Shock the World” bozo FB’s 52 – 6 humiliation vs Alabama at Tixas Stadium… SUCC didn’t score a TD and kicked a 47 yard FG down like 38 – 3 to make it 38 – 6…LOL

    Cue: Tiny Tim’s “Tiptoe through the Tulips”

    Harbaugh say: Somewhere on earth, it’s 13 minutes to 9.


    1. What about the ‘Ruins losing bad to Miami of FLA. with everything
      on the line. You can’t even compare the two programs in football
      over all the years played. Stop blowing smoke and get lost for awhile.


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