USC Night Notes: The Transfer Portal, As Usual

San Diego State forward Keshad Johnson is visiting USC today. He is also scheduled to visit Oklahoma.

Johnson has also entered the NBA Draft but can return to college. Johnson started 71 games for the Aztecs the past two seasons, averaging 7.5 points and 4.8 rebounds.

USC assistant coach Jay Morris recruited Johnson to San Diego State.

  • Colorado has had 22 players enter the transfer portal since Saturday’s spring game.

The Buffs wouldn’t have had a spring game if the purge occurred last week. They have no scholarship wide receivers at the moment.

  • Former Oregon State QB Chance Nolan has committed to TCU.
  • Did you see Lincoln Riley cheering on the Lakers on Monday night? I wonder if the Lakers played Oklahoma City two years ago who he would be cheering for?

21 thoughts on “USC Night Notes: The Transfer Portal, As Usual

  1. That was a helluva game last night with Ja Morant charging into the ‘King’ twice
    and the King hitting a 3/4 length shot a second too late after rushing to the basket
    a few seconds prior to tie the game on a difficult bank shot, which was set up by the Lakes’ tiny guard hitting 3 3s in a row


    1. hi John/ sparrowcaramelcalypso30266, I fall on mi head again so imm gonna still spel mi wrds lik a Dum mudder fakka . missus gonna eat mi Azz after I eat a bag of prunes 🥴


  2. As much as a love what Coach Prime Time is trying to teach these kids about life (not just football), it’s sadly clear that they don’t want to hear it. They will all be washing cars in 3 years.


    1. You do know that he is kicking them out, right? They’re not weak kids who can’t handle “life lessons bigger than football”. They are kids being told to get in the portal.

      Washing cars in three years…. Give me a break.


      1. You might not ever get rich
        But let me tell you it’s better than digging a ditch
        There ain’t no telling who you might meet
        A movie star or maybe even an Indian chief


  3. It’s 42 players total that have left the program since Coach Prime was announced as coach. This year is a total waste but the second year with no LA schools and a chance to get more five star players them lookout-oops, Colorado is going back to the Big 12 or 18 with the Arizona schools and Utah. Cute the sad trombone for George and the WAC.


      1. Being how we’re an inter-planetary site [e. g., tebow]—all greetings and salutations work, George…..


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