The Coaches’ Tour Is Now A “Recruiting Visit”


When you have to sell Clay Helton and Andy Enfield these days, you need some type of pitch that makes puts them in the backgroud as much as possible. So the annual coaches’ tour is now a “recruiting visit.”

It doesn’t sound much different than before other than one night will be held at the McKay Center. And there will be more video of the recruiting class and game film. The recruiting class video is probably similar to the one only 95 people showed up in February at the recruiting dinner, which used to draw 300-400.



7 thoughts on “The Coaches’ Tour Is Now A “Recruiting Visit”

      1. Easy, Pudly —as one of the bruin parents put it, “what they did wasn’t so bad”……..

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      2. Micheal, you’re right as was the parent and I shouldn’t be judgmental. But “framing” his coach? SMDH as Ed would say.

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      3. Pudly —who are we to say what is “right” and what is “wrong”? bruins do things all the time that the majority of people frown on (pole dancing classes to help young women cope with modern life, systematic abuse of handicapped parking stickers, beating up teachers, cab drivers, women) —-but who’s really to say these things are “wrong”? God forbid we try to superimpose our views on others.

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      4. Pusley, seek psychological medical help; clearly, Pusley you’ve lost touch with reality.



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