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Korey Foreman made a play. I repeat. Korey Foreman made a play. He hadn’t even made a tackle before that interception.

It’s up to Alex Grinch and a poor defense now.

Caleb Williams stops himself by refusing to run for a first down and throwing a poor pass to Josh Falo.

  • The USC defense just cannot make this easy. It lets UCLA score in 2 minutes, 32 seconds. USC 48, UCLA 45.
  • USC goes to the ground game, which makes sense because UCLA’s defense is probably tired after that 11-second possession. Austin Jones has 105 yards rushing and Darwin Barlow makes first appearances and gains 25 yards in 2 plays, including the TD.
  • USC defense is atrocious, never forget that. It took 11 seconds for UCLA to score.
  • Fire whoever ordered that short kickoff.
  • Caleb Williams is unstoppable right now. He has 394 yards passing and USC leads, 41-31.
  • Did you think it was over? It’s not. UCLA needs 2:45 for a TD. USC 34, UCLA 31.
  • Tyrone Taleni with the big forced fumble and USC quickly responds as Austin Jones scores on a 2-yard run. USC is on a 24-3 run. USC 34-24.
  • Caleb Williams is dialed in again and throws a beautiful pass to Jordan Addison for the TD. USC 27, UCLA 24.
  • USC holds UCLA to a field goal, which is a minor victory. UCLA 24, USC 20.
  • USC might really regret those missed chancs in the first half, especially that late drive where Lincoln Riley called 2 awful pass plays and robbed any chance of a TD on that possession.
  • Denis Lynch comes through with the FG and it’s 21-20 UCLA at halftime.
  • USC just destroying itself. Lincoln Riley with 2 atrocious short-pass plays back-to-back and then Denis Lynch misses another FG.
  • Caleb Williams is back in business after his slow start and he leads USC to a TD drive. But there’s still 1:42 left. UCLA 21, USC 17.
  • It tool UCLA less than two minutes to answer back as DTR scores a TD. UCLA 21, USC 10.
  • Denis Lynch looks better on this 45-yard FG and USC cuts UCLA leads to 14-10.
  • USC finally scores as Caleb Williams runs six yards for the TD. No bad body language on that drive. UCLA 14, USC 7.
  • What a quarter. USC hasn’t exactly acquitted itself in the biggest game of the year.
  • And just like the Arizona and Cal games, the USC defense forgets to cover someone and gives up a TD. UCLA 14, USC 0.
  • Wonder if Caleb Williams still thinks it is just another game after that terrible interception.
  • UCLA takes a 7-0 lead by running the ball down the field. USC coaches told the players they need to stop the quarterback and tailback. They didn’t do it on that drive.
  • Does USC need a special teams coach? Did you see that shank field goal attempt?
  • Let’s not forget the USC offensive was pretty bad on that fourth-and-1.
  • UCLA offense doesn’t do much and punts.
  • Raleek Brown has a first down but runs backwards and then a play later Caleb Williams gets stuffed on fourth-and-1.
  • UCLA defensive coordinator Bill McGovern is not expected to be at the game. That means Clancy Pendergast will call the defense.
  • USC linebacker Eric Gentry is warmup up fine and looks ready to play. He’s had a high-ankle sprain if you wondered because USC has never announced his injury.
  • Defensive back Jaylin Smith is out. He started the first nine games before coming off the bench last week. Safety Max Williams is warming. He left last week’s game with an apparent head injury.

94 thoughts on “USC-UCLA Live Blog

  1. Where do you begin except to say ‘Wow, I got to experience that thang’

    I have never seen a team applaud a fallen enemy player like SC did when the Benedict Arnold sucla defender went down because he was once a Trojan

    The only punt of the game comes after ‘Celeb’ incorrectly decides to throw a lame duck pass instead of a clear sailing running lane giving sucla one last chance

    Only one fumble in such an emotional game, very few penalties called, and both offenses operating as if they had little or no resistance created a game few will forget

    That sucla DTR played through obvious pain but his bragging throughout the week may have cost sucla the game as the Trojans seemed to take extra delight in throwing DTR around as if a ragdoll which may have accounted for 4, yes 4 turnovers with 1 fumble thrown in with the 3 interceptions, and that was the difference in the game as evidenced by him crying at the end as a Trojan or 2 also cried, which I find quite understandable in such a high-pitched emotional game

    And so who ends up being the final hero after Celeb’s 500+ yards, Addison with 150+ yards, Jones 100+ yards, but none other, let me hear a drum-roll, Corey Foreman the poster child for Trojan bust and he has the play of the game

    So SC won the first round of its quest for a “Final-4” berth, similar to basketball’s Final-4 designation. Regrettably SC has an offense good enough to win it all if only helped along a bit by a porous defense, so we don’t know the outcome but the Trojans will fight (on)

    Final Conclusion– what a game, and a game SC could have easily lost,
    But through nearly 100-years SC football has a mysterious spell over ucla football
    much as bruin basketball has over SC through the ages
    Although I’ll take football over basketball

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  2. DTR big-time high 4-star recruit from Bishop Gorman. Scholarship offers from SEC schools and many others, but not USC. I get it … USC got JT Daniels at that time.

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  3. Scooter,

    SC did their job last night. They stopped that bottle of wine, Chardonnay the rb for ugly. He had 95 yds rushing. SC forced ugly to have that qb for ugly win it by himself. He proved that he is second best in college football in LA. His mouth got him in trouble. Grinch did a good job with what he had. Give him a B for a grade.

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