Time For A Chuck Knox-John McKay Story

Former Rams coach Chuck Knox died Saturday at age 86. Here’s a story with a USC connection.

One day, when John McKay was coaching at USC, he told his staff they were going to Julie’s restaurant to have a few drinks with Chuck Knox and the Rams staff.

The coaching staffs had a drinking contest in a private room, which was won by the USC staff. Some Rams coaches had to be carried out of Julie’s. The USC coaches were in the office the next day at 8 a.m.

About a month later, Knox called McKay and asked for a rematch. The USC staff won again. How did USC win?

“Nobody could compete with McKay,” said a former USC staffer.


9 thoughts on “Time For A Chuck Knox-John McKay Story

    1. Good old ‘ground Chuck’ – he always seemed comical with his ‘I’m so focused on this play’ look and that goofy baseball hat he always had on his head. He fitted the ‘lambs’ and they fitted him – a marriage of ineptitude


    1. You’re probably right, karma —–but John didn’t pass out during team meetings or scream “Fight the Fuck On!” in a high pitched girl’s voice at fund raisers…….

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      1. Mike you read today’s LA Times front page on that USC on campus gynecologist? It is a damning article and a long one. Petros Papadakis, while echoing real disgust towards this monster, stated the LA Times is really out against USC and their real target is Nikias. I think he’s on to a real fact there. This latest bombshell follows the one about the former medical School Director who ‘moved on’ after beign told to by USC 2 years ago and the subsequent horrific facts behind his ‘voluntary leaving’ that came out earlier this year related to his departure in 2016 – snorting cocaine with a 20 something female and partying with convicted drug felons doing drugs. Then we had the ‘outting’ of Pat ‘Capper’ Haden two years ago and his personal plundering of the Mayr Foundation…Sarkisian was the gift that kept on giving as you noted his nuanced rally cry three years ago this coming October.

        I sure hope McNair’s effort prevails in his favor again no thanks to Haden or USC


  1. Julie’s Trojan Barrel was awesome. A true USC landmark. Too bad the younger generation of Trojans won’t experience it.

    Hey blogger, how about some pics of the old place (inside or out)? For old time’s sake.

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    1. Alv —-I will be SO disappointed if that jury can’t see that the NCAA overreached. I hesitate to think what the NCAA will do us NEXT TIME if they get away with what they did to McNair.


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