USC Morning Buzz: Blowhard Brigade Strikes Again

It must be a compliment when USC basketball can even crossover to the Fox Business channel but such is the power of Bronny James.

Here’s Fox Business channel clown Kennedy (a UCLA graduate).

“And now Bronny James is going to the worst school in the history of our country and maybe the world, and I’m sad for him and his family. Guess what, you can’t spell sucks without USC.”

Now that’s “humor.” But hey she did get a 0.01 rating among 25-54 year olds in April.

The comment begins at the 1:13 mark.

36 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Blowhard Brigade Strikes Again

    1. Sorry MissusEdG, you tobacco juice stained, moronic princess. I don’t have twitter acct. or follow anyone on twitter.

      I don’t even read yours @#I’masweatybimbo


  1. “Angel Reese ought to thank Caitlyn Clark” for her NIL deal.

    True statement. People tuned in to the national championship game to watch Caitlyn launch threes like no women has done it before. I doubt that women basketball will sustain its popularity. I find it to be much less entertaining than the men.

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      1. Hmmmm. Interesting post, considering your last comment on the previous thread. πŸ™‚

        That one was also odd, considering “Calypso/LJ” hadn’t stated anything to the contrary.


      1. Hi Gabby (Real/NotReal),
        It’s all good.
        No one but no one can imitate my depressive creepiness …..


  2. Kennedy is a supporter of same-sex marriage, and officiated at the wedding of fellow Fox contributor Guy Benson to husband Adam Wise. She also supports privatization of Social Security. She opposes the “war on drugs” and bureaucratic regulation. She is critical of neoconservatism.

    At MTV’s 1993 Rock ‘n’ Roll Inaugural Ball for Bill Clinton, she chanted, “Nixon now! Nixon now!” whenever the Clintons went on stage. Along with being a fan of Richard Nixon, she supported Dan Quayle and Bob Dole. She was a speaker at the 1996 Republican National Convention.

    She later abandoned social conservatism, saying, “Social conservatism was really bringing me down, and I realized, as time went on, that I wasn’t a Bush conservative. I was really a libertarian.” She was first introduced to libertarianism when she read Ayn Rand’s Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology.

    She actively supported Gary Johnson in both the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections.

    In March 2012, Reason published an article by Kennedy saying atheism is a religion on par with theistic religions.

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    1. Like

      1. I wouldn’t go THAT far, WMLO. But at least he doesn’t need kindergartner level instructions written on a card in his hand, telling him what to do. He doesn’t forget who he is. He doesn’t call out to the crowd for dead people. He doesn’t need 3 year olds to tell him where he’s recently visited. He doesn’t need the Easter Bunny to run interference for him, so he doesn’t take questions without permission from his handlers. He had almost twice the number of press conferences at the same point in his term, knowing that he answers to the American people.

        I could go on & on. He’s far from perfect. But he’s not the disaster we have right now and all you have to do to see it, is look at the border today. What a complete cluster**** and all caused by Joe & his team. Everyone fact checked Trump last night. Absolutely NO ON fact checks Mayorkas when he claims the border is secure!

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      2. SoCal,

        I was merely complementing the great man. I had NO idea that would launch you into a lengthy diatribe about our current leader but you keep doing your thing!


      3. Everyone knows I don’t think the man is “great”. But compared to what we have now, he would be a tremendous improvement.

        I want neither of them next year, but will support Trump if he’s up against dementia again.

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      4. Nobody thinks Trump is Presidential. Some don’t care and actually embrace his boorish behavior. Most are embarrassed by it. But he was an effective President. No wars. Strengthen the military. Our Enemies feared us. Shot down Russian planes in Syria. Took out Solonami in Iran. Wiped out Isis. DOD did not pay for sex change operations. Pompeo excellent secretary of state. No woke military. Military recruitment up. Gave missile technology to the Ukraine. Afghanistan secure. Sealed the border. Built the wall. Stay in Mexico policy. Energy Independence. Net exporter of oil. Domestic production strengthen US internationally. Promoted fracking and domestic drilling. Built up strategic petroleum reserves. Inflation/gas prices at historic lows. Cancelled ridiculous Paris climate accords. Cancelled ridiculous Iran Nuclear agreement. Good relationship with North Korea and Russia/Putin. Imposed tariffs on China. Eliminated stupid regulations on businesses through executive order. Great economy before Covid. 300,000 new domestic manufacturing jobs. Economy helped all ethnic groups. Black unemployment at all time highs with new black home ownership. Funded black colleges, investment incentives in black neighborhoods. Lowered taxes, more child credits, lowered capital gains tax. Forced Europe to pay greater share for Nato defense.

