It’s Graduation Day At USC!

Let’s look at USC graduation from 1925 through today.

A rare color photo of USC graduation at the Coliseum in 1950. This was the last ceremony held at the Coliseum.

Graduation in 1925.

Graduation in 1980, which was USC’s centennial.

Graduation robe in 2017.

Graduation in 1926.

Graduation in 1961.

Carol Folt is having a good time Thursday. Note the mini-tele prompter at the base of the podium.

The Obama family attended the graduation of Sasha Obama, including the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences ceremony at Cromwell . . . oops . . . Allyson Felix Field.

Photo: Just Jared

USC students and their beloved dogs in 2023.


23 thoughts on “It’s Graduation Day At USC!

  1. Say what you will about ‘Without-a-Folt,’ and we usually do
    but she has got everybody smiling on the stage behind her
    as it appears she is performing a vaudeville act of some sort

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    1. John —
      As usual you find the good in all that comes your way. To my eyes it appears as though the folks in the peanut gallery are laughing at, not with Carol…..


  2. Congratulations to all 2023 USC graduates.

    Welcome to the club.

    Wish all of you great success.

    We are counting on all of you to be amazing in your fields especially the future doctors, nurses and scientists.

    Fight On

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  3. It would be nice if she wore a robe but context is lacking about what was going on. My wife graduated from 3 different colleges and her favorite was USC.

    I’m very grateful for her and my mother. I hope some of you make your mothers smile before you attempt to sabotage others joy this weekend.

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    1. “I hope some of you make your mothers smile before you attempt to sabotage others joy this weekend.”



    1. Hate to admit it [cuz I blame a lot of the shit that’s going on now on his inability to control Hillary and Joe’s graft] …but… he [and his family] sure look great….


    2. I wonder if the Obama’s took a private jet to USC. Did they leave from their 30 acre beach front property on Martha’s vineyard that they purchased for 15 million. Or perhaps their 8 million, 8,000 square foot home in Washington DC. Maybe the Hawaii home that sits on 3 acres of beach front property they bought for about 9 million in 2015 that is being re-built. How about the Hyde Park home in Chicago. No carbon footprint problem here. Fossil Fuels are an existential threat to the environment. Don’t buy a gas stovetop or eat real meat. All beach front property will be worthless unless we do something about this because the polar ice capes are melting. And remember that the rich don’t pay their fair share. (This guy who didn’t have a job outside of government until he was in his fifties has more assets than the Biden’s and that is saying something.)

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      1. But …he said the words “care”…and “hope”…..”change”….


      2. Obama two days before the 2008 election:

        “In just a few days, we will begin to fundamentally transform the United States of America.”

        Do you “fundamentally transform” anything that you love? Try telling your bride to be that you look forward to “fundamentally transforming” her. You only fundamentally transform something that you believe is rotten to the core. Sadly, Obama/Biden have fundamentally transformed the country. Do you like the result.

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      3. Answer: I guess a particular guy would feel a strong need to fundamentally change a particular country if he were a Marxist and the particular country had a Bill of Rights….


      4. This first time I heard this asshole speak I knew he was completely full of shit. To all you libtards out there tell me one thing Obama did, aside from taking out Bin Ladin, what did he do that benefitted America? Did his eight years in office benefit Black Americans? Nope. Now he’s further screwing up the country by pulling the strings of Biden.

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      5. I guess you’re forgetting Obama’s biggest accomplishment. After dipshit Bush destroyed the economy by letting banks run wild with home loans to the underemployed [which, understandably, didn’t get repaid], Obama gave the banks a trillion dollars with no guarantee they would restructure the loans to avoid foreclosures. Result: millions of lower middleclass folks lost their homes while the big banks grew even richer. Obama then told the banks not to give out multimillion dollar bonuses while so many Americans were suffering and the banks literally wrote him a letter saying, “fuck you up the ass.” Obama went radio silent. [Right around then Putin thought to himself, “maybe it’s a good time to move into Crimea”]…..


      6. Trojf4n: Agree but don’t call them Libtards. That is too kind. A liberal believes in individual rights guaranteed by the constitution. Things like free speech, freedom of religion, an independent press, equal application of the laws, ect. These people are fascist statists. They don’t believe in individual rights. Criticize the state and you will be shut down, taken off of internet platforms, investigated, labeled a white supremacist, arrested, prosecuted by a Soros backed DA, jailed, and held without bail. My leftist friends tell me they are most proud of Obamacare. You know that program where the government rather than the individual decides what constitutes insurable health care services and then imposes them on private individuals and businesses. You pay for it whether you want it or not. But according to Obama, it is not a tax. And if you like your doctor and plan, you can keep it. It will save the average family of four 2400 dollars a year with more coverage. This is arguably the most consequential lie ever by a sitting politician. The average family or four paid more for what amount to catastrophic care only with a doctor they did not know or trust.

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    1. Sounds like scholarship time.
      Riley: “Here’s the deal, Michelle. You get a ten million dollar scholarship to the Journalism School ….in exchange you have to promise me you’ll never show up for practice, never attend team meetings and never show up for games.”
      Michelle: “What’s the catch?”
      Riley: “No catch. Coach Helton perfected the arrangement a few years back.”

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  4. USC students are some of the best and brightest in the world. Here’s hoping for the change needed to be on the horizon. Business as usual just ain’t gonna cut it.

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    1. If , when you say “business as usual” you’re referring to the Clinton/Bush/Obama/Biden years, I agree with you…..


  5. Scooter,

    Folt was drunk and doing the irish jig. She did well for a midget. As far as obuma is concerned, they need to acid wash where he walked. he hates American. Well, if he feels that way, then we don’t like him


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