USC Morning Buzz: Who Starts On Defensive Line?

If USC had a game today, this is probably how the defensive line would look. You could insert Kyon Barrs for Stanley Ta’ufo’ou but it’s not critical because they will rotate. Just as Jack Sullivan, the transfer from Purdue, will play at defensive end.

There are other players, like the underrated Tyrone Taleni and Romello Height, who started two games but got hurt, that will play too. But you can only start four and I give Ta’ufo’ou a slight edge because he has 25 career starts at USC.

DE Anthony Lucas (6-5, 270)                                   

NT Stanley Ta’ufo’ou (6-2, 265)                           

DT Bear Alexander (6-3, 305)                                       

DE Jamil Muhammad (6-1, 240)                               

  • USC baseball defeated UC San Diego, 4-3, at Dedeaux Field for its 25th victory of the season. In 3 of the past 4 seasons, USC won exactly 25 games the ENTIRE year. The fourth year was the COVID-19 season in 2020 that was cut short after 15 games.

30 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Who Starts On Defensive Line?

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  1. Scouting report on Stanley from when he was in HS:

    “Intriguing size and frame and shows the ability to play multiple positions in college. Big, strong athlete who could easily pack on another 25 pounds on his 6-3, 245 pound frame. Broad shoulders and powerful lower body. Plays outside and inside linebacker but could bulk up in to a defensive end depending on the scheme. A high motor player who can rush the passer off the edge and is very strong at the point of attack. Big hitter who loves contact and plays with a nice edge to his game. Very coachable, great off the field work ethic and projects as a impact upper tier Power 5 starter and future mid-late round NFL draft pick.”

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  2. “…plays to a nice edge to his game…” translates to ‘If this kid didn’t have football
    he’d be doing 10-to-20 years by now”
    No wonder the entire world except the USA has not embraced this mayhem-“sport”
    where ‘Kill the quarterback” is the defense’s mind-set

    Anyway, time to critique Scott Wolf–
    Showed some “Inside USC” describing the SC defense today, and even got most of the names right.
    I get it being excited for resurgent SC baseball, but why the disdain for
    Trojan basketball because you don’t like Enfield. You are better than that, Scott,
    and you have to admit Trojan basketball has improved on Dandy-Andy’s watch from the time you and I were students, and they’ve got the No. 1 player coming in

    Got to put in a word for NBA-style basketball. The playoffs are a different breed from the 82-game grueling schedule, which is a mere formality preparing for “what counts.”
    Sure, these guys want to win but they’re also playing for contracts.
    I only watch the 15-minute highlights because they show the best plays
    The only player I would watch was Michael Jordan, he played with unmatched style
    But this Ja Morant is also ‘something else’ at full-court speed fearlessly dunking


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  3. Rotation is key with d-line. No one sustains 100% motor through a whole game. Getting hung up on position labels is a mistake. Barrs and Bear will be on the field at the same time for certain downs. Grinch laid out a plan for Bear, or he would not be coming.

    Height and Taleni will need more time to get back to playing shape.


  4. Scooter,

    I went to the ugly vs Sc baseball game on Friday and Sunday. Overall, the team is better in fielding and hitting. However, pitching is a year away. They have improved this year, but sometimes it seems shaky. But then SC did beat the “Vaunted” ruins who were to destroy SC in the conference series. their pitching was hitable.

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  5. Pregnon coming to USC. He was the hot commodity for the o-line, very high upside ceiling. I still think they might add that center from Texas A&M, if he is willing to apprentice in the center position, so he can take it next year.

    They are putting together the o-line for 2024 as well as depth for this year. Riley wants to be competing for the national title every year.

    I think that the new NILs for USC are making the difference now with transfers.

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    If it doesn’t stop, I see no point in the daily exercise of hunting for comments germane to the subject of USC sports. I have no problem with “Ucla trolls” trolls who claim their this better than our team. That’s what competition is all about. The question of who would start on defense is an open ended question aimed at discussing the possibility of the best combination of players, not the post to be ignored by degenerates while mocking other posters for their political views.
    The root of the problem stems from the lack of a requirement to own a membership in order to post on the blog. While Scott may look at this loophole as as a bastion of free speech, it is an open invitation to drop anything on the blog that gives pleasure to the poster.
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  8. I’m surprised none of the sewer trash ‘rocket scientists’ have used a ‘Scott Wolf’ moniker, which you can bet would be remedied in a New York minute by Scott


  9. I think Scott has mentioned baseball way more than basketball this season, despite pretty similar performances. He only mentions basketball when they lose.


  10. Who starts on the d-line? Who cares. What scheme are they using? Will one of the tackles on defense use a 3-technique? or will they play two-gap and run a stunt instead of a slant? Does Alexander get to freelance like they did with Pili? Or will they try to use the formation that Clancy Pendergast made popular? Two standing with two linemen with a hand on the ground? Will Grinch save his blitzes for the big games? Do they run quarters with man outside? Or will it be strictly zone with the experience back 7?

    Grinch has no excuse and neither does Riley. Kingsbury and Brown provide excellent feedback for strategy and perception while Williams and now Alexander can erase many a coaching mistake.


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