Sunday Buzz: USC Bloodlines Claim A Title

Joelle Trepagnier, the daughter of former USC basketball player Jeff Trepagnier, won the 400 meters at the Southern Section Division 2 championships on Saturday.

Trepagnier is a sophomore at Culver City High School. Her mother is former USC sprinter Malika Edmonson. Her grandmother, former USC assistant Barbara Edmonson, was an Olympic silver medalist in the 100 meters and gold medalist in the 4 x 100 relay in 1968. Her grandfather, Warren Edmonson, was an NCAA champion in the 100 meters at UCLA.

What many people forget is that Jeff Trepagnier showed up twice after USC basketball season and did the high jump for the track and field team. He finished second in the high jump at the 1999 and 2000 Pac-10 championships, which was impressive considering he wasn’t practicing year round or doing anything until basketball was finished.
  • USC got another strong pitching performance Saturday night as Cade Aoki pitched eight scoreless innings in a 2-0 victory over Arizona State. The Trojans (30-20-1, 15-11) are now in fourth place in the Pac-12.

USC has its first 30-win season since 2015. USC’s 15 Pac-12 victories are the most since 2016.

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21 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: USC Bloodlines Claim A Title

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  1. I guess athleticism is in the blood-line and runs in families. My dad was merely a CPA and that is all I inherited athletic-wise.

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    1. I was thinking the same thing LJ. Those are incredible bloodlines. Christian McCafferty also has speed in his blood. His grandfather on his mom’s side finished 2nd in the Olympics in the 100 yard dash and his Dad was a receiver for the Broncos. Ran a 4.5 forty.

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      1. …which reminds me —I’m pulling for USC pitcher Jaden Agassi —

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