Les Moonves’ Name Temporarily Removed From Media Center

I mentioned a couple days ago the awkward situation created by the fact CBS CEO Les Moonves has his name on the USC journalism media center at Annenberg Hall.

Now Moonves and his wife, Julie Chen, have asked for their names to be removed.

”In recognition of the sensitivities surrounding recent allegations against Mr. Moonves, he and Ms. Chen have requested that USC Annenberg temporarily suspend use of the media center’s name until the investigation concludes,” a statement from the Annenberg School said.

UPDATED: The Board of Councilors of the School of Cinematic Arts suspended Moonves, who is a member of the board.


5 thoughts on “Les Moonves’ Name Temporarily Removed From Media Center

  1. Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks Scott for keeping us in the know. That is certainly what everyone comes here for. Any more juicy tid-bits you have?


  2. Sc could rent the space on the glass for another $5 million while Moonves is waiting. they better get going on this.


  3. While we’re discussing Moonves….Urban Meyer and OH St… Meyer placed on ‘leave’ per the revelation ‘everyone knew – even Meyer’s wife’ except Urban…funny how that is supposed to be believed yet there it is….as PMS hosts, when discussing the issue with Clay Travis today the issue isn’t an actual law violated (Paterno’s scandal) but a Title IX disclosure rule per abuse. Zach Smith’s been with Meyer for years – also grandson of former OH St. HC Earle bruce –

    PMS then discussed with Travis the contrast of ESPN going ballistics per Sean Miller @ AZ….AZ backing him up. Report was found to be false. Funny – yesterday a fired ESPN reporter (Brett McMurphy) was the one who reported Smith’s violence, per reports police in Gainesville had reports filed about this clown as far back as 2009 (working with Meyer) and again in 2015 (Columbus).and in 2016, 2017 & 2018 but ESPN didn’t. Travis and PMS allude to ESPN having too much invested in ‘Urban’.

    Ended with “Urban Meyer…new coach of the CLE Browns!” – LOL


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