USC Officials Speak Tonight

Mike Bohn said on the “Trojans Live” radio show tonight that it is possible the NCAA could have a 70 percent reduction in its distribution of money but insurance policies and lines of credit could help alleviate it.

“Those are major hurdles for us,” Bohn said.

Bohn said he expects to hear from the NCAA by the end of March on giving athletes in spring sports an extra year of eligibility.

  • Clay Helton said he is watching more game tape to prepare for the next season work on some self-improvement. I mentioned last week all the coaches are doing this now.
  • Andy Enfield was also on and said, “we thought this team was good enough to make a run in the NCAA Tournament.”

This is what I referred to this morning. With no NCAA Tournament, Enfield and others at USC can spin away sunny NCAA scenarios.

Enfield won two NCAA Tournament games in his first six seasons and one of those was a play-in game. USC’s big wins this year were over teams like LSU (21-10); UCLA (19-12) and Arizona (21-11).

How does that project to a second-round victory over Creighton, Kentucky, Florida State or San Diego State?

It’s possible but I wouldn’t bet on it. Enfield won the same number of NCAA Tournament games at Florida Gulf Coast in one Sweet 16 run than he has at USC in six-plus seasons.

4 thoughts on “USC Officials Speak Tonight

  1. “Andy Enfield was also on and said, “we thought this team was good enough to make a run in the NCAA tournament.””
    The trick has been getting his team to buy in (believe) that they can do it. Too much inconsistency . Otherwise I think they could pull it off.

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  2. For God’s sake! Have you noticed that there is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY. Give it break.
    Let’s pretend that we are REAL USC supporters – the best the USA has to provide. Stop with this petty BS.
    Jim Wulfsberg

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    Whatever Nelson A makes it is more than what you will ever earn on your measly government assistance.

    Is that a cough I hear? Or maybe you have lost your sense of smell. I suggest you go volunteer in your local hospital ICU unit sans mask and gloves so we can finally get rid of you forever.


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