USC Lists Presidential Estate For $24.5 Million

The San Marino-estate that was home to USC presidents for nearly 50 years is being listed by the university for $24.5 million, according to Mansion Global.

Current USC president Carol Folt did not want to live in the residence and USC bought her a house in Santa Monica for $8.6 million.

Remember how USC said Folt could not live in the San Marino house because it required so many repairs? Sure looks like it is OK now!

28 thoughts on “USC Lists Presidential Estate For $24.5 Million

  1. Cheap shot at President Folt, Scott. Recently subpoenaed invoices indicate that, before the San Marino mansion was put on the market, 2 doorknobs had to be replaced…..

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    1. Michael- very funny,however you forgot to mention the cobwebs in the in the corner above the front door. I’m starting to get excited about USC basketball but Mr. Jedi Warrior teach me how THANKS ENFIELD became a regular post from you & others. My children know that I am truly missing something mental- I say that it’s Heltonism & my son charges me $1.00 for mentioning that Moron’s name. Have a wonderful weekend!

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      1. Hey BruinRob, that’s a lot of grass to cut. You and your crew, Charlie Bucket and Small Miguel, better get there early. Make sure your blades on the mower are sharp and bring plenty of trash bags and gas.

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      2. Bobby –It turns out the “Thanks Enfield!” mantra began before Coach Enfield was even born. The 7 year old version of Scott Wolf would look to Heaven & say it at the close of every Sunday school session…..

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  2. Clay Helton can afford to buy the President’s estate in San Marino he’s got job security at SC apparently. Sad, all these coaches, the athletic direction, and President Folt are living the high life off all the past glory of the football program, and of course the high tuition the university has been charging the students for many years.

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  3. If they get the 24.5 million for the property, and pay off the new place being used Folt, they will have 16 million to pay off Helton. I don’t care who they bring in just show they mean business and show Helton the door

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      1. Just for the sake of speculation MG, who might Clown U FB employ to replace Helton?

        Helton goes 5 – 1 and SUCC fans are screaming for his ouster.

        I mean, what FB coach in his right mind would care to associate himself with the sleazy circus that is the Clown U FB? MG, do you trust the Boner to improve on the bozo FB status quo?

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      2. Except for the “sleazy circus” remark I really enjoyed your post —it made me face the fact I’m just a whiner.

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    1. Bought and paid for after Andyain’twinning employed the Mobley’s Ta-Ta as an ATM/asst. coach.

      Who will Andyain’twinning purchase next? Will Andyain’twinning be the first Div. 1 BB coach to employ the momma of a valuable bozo recruit as an asst. men’s BB coach?

      UCLA doesn’t employ the parents of recruits in any capacity; UCLA don’t need too.


      1. Yup, since Gilbert left you ain’t done shit, except that accident in ‘95, how do you spell irrelevant? Hmm, I know I’ll ask chippie.

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  4. Seeley G. Mudd left the home to the university in his estate, with the stipulation that it house the university president. It has done so since 1979.
    Given the above, how does USC convince donors that any stipulations included in large donations will be respected now and in the future.
    Seems like the University and Herr Folt don’t give a damn about “INTERGITY”

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  5. Dear Pisley, Gilbert was never employed as an asst. BB coach or a member of the UCLA BB team.

    SUCC pays the Mobley Ta-Ta’s salary and the Mobley sons belly up to their ATM Daddy when they need bozo cash. BB payoffs in plain sight, as it were.

    UCLA has won 11 BB NC’s in one-in-done NCAA tournament competition. No BS NC’s!

    As opposed to SUCC’s booze and cash purchased FB NC votes.

    What’s the working number now Pisley: 25 voted FB NC’s & 149 Rose Bowl wins – Snore!

    #SUCC BB OOOOOOOOOOOO forever and proud of it.


  6. Tie keep saying that “I said” this or that…. I never said Gilbert was employed by the school, to the contrary, he was used to pay the salaries and “personal expenses” of the players that the cheater enticed into coming and donning the baby blue.
    Your constant denials flies in the face of admissions by the players themselves , who’ve gone so far as to include them in books and articles about those times. Oops there goes Walton again.
    And as much as you bring this up, I’m wondering why the ncaa hasn’t stepped in to stop this? Oh, now I remember, it’s F’ing legal.

    Waaah, waaah!! Look whose whining now‼️


  7. Scooter,

    In this instance, the buyers will probably want to rehab the house to what they want. If there is any depreciation or things that need to repaired, it will be discussed in the contract or the price might have been negotiatied for the repair.


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