        What has Biden done to improve the country, make it more secure.

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      5. “No woke military” That’s the kind of rock solid fact I like to hear in an endorsement!
        Didn’t he also repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better, just like that wall you said he built? Made Mexico pay for it too if I recall corectly.


      6. You love the invasion of America by 10 million illegal aliens. And guess what? Our President is giving them each a cell phone!


  3. So Cal talks about Biden as if anyone cares. Biden and Trump make as much sense as the trolls on this blog.
    Plow Horse, your crap about Trump is a fantasy. Military recruitment up? That’s a lie. Great Economy before Covid? Not with all the buybackS and employment at 7%. 300,000 new domestic manufacturing jobs? My God, COVID-19 took those jobs away? Economy helped all ethnic groups? Because less than 1% of investment dollars in the US went to non white males. Cancelling the Iran agreement without a replacement has allowed Iran to fund Houthi rebels in Yemen and Hezbollah in Lebanon and idiots in Iraq who bombed bases there. I love your lie about black unemployment. The rate of hiring went up in America for everyone but the jobs were so poor in pay that the wealth gap increased under Trump. Those tariffs on China (and tariff wars) created the stagnation that we’re suffering. I mean, good relations with North Korea while they stole $16 million dollars while he was president, and I could go on and on. FACE IT, HE WENT TO THE SWAMP AND TURNED INTO SHREK. POST SOME FACTS TO SUPPORT YOUR CLAIMS!!! TRUMP HELPED REDUCE SENTENCING ON FEDERAL CASES SO THAT THEY MAKE SENSE! BUT HE SCREWED EVERYTHING ELSE UP BY BEING TWO FACED!!!


    1. This World: The facts are a matter of public record. Did we have a secure border? Were we energy independent? Was unemployment in the 3 percent range? Was the stock market soaring? And yes 300,000 domestic manufacturing jobs were created under Trump before Covid hit. I have cited to sources in the past and it doesn’t seem to matter much in the context of a blog. Why don’t you cite your sources! What was the rate of black unemployment before Covid? Were income levels rising among blacks. (They were.) How about new black home ownership. And military spending and recruitment were up from the Obama years. If I am wrong, cite the number and your source before accusing me of lying.

      I also recall that you stated that you supported Karen Bass for mayor over Caruso because she had the support of small businesses in LA particularly building contractors and trucking companies. Again, no reasoning or factual support for this bizarre opinion.

      You routinely make crazy comments on politics, culture, and sports. I think my favorite was when you stated that if Notre Dame was able to hire the Utah offensive coordinator that would devastate the SEC including Alabama for the next decade. At that point, I gave up trying to follow your unique thought process. But if you would like to try to explain that one, go for it. It might be entertaining, and that would be new for you.

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    2. Look at what’s happening at the border right now, a crisis Joe created, and tell me no one cares!

      What’s worse? He campaigned, in large part, on doing exactly what he’s doing at the border and people voted for it!!!

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      1. Your right So Cal. I remember watching the Democratic primary debates and being appalled. Open borders, white racism is our greatest fear, equity not merit, redistribute the wealth, take the guns from the citizens, taxes on net worth, attack domestic fossil fuel production, climate change is an existential threat caused by fossil fuels , ect. Significantly, a large portion of registered democrats don’t agree with their party on these positions. They want secure borders, safe streets, criminals prosecuted and jailed, traditional schools, cheap oil, ect. but ultimately they vote Democratic. Party affiliation is like a religion, hard to change.

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